Evening Quickies: What Is Britney Spears Doing With A Backstreet Boy?

Jessica Wakeman / October 26, 2011

One of the Backstreet Boys is opening for Britney Spears during the South American leg of her tour. Yes, you read that right: one of the Backstreet Boys. Does anyone still remember who Howie Dorough is? Apparently Britney fans in Chile, Peru and Colombia do. Good for you, Howie. [Perez Hilton]
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Hot Links: Retro Courtney Stodden & Heidi Klum’s Awesome Halloween Costume

Amelia McDonell-Parry / October 26, 2011

Is this Courtney Stodden before she (allegedly) got plastic surgery, began singlehandedly supporting the frosted lipstick industry, and married that old guy? So pretty. [Evil Beet Gossip]
Chris Martin joked (?) on “Ellen” that wife Gwyneth Paltrow has been “a great beard for me.” [Celebuzz]
Lindsay Lohan is apparently going to do… More »

Today’s Lady News: Birth Control Pill Cuts Ovarian Cancer Risk

Jessica Wakeman / October 26, 2011

Women who have been on the birth control pill for 10 or more years have cut their risk of ovarian cancer by 45 percent, according to a study in the British Journal of Cancer. [Guardian UK]
The bus company that operates Brooklyn’s B110 bus line, which runs through the borough’s Hasidic Jewish neighborhoodMore »

October 26: What Are We Wearing Today?

Amelia McDonell-Parry / October 26, 2011

Black and white with a pop of color — that apparently best describes our collective look today! Click on to see what we’re wearing! More »

Which “Real Housewives” Star Tweeted This Bizarre Pic?

Amelia McDonell-Parry / October 26, 2011

So many mysterious photos posted to Twitter today! First, Jessica Simpson on the toilet! And then this frighting image. What’s next? Ryan Gosling in a thong? Oh, pretty please? Find out who’s under the scary mask over at Celebuzz. … More »

Do Not Want: Miista Mesh Toehold Boot

Annika Harris / October 26, 2011

I’ve seen and worn some really ugly shoes in my lifetime, namely a pair of cheetah-print velour space boot-looking things. But I was 19 and am now blaming youth for that fashion blunder. Who or what will Miista blame for its hideous Mesh Toehold Boot? I’m not sure which offends me more, the toe stra… More »