Was Amy Adams Booted From “The Today Show” For Refusing To Discuss The Sony Hack?

  • Amy Adams’ appearance on “The Today Show” — to promote her movie “Big Eyes” — was canceled at the last minute, reportedly because she said she did not want to talk about the Sony hack. The hack revealed, amongst other things, that Adams and her “American Hustle” co-star Jennifer Lawrence were paid significantly less than their male costars in the film. [Us Weekly]
  • The latest woman to allege that Bill Cosby raped her is Katherine McKee, a former showgirl and girlfriend of Sammy Davis Jr., who said the comedian assaulted her in the 1970s. [Death and Taxes]
  • Today in Asinine Celebrity Quotes, Sofia Vergara says she would apply to cement to her eyes if it would stop wrinkles. [People] Keep reading »

NORAD’s Santa Tracker Has A Totally Adorable Origin Story

If you’re a parent, chances are you know NORAD’s Santa Tracker. NORAD is the North American Aerospace Defense Command, the joint US-Canadian center that tracks aerospace activity, so it seems only logical that NORAD would have the best idea as to Santa’s location on the night of Christmas Eve.

It turns out that the Santa Tracker has an insanely adorable origin story. In 1955, Sears printed an ad with a number for kids to call to talk to Santa Claus. It turned out, though, that the phone number they printed had a typo, and the phone it reached was an emergency line at what was then the Continental Air Defense Command, now NORAD. The only two people who had the number for the phone were Colonel Harry Shoup at the CADC, and a four-star general at the Pentagon. The line was only supposed to ring if there was an attack (this was all happening in the beginning of the Cold War). Keep reading »

Finally, A Proposal Video Actually Worth Swooning Over!

Photo Booth Proposal
Photo Booth Proposal? Yes Please!

Molly McGinnis and Kevin Morgan had been together for seven years when Kevin popped the question on their anniversary. Proposals that go viral are usually of the embarrassingpublic, overkill variety, so this intimate exchange is such a breath of fresh air! Is this adorable or what? Mazel tov, Molly and Kevin! [Reddit]

Whoever Hijacked My Debit Card Has The Weirdest/Saddest Life On Earth

If you had five hours or so to spend $1000 of “free money,” what would you spend it on? I would probably spend it on a handbag, some cigarettes, some booze, and some fancy nail polish and then donate some of it to an abortion fund, I guess. I would not buy you a green dress or a real green dress either, but to this day I do not understand why the latter would be cruel.

This Sunday, I got an alert in my email saying that there was some suspicious activity on my card. I figured it had something to do with the fact that I was in Rochester, New York, visiting family, and had spent money there. NOPE. It turned out that someone had actually, legitimately, hijacked my card and had been going on a weird spending spree all morning. In total, they only charged about $1000 and it is all going to be returned to me. PHEW.

However, I cannot for the life of me understand the motivation behind most of the weird-ass purchases this vicious criminal charged to my account. Keep reading »

These Vintage “Ideal Love Mate” Trading Cards From 1941 Are Delightfully Sexist

There’s a guy at the Brooklyn Flea Market who sells an impressive and ever-growing collection of vintage/retro kids toys and collectibles, including action figures, matchbox cars, wind-up toys, Garbage Pail Kids, the random remains of long forgotten rock collections and the like. It’s fun to sift through everything he’s got, either to get nostalgic about the toys of your own youth or to marvel at what older generations amused themselves with.

For example! The pack of “Your Ideal Love Mate” trading cards I snagged for $20. Produced in 1941, I’m not entirely sure if they were dispensed one at a time out of some “fortune telling” vending machine or if people purchased them in sets, but regardless, each card (there are 30) shows a photograph of a woman, usually glamorous but occasionally homely, alongside a personality description that makes her best suited for the card’s owner. (I presume these were made for men — or, you know, secret lesbians. Also, there was indeed dude versions of these trading cards for women to collect.) The personality descriptions for these “ideal love mates” are hilaaaariously archaic, noting such attributes as “knows when to be restful when you are tired,” “will devote her life to reforming you,” and “she’s a pal and a sport whether she can shop at Worth’s or Woolworth’s.” My plan is to frame a few of my favorites and put them by the toilet for guests to giggle at while they poop. But first, I have scanned a few for you to see! Which “Ideal Love Mate” would you be?

We Can Finally Watch George Clooney’s “Downton Abbey” Appearance

It's About Time
  • Here’s George Clooney’s guest appearance on “Downton Abbey”! [Entertainment Weekly]
  • Musician Joe Cocker has passed away at age 70. [BBC]
  • Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis may have gotten secretly married. The new parents were spotted at a basketball game this weekend, and Mila was rocking what looked to be a wedding band next to her engagement ring. [Refinery 29]
  • Kate Upton apologized to her little brother for being named People‘s Sexiest Woman Alive last week: “I’m so, so sorry to my 18-year-old brother. Poor David!..You have to imagine being an 18-year-old boy and your sister being called ‘Sexiest Woman.’ It must kind of suck, although he never complains.” [Cosmopolitan] Keep reading »
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