A “Mad Men” Rap? Watch Kellee Maize’s Feminist-Inspired Rhymes

By: Jessica Wakeman / July 27, 2011
  LOVE! Rapper Kellee Maize sampled the "Mad Men" theme song for a song called "Mad Humans." It's sorta all about feminism: "Puttin' the patriarchy to bed / yeah, you heard right, that's what I said!" Maize is rolling deep with '60s housewives wearing strings of pearls and vacant stares. Just wait till the girl… More »

OK’s Diabolical Plan To Reunite Bennifer

By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / July 27, 2011
It must be a very, very slow news week. Somewhere, an evil OK! editor is guffawing over her diabolical plan to get Bennifer back together. How will they reunite Ben Affleck and a newly-single Jennifer Lopez? Should Jennifer Garner -- who, some say, is sporting a new baby bump -- be worried? Stay tuned. [Celebitchy]… More »

The 15 Best Beehives In Pop Culture

By: Ami Angelowicz / July 27, 2011

New Video Game “Catherine” Is All About Cheating

Wow, this new video game "Catherine" sounds pretty twisted. Here's the concept of this anime game: the player is Vincent, age 31, a boy-man whose girlfriend Katherine (left) is smart and hot, though a little stodgy—as denoted by her glasses, naturally. Basically, Vincent just isn't ready to commit to her. He is at a bar… More »

The 5 Best Moments You’ve Missed So Far On “Celebrity Rehab”

By: Kamilah Black / July 27, 2011
  Supposedly, season five of "Celebrity Rehab" will be Dr. Drew Pinsky's last. While the show hasn't been officially cancelled, it is said to be going on "indefinite hiatus," and we can just guess what that means. It's been a very rough year for "Celebrity Rehab" alums. Two of Dr. Drew's former patients on the… More »

Hobby Road Test: Becoming A Skateboarder

By: Julie Gerstein / July 27, 2011
I have been plagued -- yes plagued -- by skateboarders since I was in middle school. That's when I first became friends with/attracted to skater boys. It's also when I first became acquainted with the stultifying boredom of sitting around waiting for your friends to finish up at the damned skate park so you could… More »