Christina Ricci Says “Pan Am” Isn’t A “Mad Men” Knockoff

By: Jessica Wakeman / September 19, 2011

“It’s a great comparison to get; ‘Mad Men’ is a great show and I’m a huge fan. But that does focus more on a man’s experience of that time period and this is much more about these women. These were really women who were taking control of their lives and living in a very feminist… More »

The Turducken of Cookies: The ChocoOreoChip Cookie

By: Julie Gerstein / September 19, 2011

It’s my birthday this week (you can send all b-day wishes care of The Frisky offices, thanks!) and my mom made me cookies. These are her special chocolate chip Oreo cookies, which are homemade chocolate chip cookies with Oreo cookies baked inside. Blam! I just blew your mind, didn’t I? This is to cookies what… More »

Fall TV Guide: The Shows Kicking Off Tonight, Monday Sept. 19

By: Kate Torgovnick/ / September 19, 2011

Would You Use A Fart Neutralizing Pad?

By: Annika Harris / September 19, 2011

OK, so we’ve all had the burning sensation in our stomachs and bowels when you know you’ve got to let a big fart go, and it’s definitely going to be smelly. But instead of doing a butt-clenched duck walk to the nearest restroom–trying to will the fart back to the safe territory of your upper… More »

Poll: Who Was The Best Dressed Star At The 2011 Emmy Awards?

By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / September 19, 2011

[poll id=3891]… More »

Campus Confidential: My Bank Account Is On A Diet

By: / September 19, 2011

There’s one thing that really, really sucks about college. Yes, there’s no way around it: college costs an insanely large amount of money for which I personally think it’s borderline inhumane to even charge. It’s my silly little opinion that education should be a basic human right and therefore should be free. Unfortunately, almost every… More »