Gloria Steinem Gives Real Talk On Founding Ms. Magazine

Julie Gerstein / November 1, 2011

“I confess that there were moments when I realized that I was fantasizing that the magazine would burn down. And I thought, ‘Why am I dreaming of this over and over?’ And then I realized that if it burned down, I would be free, and no one would be mad at me because it wasn’t… More »

Japanese Pop Stars Create App To Show What Your Babies Would Look Like Together

Jessica Wakeman / November 1, 2011

Stalking celebrities just got taken to another level with a creepy new app from the Japanese pop group AKB48. Their AKBaby app “creates” your baby with one of its pop stars (whom you may know, if not for their music, for their ostentatious matching outfits during performances). For a perplexingly steep $18 a month, you… More »

7 Crucial Pre-Marriage Questions (That These Celeb Brides Failed To Ask)

Amelia McDonell-Parry / November 1, 2011

I definitely don’t consider myself an expert on marriage, but by virtue of being a semi-expert on celebrity marriages — with an emphasis in “rumors surrounding the cause of their demise” — I have learned some valuable lessons about matrimony. For example, part of figuring out your compatibility in the long-term with your potential spouse requires asking… More »

Evening Quickies: Two Prevailing Theories On Kim Kardashian’s Divorce

Jessica Wakeman / October 31, 2011

Behold, two prevailing theories on Kim Kardashian’s divorcefrom husband-of-72-days Kris Humphries — beyond, you know, their irreconcilable heigh differences: 

She’s not so into the “being married entails compromise” thing. A source told the New York Post,  “Kim didn’t want to change her lifestyle once she was married” and kept carrying onMore »

Today’s Lady News: Be Careful, Trick-Or-Treating Sluts!

Jessica Wakeman / October 31, 2011

Be careful, trick-or-treating sluts, because you might get raped! A conservative think tank-er named Charlotte Allen penned a piece for the Los Angeles Times about — I think? — how women shouldn’t tease men with skimpy outfits and then complain when we get raped. Or it might be about crazy, irrational feminists get upset by… More »

Hot Links: Jessica Simpson Confirms That She’s Pregnant With A Baby Not A Burrito

Amelia McDonell-Parry / October 31, 2011

Jessica Simpson confirmed the worst-kept secret in Hollywood, tweeting a pic of herself in a mummy costume, and writing: “It’s true … I am going to be a mummy!” Somewhere, Kim Kardashian is like, “Nice try stealing my thunder, bitch.” [TMZ]
Nicole Richie, who asked fans not to dress “slutty” for Halloween, went… More »