6 “Psycho” Things That Women Do That Are Actually Pretty Reasonable

By: Scott Alden / July 20, 2011
I know, guys. You've been hurt. You've been frustrated -- terrified, even -- by the behavior of some of the women you've been with. Some of it has been legitimately bad behavior -- invasions of privacy, violence, manipulation -- but rarely has it come from nowhere. Which is exactly what the label "psycho" implies. Whe… More »

Photoshop Fail: It’s Hip To Be Nowhere

By: Julie Gerstein / July 20, 2011
Supporting AIDS research and awareness is a great thing. Losing your hip over it? Not so much. [Photoshop Disasters]… More »

This Couple’s Sex Life Is WAY Hotter Than Yours

By: Ami Angelowicz / July 20, 2011
I was scrolling through some questions on Dan Savage's Savage Love advice column and came across this one: "You probably get this question every day. I’m a man who loves it when my girlfriend f**ks me with a strap-on. Another great thing: My girlfriend ejaculates frequently and plentifully when we have sex, and she ha… More »

Birth Control Should Be Covered By Health Care Plans, Says Report

By: Jessica Wakeman / July 20, 2011
Health care plans should cover birth control, STD screening, HPV testing, and other services for women without co-pays, according to an independent panel of doctors from the Institute of Medicine (IOM). President Obama's new health care reform requires "preventative care" services be covered and the Obama administration asked that the IOM assess which services fell… More »

Girl Talk: I Made 7 First Date Mistakes And He Still Liked Me

By: Hope Ewing / July 20, 2011
Over a lifetime of reading women’s magazines, I thought I had the rules of dating down. Yet at 30, with almost a decade living in a notoriously single city under my belt, I still managed to cram more classic first date mistakes into one evening than I would have thought possible. More »

Nevada Denies A Sarah Palin Vanity Plate. Or Did They?

Guys, we are obviously in the midst of a liberal conspiracy. A Nevada man named James Linlor is suing his state's Department of Motor Vehicles because they refused to issue him a vanity plate for his car that reads "GOPALIN." As in, Sarah Palin. Apparently, the Nevada DMV dictates that when it comes to vanity… More »