“How To Lose Jobs And Alienate Fashion Designers” By Lindsay Lohan

Will Lindsay Lohan ever be able to hold a job? She was just barely hired to be a so-called “style consultant” to designer Emanuel Ungaro, but now rumors are flying that she’s already on the outs. The reasons? Your typical star power stuff—LiLo opted out of a press call with the Wall Street Journal and wouldn’t pose for pictures at the designer’s Fashion’s Night Out event last week.

Such a fate was already in the cards, no? But then again, Ungaro shouldn’t take it personally. Over the weekend, the star was 10 hours late to a photo shoot for her own 6126 leggings line. So you know, when it comes to effing up, LiLo doesn’t play favorites. [Fashionologie.com and OK!] Keep reading »

Quick Pic: Put On Your Bunny Ears

Headgear resembling rabbit ears figured into Erin Fetherston’s spring 2010 fashion show, continuing the animal ear trend we’ve been seeing the last few months. Would you be seen in ears on a day other than Halloween? [Erin Fetherston, New York Fashion Week, 9/13/09] Keep reading »

Quote Of The Day: Erin Fetherston Not A Fan of Pantslessness

“I really believe in people not forgetting their pants.”

—Designer Erin Fetherston talking about her dislike for the ever-more-popular pantsless trend. We see she has no issues with models going braless though. [The Cut]
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365 Days In Paris: Le French Dating, Part II

While I had so many thoughts about French dating customs, and how I should act, I could hardly parse out my ideas before my date with Mr. Cupid once I realized that the real dilemma was what to wear. I tore apart my closet, feeling every outfit was too cliché. Jeans made me look too American; all black was like I was trying too hard to be French. A dress said I was trying to look older, but a pink top screamed young and girly (it must be said the Mr. Cupid is in his early 30s, which he clearly sees as a big age difference; I don’t). I settled on a stretchy but not too-tight plain navy dress with 3/4 sleeves, oxford heels, a black blazer, and a few gold necklaces.
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No More French Kissing!

France is so paranoid about swine flu that French health officials have been asking citizens to forgo “la bise,” the country’s traditional double-cheeked kiss greeting. Especially in schools, children have been forbidden to use the kissing salutation to their friends, which is a common courtesy even among youngsters. Instead, schools have come up with what seems more like a ridiculous American solution: “In schools, teachers are telling their young charges to forgo the bise, and instead capture their displays of affection in heart-shaped greetings to slip into ‘bise boxes.’” (This is almost reminiscent of the teenage hugging epidemic.)

How do the French feel about these measures? “La bise” is such a cultural standard that they’d sooner kiss off the prohibition. Bring on the swine flu! [CNN] Keep reading »

Police Think They’ve Found Missing Yale Student Annie Le’s Body

New Haven police have discovered a body stuffed inside a wall at a lab in the School of Medicine where missing Yale student Annie Le was last seen alive on Tuesday. Although police are still waiting to identify the body, it’s fair to assume it’s probably Le. This weekend, bloody clothes were found stuffed in the ceiling of the lab as well. This horrible story is nothing short of tragic: Le had planned to marry her fiance, Jonathan Widawsky, a grad student at Columbia, this past weekend, and on Friday their families canceled the nuptials. Some had initially wondered if Le was a runaway bride, but all evidence indicated she was really excited to get married. Our thoughts go out to Widawsky and the couple’s families. [New York Times]

UPDATE, 4:30 p.m. on Monday: This is beyond sad. As suspected, the body found in the walls of a Yale School Of Medicine lab belongs to Annie Le. Police are calling the cause of death a homicide. Although the murderer has not been identified, police say Le’s killing was targeted.—[NY Post] Additional reports say the suspect, who police confirm is not a fellow Yale student as previously reported, has flunked lie detector tests.—[NY Daily News] Keep reading »

Star Couplings: Could A Teen Be The Other Woman In Ellen Pompeo’s Marriage?

  • A teenager has come forward claiming to be the mistress of Ellen Pompeo’s husband, Chris Ivery. [Your Tango] — This would be really messed-up if it were true. We’ll just have to wait and see.
  • “It’s kicking the crap out of me,” said Kendra Wilkinson about being six months pregnant. [OK! Magazine] — Well, the dad is a football player.
  • Chris Brown has responded to Tila Tequila‘s tweets in reference to her alleged assault by Shawne Merriman: “NOT TRYNA BE RUDE but i keep hearing tila bringing my name up. ur 15 seconds of fame has ended. dont try to gain fans by dissing me.godbless.” [TMZ] — Isn’t it sad when Chris knows he’s more famous than you and that his fame won’t die anytime soon?
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Why Has Stephanie Pratt Morphed Into A Carbon Copy Of Heidi Montag?

Considering Heidi is her brother’s wife, the incestuous undercurrents are icky. The fact that her brother is Spencer Pratt makes it even worse. Keep reading »

Taiwan’s Hello Kitty Maternity Hospital

Hello Baby! Just when you thought the Hello Kitty craze couldn’t go any further … oh, yes, they really went there this time. Case in point: the Hello Kitty maternity hospital in Taiwan, where moms-to-be are attended to by nurses in pink uniforms, the newborns are swaddled in HK blankets, and bubbly Sanrio images decorate the place. To add to the creepiness, babies also get a pair of whiskers as a souvenir. The cartoony facility is supposed to ease the stress of giving birth, but the first thing that came to mind when we saw this was the horrific image of an obstetrician wearing a giant Hello Kitty head sitting between your spread legs saying, “Here kitty, kitty.” Check out some more pics after the jump! [InventorSpot.com] Keep reading »

For The Week Of September 14-20, 2009

Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

A new leaf will turn for you once you decide to change a dirty habit. It will uncover a state of bliss that you haven’t felt for ages, making you feel invincible and ready to take charge. This isn’t the time to take “no” from anyone — least of all, yourself. Remember this and you will have the dandiest week ever.

Libra (September 23 – October 22)

Ask a close friend if you have been making too many excuses for that special someone or if that someone is making too many concessions for you. If you find that there is an imbalance in the union from an objective point of view, then take that as fact and sort out the rest of the data on the table to see exactly how it adds up. Your conclusions should be riveting.

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

Forget that naughty side to you and saddle up with a PG version of yourself, as you should be placing an emphasis on the friendship developing in your current love tryst. The less pressure you put on the more intense areas of the “getting to know you” phase, the more you get that relationships are supposed to be fun — your crucial lesson for this week.

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

Just when you thought you were old enough to rise above the peer pressure, in comes a deluge of voices that confuse you and make you want to scream. Go ahead: do it! As that might be the only way for you to stop from falling into the pit of popular opinion, and the only way to get you to listen to yourself and see that you have to set your own standards.

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

Free your imagination. There’s nothing holding you back, other than you and the reasoning you subscribe to. Time to switch up your attitude and realize the impossible is possible — but without your belief in it, you will only be stuck in a bitter rut that’ll keep you as your own worst enemy. If that sounds acceptable to you, proceed as you have been. Otherwise, it’s time to change.

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

The sexual tension gets explosive this week. All your awkwardness comes to a head, as the chemicals in your brain won’t be reacting in a way you’re used to and this can lead to a few embarrassing moments. Thankfully, if you’re barking up the right tree, whoever is watching your antics will find these moments of utter gracelessness endearing, rather than humiliating.

Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

Sign your booty over on the dotted line. This is the time when love should start coming together in a sweet little package, giving you a sense of direction and comfort. If you’re single, time to set your intentions out there by rationally scouring your mind for what is your realistic ideal. It’s time to sharpen your aim. A good eye will get you everywhere.

Aries (March 21 – April 19)

With your libido lagging these days, the one way to pump it back is to pump it up. Revive yourself by jumpstarting a new fitness routine, getting all your annual doctor appointments out of the way and dealing with all those physical aspects of yourself that will lead you back on the road to being a peak performer.

Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

Sitting on the fence is not going to win you any favors. If you want it, you got to be in it to win it. Enough with thinking things have to play out in a certain fashion for it to be right! You’re the writer of your own story. If you want it to be a legendary masterpiece, it’ll mean laying yourself on the line and thickening the plot.

Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

For a gal like you, it’s not just the things you commonly love with a dude that’ll cozy you up to him, but also the things you hate. This week they’ll be nothing more invigorating than showing off your bad attitude to that special curmudgeonly someone. Seems being able to bitch together will be one of the most romantic things you can do to nab the heart of your intended.

Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

You can’t trip over your words this week. If you want something, you are going to have to be clear — as in starting the facts, sticking to direct eye contact and being cognizant of relaying your emotions obviously. This isn’t the time to see if anyone is a mind reader. Reach out and make yourself known; the universe is listening.

Leo (July 23 – August 22)

Money, luxury and comfort will open up to you at a new level, letting you relax for a few. Take in the rewards of work well done. The issue now is not to get complacent. While you are cruising along swimmingly, don’t forget to keep your eye over the horizon, as that will be the only way you will be able to maintain.

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