Tink’s “Ratchet Commandments” Video Has Some VERY Good Advice

By: Megan Reynolds / March 25, 2015
"Do better!"… More »

Hero Elephants Save Idiot Human Overlords

By: Beejoli Shah / March 25, 2015
Less than a month after Ringling Brothers begrudgingly agreed to phase out enslaving and abusing elephants and making them dance for no personal elephantine gain by 2018, two hero circus elephants saved an 18-wheeler truck from overturning on a highway in Louisiana. According to the Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana Sheriff's department, an 18-wheeler… More »

The Soapbox: What TIME Gets All Wrong About “Pretty Woman,” Prostitution & Sex Trafficking

By: Melissa Petro / March 25, 2015
A journalist from Time.com contacted me yesterday for a quote that ultimately appeared in an article that irresponsibly conflates sex work and sex trafficking. In recognition of the 25th anniversary of the film, "Pretty Woman," the writer told me she was gathering what former sex workers— not victims of sexual exploitation, mind you — think… More »

Deadline’s TV Editor Is Very Concerned Hollywood Is Casting Too Many Goddamn Ethnics

By: Beejoli Shah / March 25, 2015
One of the small joys of my career shift from working in the entertainment industry to reporting on the entertainment industry is how often I get to point out the absolute fucking lunacy that is the Deadline Hollywood blog. Ever since Robert Durst-wannabe Jay Penske, the playboy heir who owns Deadline, and his band… More »

Why You Should Give Sara Benincasa Money To “Focus Group” Her Own Body

By: Leah Prinzivalli / March 25, 2015
The comedian's short film concept is so revelatory that after just one week, the film has raised two-thirds (as of publication) of its $9,000 dollar budget on Kickstarter. More »

Zayn Malik Is Leaving One Direction, A Nation Mourns

By: Megan Reynolds / March 25, 2015
The hot one's leaving for good. More »

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