Awesome Affordable Etsy Find: This Necklace Is Making Me Thirsty!

What kind of people might want to wear this gold-plated pretzel necklace, you ask? Here are a few that spring to mind immediately: salty snack enthusiasts, employees of Auntie Anne’s, swing dancers, Seinfeld fans (“This necklace is making me thirsty!”), and people who go to baseball games just for the food. The only demographic I can think of that might not be into it? Those who prefer their pretzel necklaces unsalted. [$13, Chrys Designs] Keep reading »

Shopping Guide: What To Wear To An Afternoon Elegant Wedding

shopping guide elegant afternoon wedding 052411 m jpg
Figuring out what to wear to a wedding can be a daunting task, especially if the invitation is vague about the attire. Formal can mean something so different to different people. So we’re going to help you out just in time for summer wedding season. Check out more of The Frisky’s Wedding Survival Guide here!

The afternoon elegant wedding is by far the easiest one to attend because a structured sundress or jumpsuit should be your outfit foundation. To make your look more elegant and festive, add metallic touches, like a gold pair of sandals. But avoid at all cost anything reminiscent of a nightgown.

Should A Boyfriend Ask Her Dad’s Permission To Propose?

Should a boyfriend ask his girlfriend's father for permission to propose?

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Dominique Strauss-Kahn May Argue Maid He Allegedly Sexually Assaulted Is A Prostitute

Warning: the following blog post will make you stabby. Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the ex-chief of the International Monetary Fund who is accused of sexually assaulting a New York City hotel maid, may argue in court that the victim was a prostitute who threatened to blackmail him. The Sun reports that Strauss-Kahn’s defense team will claim the maid “seduced” him and then demanded cash for sex. The defense may also argue that Strauss-Kahn’s semen found on the maid’s clothes indicate what went down was consensual, not a sexual assault (although that logic makes no sense to me).

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The Good, The Bad And The WTF At The “American Idol” Finale

americanidol 052611 m jpg
Last night was the not-particularly exciting finale of “American Idol” (Scotty McCreery vs. Lauren Alaina? Snooooooozeville) and practically everybody was there: Gaga, Beyonce, Janice Dickinson? In typical form, they all wore some crazy fashions, but could not be upstaged by some of “Idol’s” past contestants. Witness their looks–hits, misses and all–after the jump.

Don’t Jerk(y) Me Around

Design student Nancy Wu loves Chanel–and the sweet taste of beef jerky. And she combined the two in one delectable Chanel beef jerky couture item. C’est magnifique! [Foodiggity] Keep reading »

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