Shopping Guide: Bad Ass Bomber Jackets

Winona Dimeo-Ediger / November 3, 2011

Bomber jackets have been around for almost 100 years–it’s hard to find a style more enduring than that. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite modern takes on this classic coat, and here’s the best part: they’re all under 100 bucks. Bombs away! More »

Woman Forced To Pay Rapist Ex Spousal Support

Stefanie Blejec / November 3, 2011

A California woman has been forced to pay her rapist — who happens to be her ex — a monthly living stipend. Say what?

Such is the ruling of a Judge Gregory Pollock.  Crystal Harris successfully convicted her ex-husband Shawn Harris of forced oral copulation and he is now serving time in prison.  But… More »

Anthropologie Is Selling Rickshaws Now

Julie Gerstein / November 3, 2011

What could be said about Anthropologie’s Rickshaw (yes, a real thing) that Anthropologie couldn’t say better? Just listen to their whimsical description of the $2,200 culturally questionable bikemobile:
While on a trip to India work project to find new objects to culturally appropriate some of our team got tired of walking among the poors flagged… More »

The 15 Best Celeb Sparkly Dress Moments

Rachel Krause / November 3, 2011

I think of Anne Hathaway as an arbiter of class. I speak for myself, but I’ve never heard or read anything that depicted Anne to be any less than a contemporary Audrey … except for maybe the financial crimes of her ex-BF, but we can’t hold that against her. Earlier this week, Anne attended the… More »

Herman Cain’s Sexual Harassment Accuser Wants To Speak Out

Jessica Wakeman / November 3, 2011

Over the weekend, the politics blog Politico dropped the bomb that Herman Cain, a Republican frontrunner for the presidential nomination, was accused of sexual harassment twice by women who later took pay-outs not to discuss the incidents. Politico claimed that when Cain headed the National Restaurant Association during the 1990s, two women complained to superiors about… More »

Heather Morris Reveals Secret Shame: She Was A Stock Image Photo Model

Jessica Wakeman / November 3, 2011

Today she’s Brittany on “Glee.” But there was a time when Heather Morris was just one half of “young happy couple sitting in convertible with a surfboard” in some stock image photos. A tipster direct the blog to, where Heather and a hot dude pout and frolic together in about 60 pics. No word… More »