Kim Kardashian Wants To Get Pregnant At The Same Time As Her Sisters

By: Kate Torgovnick/ / September 2, 2011

“I love being a wife. It’s really fun, but I don’t feel any different. I still have that exciting, dating feeling with him … Hopefully soon [we’ll start thinking about family]. Being a mom is something I’ve always wanted, so I would love to be one someday. It would be a dream that all three… More »

Nerd Girl Porn: Meggings, AKA Men In Leggings

By: Lindsay A. / September 2, 2011

Joe Jonas: Movie Star?

By: Kate Torgovnick/ / September 2, 2011

Don’t tell his ex-girlfriends, but Joe Jonas has his sights set on being more than just a mere musician. See, he wants to be a musician/actor, with a side order of producer. Joe told E! Online that he will be producing and starring in a passion project that doesn’t of yet have a name. I… More »

Feminism Bludgeoned To Death In WTF Facebook Status Update

By: Jessica Wakeman / September 2, 2011

Let’s all hope this woman was kidding when she wrote on her Facebook status, “I don’t care how anti-feminest [sic] it sounds. i don’t think girls should be required to learn about politics. i’d rather clean my house than go vote.” She realizes she has the right to not vote, right? I think girls should… More »

12 Movie Titles That Make Awesome Penis Nicknames

By: Ami Angelowicz / September 2, 2011

Kristen Stewart, Video Vixen

By: Kate Torgovnick/ / September 2, 2011

Marc Foster enlisted a pretty high wattage star to be in his music video for the song, “I Was Broken.” Behold, Kristen Stewart doing what she does best—looking tortured and thoughtful. So how did Marc get K-Stew for this gig? He is a friend of Robert Pattinson’s. He even had Rob sing o… More »