7 Stars Going To Extremes To Prep For Photoshoots

Matthew Morrison
Matthew Morrison of “Glee” looked pretty yummers on the cover of Details. Apparently, it didn’t come completely naturally. Matt has a secret for making his six pack look more like an eight pack. For three days before the shoot, he ate nothing but sweet potatoes. “I had to have a six-pack on show,” he explained. “My trainer said eat ­nothing apart from sweet potato and very little water. The potato acts as a sponge and your body literally shrinks and gets ripped and tight.” [Daily Mirror]

Ahhh, how equal things feel when dudes get all manorexic. Yeah, I’m kidding. Eating nothing but sweet potatoes for three days is pretty darn insane—not to mention nutritionally a terrible idea. But sadly, it’s not the first time I’ve heard a celebrity say they went to extremes to prepare for a photoshoot. After the jump, some more examples. And please, please—do not try these at home. You look great just the way you are.

Quickies: Watch Matthew Morrison Sing In A Gay Boy Band & LeBron James’ Mom Arrested

  • I promise, watching this clip of Matthew Morrison singing in a “gay boy band” called Boys R Us is well worth your time. He calls it “the gayest thing” he’s ever done. [NYmag.com, Celebuzz]
  • Alec Baldwin says “30 Rock” will end next season — not just because the actor’s contracts expire in 2012 but because “Tina is gonna have a big career directing films and writing.” I don’t disagree with that. [NYmag.com]

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Today’s Lady News: Texas A&M Wins Women’s NCAA Championship

  • Texas A&M beat out Notre Dame for the women’s NCAA basketball championship on Tuesday, the team’s first national title. Congratulations! If someone who knows/cares about sports can explain to me the significance of this, I would appreciate it. [ESPN, Houston Chronicle]
  • Apparently, Tina Fey’s pregnancy presents a “feminist dilemma”? [Salon]
  • Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) was named chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee, prompting a colleague, Rep. Jim McDermott (D-WA), to praise her good qualities on C-SPAN but also suggest the position was “going to strain her.” Some wonder whether Rep. McDermott may have made the same comment if a male representative had been named. [Politico]

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Meg Ryan: Director?

Meg Ryan hasn’t gotten many roles since she—well, let’s be honest—messed up her face. Which is such a shame, because I watched “When Harry Met Sally” the other day on cable, and was reminded of how great she can be. So I’m glad to hear that she is settling into a new role behind the camera. Yep, homegirl is set to direct her first movie, “Into the Beautiful,” a flick about a group of friends reuniting, a la “The Big Chill.” Keep reading »

Sexy Suiting: Celebs In Suits Sans Shirts

eva 040511 m jpg
Last night on “Late Night With David Letterman,” Eva Longoria shilled her new cookbook in a cute short and blazer set, and almost had a wardrobe malfunction of epic proportions when her blazer button accidentally popped open (and yes, Letterman couldn’t keep his eyes off her chest). Them’s the breaks when you wear a blazer sans shirt, we suppose. Still, we love the look and think Eva looks extra stylish here. We found a few other celebs who took businesswear to a sexy place with a blazer-minus-shirt combo. Check ‘em out after the jump!

Julianne Moore Was Supposed To Play Hillary Clinton

Julianne Moore is set to play Sarah Palin in “Game Change,” the HBO movie about the 2008 presidential election. But a few years before, she was in line to play a different female figure in the race—Hillary Clinton. Apparently, Julianne was cast as Clinton in HBO’s “The Special Relationship.” But when she had to back out to film “The Kids Are All Right,” a movie which netted her a Golden Globe nod, the role went to Hope Davis. But never fear—here is her makeup test shot. This makes us feel super confident that Julianne can check her fierce redheadedness and go politico. [PopEater] Keep reading »

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