Awesome Affordable Etsy Find: Words Of Wisdom

By: Winona Dimeo-Ediger / August 21, 2011

My friend Katelyn is terrified of flying. Like, sweating, crying, white-knuckles-gripping-the-armrest terrified. We took a trip to Hawaii a few years ago and things got really turbulent about halfway through the flight. I tried to comfort her by cracking jokes, holding her hand, and listing off air travel safety statistics, but ultimately the only thing… More »

It’s A Panda Party!

By: Jessica Wakeman / August 21, 2011

If you know one thing about me from reading The Frisky, it’s that I am fanatically in love, if not outright obsessed, with pandas. So of course I have to share with you this video the San Diego Zoo filmed of Yun Zi’s second birthday party. Zookeepers brought Yun Zi an “ice cake”… More »

PETA Plans A Porn Site

By: Huffington Post Weird News / August 21, 2011

PETA knows how to raise eyebrows. The animal rights group’s memorable campaigns have entailed everything from celebrities posing nude for its anti-fur campaign to scantily clad women having an erotic moment with their vegetables to support veganism.

Now, PETA has pulled out all of the stops with a XXX porn site for its next… More »

Shopping Guide: 10 Open-Toed Wedges

By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / August 21, 2011

What The Location Of Your Mess Says About You (And How To Fix It)

By: Stylelist Home / August 21, 2011

We’ve learned what a mess says about you, but have you considered the impact of where that mess is located? Author and environmental psychologist Sally Augustin, PhD, sheds some light on this surprising revelation. (And yes, we’ve learned lots from this!)… More »

Lady Gaga’s Sister Is Getting In On The Crazy Fashion Act

By: Julie Gerstein / August 21, 2011

Well, what do we have here? More »