10 Things We Learned About Men From Romantic Comedies

I may be unpopular for saying this, but I kind of hate romantic comedies. If they are supposedly targeted to women, they somehow missed my demographic. Why are they so often inane dribble? Sure there are a few greats (“When Harry Met Sally,” “(500) Days of Summer”) that are not to be missed, but for the most part I wouldn’t be caught dead watching a Sandra Bullock flick unless the movie theater has the world’s best popcorn. That’s why a got a really good chuckle reading Asylum’s list of “7 Things Romantic Comedies Taught Us About Women.” It got me thinking. There must be some really important lessons for us ladies to learn as well, right? After the jump, the 10 oh-so-realistic things that rom-coms have taught us about men. Keep reading »

Charlotte Ronson Proves Just How Skinny Models Really Are

charlotte ronson m jpg
We love, love love seeing Annabelle Dexter-Jones — Charlotte’s lil’ (step) sis — walk in Ronson’s runway shows. And she’s fairly tall and quite thin so she fits in with all those Amazonian goddesses (or starving teenagers, depending on your perspective) just fine. In fact, it’s so very refreshing that this season we noticed how cuckoo bananas it is that, despite her petite frame and not being a total shrimp, she still looks like a healthier, more normal version of the models she was surrounded by. That’s just how mind-bendingly skinny these girls are. We know that Charlotte doesn’t have enough siblings and half-siblings to supply an entire runway show, but how much cooler would it be if she just started using “real” girls instead of models. It might even help sell more clothes.

And moving on to the threads, they were very, well, Charlotte Ronson-y. Hip, fun, girly yet edgy, you know the shtick. But there was definitely some kind of rock ‘n’ roll geisha meets fitness instructor situation going on that was slightly confusing, but whatever. One thing’s fo sho: Those shoulder pads we’re seeing everywhere for fall? Well if Ronson has any say in the matter, she’d like to see girls rockin’ the glam-rocked quarterback look well into next spring. (I, personally, am OK with that, but I know a lot of people will beg to differ — and that’s OK, too.) Her signature jumpsuits are here to stay. Besides the ’80s workout video headbands and leather obi belts, the see-through knee-length leggings were, well, they were certainly something. I’d pop ‘em under a skirt; why not? After the jump, more looks from the show.

Oh. And one more question to no one in particular: What was Erin Wasson doing there when she should have been crazed prepping for her show (a few hours after Charlotte’s. Note to celebs/models-turned designers: At least try to look like you’re actually working!

Quick Pic: Half And Half Hair

A model sports a half-crimped, half-straight ‘do at Valencia (who knew?) Fashion Week. Is this something we might actually attempt at home kids? [FashionIndie.com] Keep reading »

Where Do Designers Get Their Inspiration? Kids!

According to Loic Prigent, director of the fashion documentary “The Day Before,” there’s one question designers never want to answer: “”What is your inspiration?’ is the number one enemy in fashion journalism now. They really hate it when you ask it,” Prigent admits. [Wall Street Journal]

Yet, while Marc Jacobs might be dodgy about his collection’s meaning, other designers are just fine accrediting their fuel for creativity—teen fashion bloggers. The group has gained momentum in the past year to become the new power youth, with 13-year-old Tavi as one at the forefront (pictured above, and, BTW, she looks like she also enjoys putting cute crap on her head). After the Rodarte designers saw Tavi’s blog, they started corresponding with the teenager, and Tavi has become the label’s muse. Says co-designer Kate Mulleavy, “Tavi makes you think about things differently, makes you see things differently.” Also cited as sources of inspiration were Bryan Boy and Jane from Sea of Shoes.

Well, you know what they say—the children are our future. And in this case, they’re telling us what we’ll be wearing tomorrow. [Wall Street Journal] Keep reading »

The Friday Roundup: It Happened This Week On The Frisky

The joys of Beatles Rock Band consumed our lives at night, we confess. But during the daytime, we poured our heart and soul into bringing you all the news that’s fit to be blogged, dear reader. We wrote about how Tila Tequila accused her football player boyfriend, Shawne Merriman, of choking her; how DNA tests have shown that South African runner Caster Semenya is allegedly “intersex,” with both boy and girl parts; we even hit the town for Fashion’s Night Out here in New York City! Here’s a recap of this very busy week here at The Frisky … Keep reading »

Quickies: “Vampire Diaries”‘ Stars Arrested & A Craigslist Casual Encounter Confession

  • Four stars of The CW’s “Vampire Diaries” were arrested for flashing motorists from a bridge. [Fox News] — I guess they didn’t realize they’re not famous enough yet to avoid the long arm of the law.
  • Lindsay Lohan says she always wanted to be in the tabloids like Britney Spears when she was in middle school. [Dlisted] — This explains so much, especially about the values her parents passed on to her.
  • Take a look into the inner workings of the Zappos shoe emporium. [The New Yorker] — Think they’ll explain why the site is so damn ugly?
  • Keep reading »

Today’s Lady News: Abortion Protester Killed In Michigan

  • Anti-choice activist, James Pouillon, 63, was shot and killed while protesting abortion across from Owosso High School in Oswosso, Michigan. Police have a 33-year-old male suspect in custody who allegedly also shot and killed the owner of a local gravel company. [Detroit Free Press]—It’s premature to assume Pouillon’s murder is related to being an anti-abortion activist. Yet, after the murder of physician Dr. George Tiller, who performed late-term abortions, this summer, that’s the first place the mind goes.
  • Police say there is no evidence to link Philip Garrido, the man who kidnapped Jaycee Lee Dugard, raped her and held her captive for 18 years, with eight unsolved prostitute murders in California. [NY Daily News]
  • Kenya and Zambia have banned a brand of “leaky” condoms called Hot, which are manufactured in the U.K. According to the BBC, the Kenyan government gives out over 160 million condoms each year and they feared rumors of the “leaky” condoms would hinder the fight against the spread of HIV. [BBC]
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    The Boob Tube: Hot Weekend TV For September 12-13th 2009


    • “A League of Their Own” on Oxygen at 8:30 am
    • “How Do I Look?” on Style at 9 am
    • “Project Runway” on Lifetime starting at 10 am
    • “Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood” on HBOSGe at 11:30 am

    Keep reading »

    Fashion Week Mad Libs: Duckie Browne

    duckie browne mad lib jpg
    Keep clicking for images from the show.

    Passion Tips: Sexy Bedrooms For Erotic Loving (Examiner)

    In writing about “Passion tips: your erotic and romantic love story,” I talked about designing your love room with words. In fact, with a tiny bit of ingenuity, you can turn your bedroom into a place of serenity and loving passion.

    For years I have loved and referred to a book by Claire Cooper Marcus called House As a Mirror of Self: Exploring the Deeper Meaning of Home. This afternoon I took a walk through the Brown campus, stopped at a tiny deli, and one of the local papers had an article talking about her work. She believes that your home reflects your feelings about yourself.

    If you are fretting about not having enough loving taking place in your home, here are some tips for turning your bedroom into a passion place — not the ancient Pompeii brothel as pictured here — but certainly a place that creates an aura of quiet love and erotic passion. Continue reading Keep reading »

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