How High Will You Go?

Winona Dimeo-Ediger / October 25, 2011

I’m a wedge girl, which sounds vaguely dirty when you write it out but it just means I prefer to wear wedge heels. The other day I decided it was time to change things up, to really break out of my shell, so I set aside my wedges and threw on a pair of 3.5… More »

Tim Gunn Critiques “Star Trek” Fashions

Jessica Wakeman / October 25, 2011

Gather ’round, nerds: (Amelia, that means you!) Tim Gunn sat down with the web series Crazy Sexy Geeks for a trés serious critique of “Star Trek” fashion. It’s still interesting even if, like me, you could care less about “Star Trek” because the host is a fountain of information about the costuming decisions for the… More »

Halloween Inspiration Board: Princess Beatrice & That Hat

Amelia McDonell-Parry / October 25, 2011

This Halloween, feel like royalty! But Kate Middleton is so dull. Princess Beatrice is where it’s at! The hat she wore to Prince William and Kate’s nuptials took absolutely took the crown for most memorable. Luckily, all you really need for to pull off this costume is the fascinator in question — which we’ve found… More »

Style Advice: Invest In Your Shoes And They’ll Work Hard For You

Annika Harris / October 25, 2011

Ask any of my close friends or family members, and they’ll tell you I’m an extreme shoe addict. I’m also a bit of a hoarder, since I have a problem getting rid of shoes and clothes. I recently counted all the shoes that were visible to me without moving any boxes, and the number totaled… More »

Meet Ego Leonard, The 8-Foot Lego Man Who Washed Ashore In Florida

Ami Angelowicz / October 25, 2011

A Florida man was strolling on the beach this morning when a giant Lego man washed ashore. So yeah, that happened. The 8-foot-tall toy, who goes by the name Ego Leonard, has been doing a lot of traveling lately as he’s washed up on beaches in Holland and England as well. The  message on hi… More »

9 Celebs We Had No Idea Were Addicts

Ami Angelowicz / October 25, 2011

Not every celeb must reach public infamy like Lindsay Lohan or Charlie Sheen to seek help for addiction. We knew him as the funny guy who did an amazing Bill Clinton impersonation on “Saturday Night Live,” but behind the scenes, things weren’t so funny for Darrell Hammond. According to his new memoir, God, If You’re Not UpMore »