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Couple Time

This woman figured out the perfect way to get revenge after her serial cheater boyfriend slept around on her for the third time. READ MORE »


Men and women definitely cheat for different reasons. READ MORE »


He’s conflicted about whether to leave or pretend it’s his. READ MORE »


You wonder if these terrible single people ever found a match. READ MORE »

Woman reveals the three most common sounds women make when they’re knocking the boots. READ MORE »

Finding out your wife is cheating is never fun, but it might be fun if you’re a little optimistic. READ MORE »

Love & Sex

One wife rolls up on her husband and his mistress enjoying a day in the city together. See what she does when she spots the carefree pair! READ MORE »

Snapchat can be a useful tool when it comes to communicating and staying in touch with your friends, but who knew it could be a great way to get back at a cheater? READ MORE »

Love Your Self

Her husband must be so proud. READ MORE »

Love & Sex

These two girls team up to give a cheating man a lesson in breaking hearts that he’ll never forget! READ MORE »

Love & Sex

This could also double as a guide on how to intentionally ruin a wedding… READ MORE »


This guy had a complete breakdown after he was caught cheating. READ MORE »

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