Did Bristol Palin Get Plastic Surgery?

Did Bristol Palin get plastic surgery with her babysitting abstinence-preaching money? It looks like someone’s got a new face! In these new pics, Bristol Palin’s face looks slimmer and more heart-shaped while her chin and cheekbones are more defined, giving her an admittedly more “generic Disney star” look. Very “High School Musical” instead of “Teen Mom: Wasilla,” no? If anyone’s been going under the knife up in Wasilla, I’m sure Levi Johnston will have it blasted on a bullhorn just as soon as he catches wind of it. Do you agree it looks like Bristol Palin got plastic surgery? [Gawker] Keep reading »

10 Ladies Of Note And Their Strange Pregnancy Art

art kim zolciak jpg
I’m not sure exactly when it started, but if a celebrity lady is pregnant lately, she must capture the moment for posterity. For the Demi Moores, Britney Spearses and Christina Aguileras of the world, this generally means posing naked and preggers on the cover of a magazine. But for th B-listers, C-listers and D-listers out there, this means creating their own faux-artsy, bizarro pregnancy images. Take, for example, Kim Zolciak of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.” She is currently preggers by her Atlanta Falcons boyfriend, Kroy Biermann, a relationship we saw unfold on camera when she complimented his posterior. Now, the two have shared their pregnancy photos with Life & Style. In this image, Kim is curled up on the floor as Kroy whispers sweet nothings to her tummy. I love how dramatic the lighting—downright Biblical, no?

After the jump, some more examples of stars turning their pregnant bellies into art.

Most Stylish Man Contest: “Gossip Girl” Edition—Chace Crawford Vs. Ed Westwick

Which "Gossip Girl" Guy Is More Stylish?

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A Chandelier With Sex Appeal

Well, this chandelier certainly does tell folks exactly what its owners are all about. [Kitschy Living] Keep reading »

18 Of Our Favorite “SNL” Characters Of All Time

30 Sexy Celebs Gone Braless

Sexy Celebs Gone Braless!
Guys, I’d like to come to the defense of Lindsay Lohan. No, not for stealing/”borrowing” that jewelry. And not for making the movie “I Know Who Killed Me,” either. No, I’d like to defend Lindsay for showing up to her first day of community service without a bra on. Because who among us hasn’t walked out of the house without a bra on and realized a half hour later that maybe going without was a bad idea? Happened to me the other day. I went to walk my dog and pick up some tacos for lunch wearing just a loose sweatshirt. I took a look at myself when I passed a reflective surface and, holy crap, I did not realize my tits so obviously jiggled. I felt almost naked. I crossed my arms and hurried home, sans tacos. So, I’ve been there, Linds. I stand with you in stupidly bra-less solidarity. And so do these 29 other sexy braless stars!
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