10 Odes To Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)”

Are High Heels Powerful Or Just Oppressive?

This season on the runways, Marc Jacobs made a bold move when it came to footwear. Instead of the normal heels that designers show as part of their collection, he decided that flats are in for spring. Women all over sighed that their feet could take a break from the stilettos, at least according to Marc.

But despite the pain, aren’t the added few inches powerful? Don’t you crave looking straight into the eyes of your male counterparts at work? Christian Louboutin, Giuseppe Zanotti, Jimmy Choo, and Manolo Blahnik are all empires built on the idea that women want to wear heels, desire the intense heights, and simply feel dressed down in flats. Keep reading »

Eau de Jizz? French Perfume Company’s Got Some Wack Scents

The French have some weird ideas when it comes to personal odors. To wit, what I like to call the “French Shower,” is where you don’t bathe for three days and douse yourself with deodorant and perfume. Which is why it doesn’t surprise me that French perfume company, L’Etat Libre d’Orange, produces a range of bizarre scents. Keep reading »

“Save The Boobs”: A Breast Cancer PSA For A 14-Year-Old Boy In Your Life

Whoa, check out this hawt “Save The Boobies” PSA from Rethink Breast Cancer! It sure gets the point across: check your ta-tas for breast cancer, cuz it’s so awesome getting ogled at the pool! M.J. Decoteau told the New York Daily News“The spots are definitely not for everyone.” She says younger women are probably “tossing” breast cancer pamphlets with “a 65-year-old woman on the cover.” Decoteau added, “We’re hoping that they get the take-away message [from the PSA] to be breast aware.” The viewer’s aware of the breasts, all right!

I’m wondering if campaigns for breast cancer awareness becoming gratuitous, like People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals? PETA’s #1 stunt is to use women’s bodies—like their “fat women are whales” ad—to get their message across. Sex and controversy get some people to pay attention, sure, but they also reinforce other less-cool ides, like healthy boobs are important so a woman can show them off. I poked around the Rethink Breast Cancer and I dig the loving, supportive, pro-women activism it organizes for breast cancer survivors. But is manufacturing controversy with a PSA that looks like what goes on inside of a 14-year-old boy’s head really the way you want to educate women about a disease? [NY Daily News] Keep reading »

The Fashion Peacekeepers: Pink

Sometimes we feel like Us Weekly‘s “The Fashion Police” and other similar style critics can be a tad harsh. Also, they tend to have these really boring, conservative styles and we have to wonder what their real fashion credentials are. (Case in point: US Weekly‘s “Top Cops” include random comedian Stefanie Novik and Chet Cannon of “The Real World, Brooklyn.” When did they ever go to design school!?) The Fashion Peacekeepers are here to say, hey, can’t everyone’s styles just get along?

Pink has a fierce new trapeze act in her new show (here in L.A.), and, on one hand, she is simply attempting to rock a trend that is so hot right now: After all, celebs just love to wear pasties! Rihanna does a great job with her Nippies, but as much as we look at the positives here, we’re afraid we just can’t help you out Pink. If you get arrested, don’t come crying to us to bail you out. (Oh wait, here’s another look on the bright side: By outfitting your own breast with a heart shape, you’ve saved us precious minutes in the day so we don’t have to Photoshop one on top of this pic. Thanks!) Keep reading »

Dear Wendy: TK

I’ve been dating a guy I met online for just over two months now and things seem to be going well, I think… We’ve only been on six dates in that time, but there have been reasons for that. The biggest problem is that he hasn’t kissed me yet. Is that normal after so many dates? If a guy’s interested will he go that long without making a move? One of our dates was actually watching DVDs in my empty house and he still didn’t make a move. He’s coming over on Sunday night for more movies, but if it didn’t happen the first time, what are the chances of it happening this time? I know I could make a move myself, but I’m finding it hard to overcome my nervousness and just do it. The last time I was dating I was in high school (6 years ago) and the guys definitely made the first move then. Also, I’m headed to Europe (from Australia) very soon for three weeks and I have no idea where we stand. Or how to ask. I don’t want to come across as a needy, clingy girl, because I’m not. But how do you bring that talk up without sounding like one?

I know he still checks the site we met on, although I deactivated my profile a few weeks ago when I got sick of dating in general, and that makes me wonder if he isn’t as into this as I am.
I really like this guy and I don’t want to screw anything up, but it feels like we’re moving much slower than is necessary and I really need some sort of clarification on what’s happening! — Confused. Keep reading »

Sexy Mannequins A Big, Intolerable Problem In Iran

It’s hard for us to look at a mannequin’s uncovered, plastic head and keep our pants on. They’re just that hot. The synthetic and/or sculpted hair, the fake, vacant eyes, and the total lack of resemblance to a real live woman just gets the blood flowing in our nether regions. Aww, yeah.

OK, so obviously that’s not true. They are mannequins. They are inanimate. We do not have a lady boner for them. But apparently the Iranian government is very concerned about the power of the mannequin to seduce and corrupt. Keep reading »

The Naughtiest Cuff Links We’ve Ever Seen

Is your boyfriend still rocking those silk knot cuff links? So expected! Looking for a way to sexify (or is it dirtify?) a gentlemanly look just a little bit? Then check out these oh-so-classy cuff links from Swiss watchmaker Milus. Just when people are thinking he’s playing it on the straight and narrow, they get a better look at the wrist jewelry—quite the statement, huh? Check out the up-close view, after the jump! Keep reading »

Quick Pic: Where My Geeks At?

This photograph was taken at Tokyo Game Show 2009 at the exact moment that these two models realized you couldn’t pay them enough to: a.) put up with all these geeks, b.) smile for the camera, and c.) wear those godforsaken outfits. [9/23/09, Tokyo] Keep reading »

Beauty Alert Stickers: When Should You Toss Old Cosmetics Anyway?

Part of the fun of makeup is getting to buy new products to add to your collection, and feeling satisfaction in having an array of choices and colors to use. If you’re like me, this means you like to buy pretty eyeshadows that you rarely use but keep around “just in case” you’re in the mood to do that ice blue liner thing you saw in last month’s Elle. Hello arsenal of teeny compacts, samples, and lip glosses for the masses! But still, I don’t like to part with any of these. I tend to keep them around.

If you’re the type who hordes makeup as well, you probably don’t pay too much attention to throwing out your products when you’re supposed to. Or, perhaps you don’t even consider that keeping things around for years is harmful, in which case you may want to check out these Beauty Alert stickers, which will remind you when to chuck out-of-date items (or just force you to do some cosmetic spring cleaning). And here’s why it’s important … Keep reading »

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