Today’s Lady News: Herman Cain’s Wife Gloria Cain Stands By Her Man

Jessica Wakeman / November 14, 2011

Gloria Cain, wife of GOP presidential nominee wannabe Herman Cain, is standing by her man in the face of sexual harassment accusations by numerous women. [The Daily Beast]
Chelsea Clinton has been hired as a special correspondent for NBC doing segments for “Making A Difference” about people who do good in the world. More »

Hot Links: Better Names For Bella’s Baby & Why Women (Supposedly) Don’t Like Nice Guys

Amelia McDonell-Parry / November 14, 2011

The name of Bella’s baby in “Breaking Dawn” is “Renesmee,” a mashup of Bella’s mom’s name (Renee) and Edward’s “mom”‘s name (Esme). It is also stupid and really awkward to actually say. So here are 20 better baby names, not that there’s any changing it at this point. [The Stir]
This is my… More »

November 14: What Are We Wearing Today?

Amelia McDonell-Parry / November 14, 2011

You know what we could use a little reader feedback on? Poses. I know looking at our outfits every day is terribly interesting on its own, but we’d like to kick it up a notch by making our poses more entertaining. Not all of us are like Ami, for whom posing wacky comes naturally. So,… More »

Swedish Principal Tells Teen Rape Victim That “Guys Do This Kind Of Thing”

Jessica Wakeman / November 14, 2011

You’re on notice, Sweden. You are supposed to be the land of gender equality, meatballs and easy-to-assemble LACK coffee tables. So what is this about a school principal telling a teenaged student who was raped that “guys do this kind of thing, you have to get used to it?”… More »

Little Girl Gives Her Doberman A Pawdicure

Amelia McDonell-Parry / November 14, 2011

Who says a bad ass dog like a doberman can’t also get his nails did? Sometimes pups need a little pampering! (Or at least that’s what Lucca tells me every time she demands a massage.) And I concur with Jessica at The Gloss who sees a deeper message in this photo currently making the round… More »

Fake (The) It (Bag) Until You Make It

Annika Harris / November 14, 2011

Every season, there are a few It Bags that get everyone drooling. Few are actually able to purchase the bag, but most just put it on a mental wish list. But we’ve discovered a way that anyone can have an It Bag without spending a few paychecks. We’ve found seven bags inspired by this season’sMore »