An Imagined Conversation With This Sulky Model

Me: Hey now, what’s the matter?

Model: Nothing. It’s nothing.

Me: Oh come on, you can tell me. Keep reading »

Miranda Lambert And Blake Shelton’s Fishy Honeymoon

Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton got married last weekend, and I am still thoroughly obsessed with their wedding. Not only did Miranda shoot her own venison for the reception dinner and do her final shopping at WalMart, but apparently, she also wore her mom’s wedding dress. So sweet. And rather than take a tropical honeymoon, this down-home couple decided to have a little staycation at their house in Tishomingo, Oklahoma. According to Miranda’s Twitter, they fished a lot. “Honeymoon bliss!!!” is the way she captioned this photo. “Mrs Shelton here! Winning!!!!!” So adorable. [PopEater] Keep reading »

Ask An Esthetician: What Do Different Break Out Spots Mean? Should I Be Using A Glycolic?

Skin: Our largest organ, and also probably our biggest pain in the butt. Managing its temperamental, over-sensitive ways is pretty much a full-time gig, especially if your skin is a delicate Sensitive Sally like mine. Thankfully, we’ve got our new BFF, esthetician Jenna Kulp, to help us solve our skin woes. Jenna’s here to answer all of your troubling skin problems–to offer suggestions and solutions to your skincare needs. If you’ve got a question for Jenna, {encode=”” title=”let us know”} and we’ll pass it along! And after the jump, check out her answers about acne and glycolic skincare products. Keep reading »

Tom Hanks Doesn’t Want To Play Any More “Pussies”

“I told my agents that I wasn’t going to play pussies anymore. I was tired of playing, ‘Oh, boo-hoo–I was in love, but oh, boo-hoo-hoo.’ There comes an age when you can’t do that anymore. I wanted to play men instead of boys. In your mid-30s, it’s time to start playing guys of compromise. And as you get older, men of bitter compromise.”

—Tom Hanks talks to W Magazine about moving on from roles like the ones he played in “Splash” and “Sleepless in Seattle” to more hard-hitting fare like “Philadelphia” and “Cast Away.” Point taken, but I’m just not sure how to feel about his use of the word ‘pussies.’ Who knew Hanks could get so crass? Oh, and apparently we’ll get to see Tom as a pussy once again in “Larry Crowne,” the new romantic comedy in which he co-stars with Julia Roberts. [Huffington Post] Keep reading »

A Procrastinator’s Pillow

Take a break from taking a break from all your important projects with this comfy pillow. Those deadlines can wait. There are naps to be taken! [$32, Yellow Bug Boutique] Keep reading »

11 Hot Guys Who Directed Themselves In Movies

director ryan gosling jpg
There’s nothing better than a self-directed man. So we’re pretty excited that Ryan Gosling isn’t just set to star in a remake of “The Idolmaker,” the classic ’80s biopic based on the life of music industry bigwig Bob Marcucci—the movie will also be his directorial debut. And he has some pretty big shoes to fill. The director of the original flick, Taylor Hackford, went on to helm “An Officer and a Gentleman” and “Ray” and is currently the president of the Directors Guild of America. No pressure, Ryan. [Huffington Post]

Directing oneself onscreen must be a pretty complicated task. I imagine lots of talking to yourself and running back and forth to watch takes. Plus, you must get pretty tired of looking at your own face on the screen, no? [Not if you are Ryan Gosling and totally beautiful. -- Editor] But many a celebrity has attempted this feat. After the jump, more yummy guys who directed themselves in movies, for better or worse.

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