The 12 Best Alternative March Madness Brackets

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It’s not my fault that I just can’t get into March Madness. For starters, I went to the University of California at Santa Cruz, and the only recreational activities anyone took seriously were hackysack, bongo jam sessions, and pot smoking. I don’t think our basketball team — if it indeed existed — ever won any games of note. I didn’t know what the NCAA or March Madness even was until I started working at Maxim, and the lone time I actually did a bracket, I picked so badly I was basically out right away. It was pathetic. (I am not a complete sports idiot. I played Fantasy Football one year and came in at second place, never having seen a football game.)

All that being said, I like the concept of March Madness brackets — pitting things against each other, until there’s ultimately one winner. That’s why I love the array of non-basketball-related March Madness brackets, covering everything from “Saved By the Bell” and beer to The Muppets and cats. Keep clicking and maybe you’ll find a bracket you’ll actually go mad for…

Shopping Guide: 9 Dainty Rings Your Fingers Will Love

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I’ve been a sucker for a huge cocktail-style ring ever since I was little girl. But I purchased a dainty ring that looks as if a metal string is tied around my finger and instantly fell in love. Dainty rings are a subtle accessory, but sometimes you can make the biggest statement with the smallest amount of words. Check out nine of my favorite dainty rings, including the one I actually own in slide two.

The Pop Culture Diaries: Jessica

I’m Disappointed I Don’t Have A Disappointing Gay Best Friend

Ugh, you know what’s more annoying for a gal than not having a gay best friend? Having a gay best friend that’s a total disappointment in the fun, fabulous, and fierce department. Like, what’s the point of having a gay bestie who doesn’t want to drinking flirtinis, dance to Lady Gaga, or get mani/pedis? What’s the point of being a gay man — or having a gay bestie — if you’re not going to be a walking stereotype? (No, seriously, I am actually just disappointed I don’t have a disappointing gay best friend like the handsome Tyler Coates, above, whose Twitter/Tumblr I follow obsessively.) [Queerty] Keep reading »

Anti-Asian YouTube Princess Is Leaving UCLA Over Racist Rant

Urban's Racist Obama Shirt
Urban Outfitters Obama shirt
What's wrong with this shirt from Urban Outfitters? Read More »


Earlier this week, a bitchtastic UCLA undergrad named Alexandra Wallace took to YouTube to complain about her Asian classmates. Because clearly the most sensitive time to do that is days after Japan has been destroyed by an earthquake and tsunami! But still, Alexandra griped about “hordes of Asians” UCLA lets in every year who don’t have “American manners” in the library.

Surprise, surprise, Alexandra Wallace is now leaving UCLA. Keep reading »

Knut The Polar Bear Has Died

Knut is dead: the famous polar bear at the Berlin Zoo has died suddenly and unexpectedly at age four. Keep reading »

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