Our Top 15 Fashion Week Favorites

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The New York leg of Fashion Week is over and our tired out feet are grateful. Hours on end of hustling from show to show in the sort of heels whose prettiness punishes gets a bit tiring, after all. But now that the tents are being dismantled and the designers shifting focus from finishing samples to selling their wares, we’ve got a bit of an empty feeling building in our stomachs. Having seen all the loveliness to come for Spring, going through this long cold winter won’t be too easy. In order to make it through, we’ll focus on our favorites and maybe switch to Ramen now so we can save up and buy a frock or two when they roll into stores…

Celebrities Flocked To Ann Taylor’s (?) Fashion Show

Fashion Week isn’t just a time for crazy-expensive brands that are out of most people’s price ranges to show what they have coming down the pipeline. Besides the fine looks we saw from Snuggie, Ann Taylor also hosted a show, attended by important editors and celebrities, including Elle‘s Joe Zee, Vanessa Williams, Gretchen Mol, Mena Suvari, Amanda Bynes, Kelly Rutherford, and more.

The clothes shown weren’t what the retailer will be selling come spring 2010, like most shows. Instead, they were items that are available right now. While the whole thing was a marketing ploy to get more people interested in Ann Taylor clothes, it might have worked. Vanessa Williams admitted to being a fan of the dress she wore for the event, which fit her off the rack, and Katherine McPhee told WWD she loves their accessories.

Check out Ann Taylor’s newest arrivals, and tell us what you think! Keep reading »

We Are Completely Braid Obsessed

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Being obsessed with braids is not easy because, despite numerous attempts, I cannot figure out how to french braid my own hair. Braids should be such an easy, chic way of styling your locks when you want to look pulled together, but don’t have time for a blow out. Luckily for me, the braids that look the most modern are those that are a little messy, so if I ever make any progress on my tutelage, perfection won’t be required. Keep clicking to see a ton of celebs getting their braid on.

Style Buzz: The Fashion Week Edition, Plus “The Housewives” May Show Next Season

  • Pretty much the only major model wipeout we’ve heard of all week. That’s if you consider slightly stumbling a “major model wipeout.” [Racked]
  • We can’t get enough street style. Who can? Some of the cutest outfits spotted out and about during the collections. Dude, that chick shot me too but I didn’t make the cut. What the hell? Robbed! [Refinery 29]
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    Quick Pic: Amanda Bynes Does Her Best A-Lister Impression

    [NYC, 9/17/09]
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    Passion Tips: Hot Flirting For Sexy Wives And Lovers

    Flirting is a body language movement that portrays many sensual words, without words. I learned recently that men and women who look for partners on-line are well schooled in the art of flirting, dating and mating. Even in a relationship or marriage, a little bit of flirting goes a long way. Here are seven tips to get him in the mood for loving.

    1. Leave a sexy note in his jacket, briefcase, or on his computer screen if he is working virtually from home. Continue reading Keep reading »

    “The Tyra Show” Allegedly Coached A Guest To Say Racist Things

    Meet Vecente. He was a guest on “The Tyra Show” for the judgment day episode and said some really hateful and hurtful things about another guest because the guest has dark skin. As you can see from the video above, Vecente makes some statements that are really infuriating, but he reportedly claims the show’s producers and Tyra told him what kind of character he was supposed to portray. He also says the talk show is scripted. Vecente says his racist, politically incorrect statements were only for television purposes. [Media Takeout]

    He could be lying as a result of the backlash he’s received since his appearance aired, but I’m pretty sure I’ve caught “The Tyra Show” using an actor as a guest at least once. I watched an episode from the first season, I believe, in which this guy who Tyra said was a lawyer in real life was supposed to pretend to be a stalker so a woman could learn not to trust men she meets just because they look wealthy. A few hours after the episode ended, I saw the same guy in a commercial for something that slips my mind. He was an actor and the commercial continued to air after that episode. Keep reading »

    Quick Pic: A Chandelier That’ll Turn You On

    This chandelier, created for a California-based design company, features four tiers of silver chrome plastic vibrators hung from a powder-coated black metal frame. No word on whether the vibes are in working condition. [Trendhunter] Keep reading »

    Quickies: Fergie Is Getting Sued For Copyright Infringement, Plus A 56-Year-Old Virgin

    • Fergie has been slapped with copyright infringement lawsuit by the little-known reggae group Groundation, which alleges she stole her song “Voodoo Doll” from a track they recorded earlier. [Starpulse] — I can believe it. She totally stole Gwen Stefani‘s style.
    • Alicia Keys threw boyfriend Swizz Beats a birthday party, and his soon-to-be ex-wife showed up and verbally assaulted Alicia. [Your Tango] — Alicia is reportedly the reason the couple split up, so the ex’s behavior is kind of understandable…and embarrassing.
    • Apparently, some people need reasons to wash their hands after peeing. [Shine] — I try not to think about all the people who don’t wash hands routinely.

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    Friday Roundup: It Happened This Week On The Frisky

    The VMAs happened five nights ago and everyone’s still talking about Taylor Swift and Kanye West. (That means everyone pretty much ignored Lady Gaga’s look-at-me, look-at-me blood-splattered outfit. Try harder next year, honey!)

    We’re drama-mongers, though, so we were tickled pink when Tay-Tay hit up “The View” to tell Barbara and the girls that, other than the fact Kanye has a cool haircut, she doesn’t much care for the man. Alas, that’s nothing compared to President Obama, in a supposed-to-be-off-the-record conversation, calling Kanye a “jackass.” (Oops!) When the women on “The View” and the President think you’re a jerk, you’ve got problems, dude.

    Hard as it may be to believe, though, lotsa other stuff happened this week. After the jump, everything you missed while you were watching Kanye West/”I’m gonna let you finish…” mash-ups: Keep reading »

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