Dear Wendy: “My Boyfriend Thinks I’m Too Opinionated”

Wendy Atterberry / October 11, 2011

I’ve been seeing my guy, “Joe,” for four months, and it’s been great! But last night on the phone, he started talking about a TV personality who I don’t like, and I said “He’s such a fraud and an asshole.” Immediately, Joe goes silent (his reaction when I say something he doesn’t like, I’m noticing)… More »

Is The Feud Between Nancy Upton And American Apparel Really Over?

Julie Gerstein / October 11, 2011

Remember when American Apparel held a contest to publicize its new plus-size range of fashions, and provocative and outspoken American Apparel critic Nancy Upton won? Upton was offended by the language used to promote the contest, and in return, created a portfolio of photos mocking stereotypical notions about plus-sized women. Upton won the contest i… More »

Rihanna Is Naked And Seaweed-y In Esquire

Amelia McDonell-Parry / October 11, 2011

Debate! Is seaweed sexy? Esquire seems to think so, as they draped a few pieces on Rihanna’s naked flesh for a photoshoot in their November issue. Jessica, on the other hand, does not agree. “What is so sexy about seaweed?” she asked me. Clearly, Jessica has never been to a topless beach and made seaweed… More »

Girl Talk: Should You Donate Your Eggs?

Rachel White / October 11, 2011

When I was fresh out of college, I worked at an egg donation agency, which paired egg “donors” with potential parents willing to shell out a lot of money for the possibility of having children. At parties, when I was asked what I did for a living, it was inevitable that a group of girl… More »

Teenage Power Couple Pencils

Amelia McDonell-Parry / October 11, 2011

When we were in high school, our love lives were kind of pathetic, which is why when we were supposed to be paying attention in class, we were actually doodling and daydreaming about the day Jordan Catalano would wizen up and realize that Angela Chase could not only help him learn to read, but also… More »

Beyoncé (Finally) Talks About Her Marriage

Ami Angelowicz / October 11, 2011

“[Jay and I] have been together since I was 20 years old … We took our time and developed an unbreakable friendship before we got married.We focused three years on our marriage and found that it brought us an even stronger bond and connection. But like anything great and successful in your life, marriage take… More »