Get Paid To Date (Er, Escort?) On

Jessica Wakeman / October 20, 2011

Don’t waste your precious time and money on dinner and drinks with a fugly troll. And don’t be punished for your “high standards.”

Instead, pay the beautiful ladies of for their time. Yeah, I don’t understand What’s Your Price, either, other than it sells itself as a “dating site” rather than a… More »

In Which The New York Times Attempts To Make Men In Heels A Thing

Julie Gerstein / October 20, 2011

New York Times, just quit it. Nobody is buying your  purported claims that men are now wearing high heels. Because they are not. THEY ARE NOT! As everyone knows, a New York Times trend story is what happens when a New York Times writer or editor has a friend that does something quirky. All the… More »

19 (More) Halloween Costumes That Won’t Get You Laid

Ami Angelowicz / October 20, 2011

After a thorough inspection of available costumes for men, I have come to the conclusion that the Halloween industry is conspiring to sabotage dudes’ chances of getting laid. There are just so, so many horribly unsexy Halloween costumes for men. We’ve showed you a bunch in the past, but believe it or not, there are… More »

Evening Quickies: Carla Bruni Gives Birth To Baby Girl

Rachel Krause / October 19, 2011

Zut alors! French First Lady Carla Bruni gave birth today in Paris to her first child, a girl, with the president, Nicolas Sarkozy. [People]
Paris Jackson, Michael’s 13-year-old daughter, is being courted to represent the Lingerie Football League under the premise it “breaks down barriers for women in football.” No, no, no. That organizatio… More »

Hot Links: No Designer Duds For Chloe Moretz

Amelia McDonell-Parry / October 19, 2011

love that Chloe Moretz’s mom doesn’t let her daughter buy all sort of designer clothing — and her stylist usually outfits her in regular ol’ brands. Keepin’ it real. Love. []
As a person who used to be quite shy — I said used to be – I appreciate this list of incorrect assumptions made… More »

Today’s Lady News: Happy Love Your Body Day!

Jessica Wakeman / October 19, 2011

Happy Love Your Body Day! It’s unfortunate that Love Your Body Day was overshadowed on The Frisky by this ugliness, but it’s never too late to turn on a positive note!  [Feministing]
Fox News’ Dr. Keith Ablow said the parents who allowed their 11-year-old daughter Tammy to take hormone blockers to delay the… More »