Smell-O-Vision, Coming Soon

Smell-o-vision sounds like something that could only happen in the year 2030, but it could actually be a reality ... pretty soon. Samsung has commissioned researched at UCSD to make a device that attaches to your television and produces scents. The device has a 100x100 matrix of wires that burn in different patterns to create… More »

Breaking News: Gay Marriage Passes In New York

By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / June 25, 2011
New York State has officially passed a same sex marriage bill, 33 to 29, becoming the sixth and largest state to make gay marriage legal in the United States. This vote is particularly historic as Republicans have a majority in the NY state legislature, making it the first GOP-led body to pass a same sex… More »

Quickies: Kate Moss’ Wedding Registry Is Crazy & Peter Falk Passes Away

By: Jessica Wakeman / June 24, 2011
Kate Moss' bridal registry for her July 2 wedding to Jamie Hince is only slightly less redonkulous than Kim Kardashian's. Moss asks for a silk rug, Cristal champagne, and 14 different ashtrays. [The Sun UK] Peter Falk, best known for starring on "Columbo" and playing the grandfather in "The Princess Bride," died… More »

Today’s Lady News: A Plus-Size Model Tells All

By: Jessica Wakeman / June 24, 2011
Philippa Allam, a British plus-size model, opens up to Lucky magazine about her modeling career and where bigger women can shop. [Lucky Mag] Apparently, grunting in women's tennis is a problem? [Telegraph UK] What do you do when you see another woman or girl being catcalled and sexually harassed in public? More »

The Frisky Has A Tumblr!

By: Jessica Wakeman / June 24, 2011
The Frisky has a Tumblr, y'all! No, we're not embarrassingly late to the party on this one — we've always had a Tumblr but we just never used it. But for the past month we've been filling it up with goodies and we're ready to debut again. Follow us at… More »

Shopping Guide: 10 Funky Throw Pillows

By: Jessica Wakeman / June 24, 2011