Today’s Lady News: Jennifer Egan Wins The Pulitzer Prize For Fiction

  • Jennifer Egan’s novel A Visit From The Goon Squad won the Pulitzer Prize for fiction, it was announced today. Has anyone read it? What did you think? [AP]
  • has agreed to screen its users to weed out sex offenders after a customer blitzed the media with her tale of being sexually assaulted on a date. [The Root]
  • Curious how many male vs. female writers write for late-night comedy shows? Why, here’s a handy charticle about that very topic. [Buzzfeed]
  • Here’s what Congress would look like if it actually represented Americans based on demographics, i.e. a lot less old white dudes. [Feministing via GOOD Magazine]

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Evangelism Is Just A Haircut Away

I’m working on an “Amazing Grace” for the summer. Is it wrong to want to look sexy while speaking in tongues? [Anal Parade] Keep reading »

Shopping Guide: 11 Cute Easter Dresses That Won’t Get You Thrown Out Of Church

easter dresses g1 jpg
I never know how to dress for Easter Sunday. Some years, I am dragged to a formal church service, but other times, I’m just kicking it at home with family, elbowing my nieces in the face so they don’t get to my Cadbury eggs. Plus, Easter always falls in March or April, so half the dresses in my closet aren’t warm enough to wear. My go-to Easter get-up — thrown together at the last minute, natch — is usually a floral or pastel frock with a cream-colored cardigan, thick, warm stockings, and flats. Here are 11 dresses I’ve picked out for you to wear to welcome the Easter bunny into your home … and then again and again.

Reese And Robert, Unscripted

“Water for Elephants”‘ stars Reese Witherspoon and Robert Pattinson recently sat down for an “unscripted interview” with Moviefone in which they asked each other questions submitted by readers, as well as some of their own. You definitely get the sense that these two genuinely get along on and off the set, which hopefully bodes well for their on-screen chemistry. The first question for Rob: “Would you give it all up for love?” I completely agree with him that it’s kind of a ludicrous question when “it” is never defined. I would definitely give up a car for love, but not my ability to breathe. That would be pointless. Anyway, check out the full interview — Reese even swears! [Moviefone] Keep reading »

Lady Gaga Shows Disney Her Teeth

Lady Gaga visited Disney World this weekend (did she, ahem, drive herself?) and took the opportunity to pose alongside the Evil Queen from “Snow White.” Do you suppose she chose to pose with the Evil Queen because she relates to her the most out of all the Disney characters? Or maybe she just really wanted an apple and saw her chance to score a free one. Keep reading »

5 Dream Celebrity Shopping Buddies

clinton kelly 041811 m jpg
The other day at DSW, I found myself thinking, “I wish Clinton Kelly was here.” Trying to decide between a pair of wedge sandals and a pair of boring-but-necessary black pumps, I yearned for his unique brand of wisdom and validation (experienced firsthand by Frisky editor Julie recently). This got me thinking about some other celebs I’d like to drag along on my imaginary shopping trips. Click through for five of my top choices, and definitely let us know yours in the comments!
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