Prince William And Kate Middleton In The Seychelles For Honeymoon

Some secret that was! Prince William and Kate Middleton arrived in the Seychelles this morning for their honeymoon, a spokesperson for the country’s department of tourism confirmed today. The couple will be staying in a “secluded villa” on a private island, the identity of which is unknown. These two understandably wanted to keep their honeymoon between the two of them; Kate reportedly was kept in the dark about the destination so it’d be a total surprise. Oh well. Sometime tells me their exclusive island surrounded by bodyguards won’t be too easy to access. I hope the paparazzi leave Kate and William alone on their Seychelles honeymoon so they can f**k like bunnies in peace. And with villas a reported $6,600 a night, it had better be private. [Telegraph UK] Keep reading »

10 Famous Ladies Open Up About Their Divorces

Olivia Wilde
On the off chance that Olivia Wilde makes you want to strangle a mountain ox, you’ll probably be interested to hear her talk about her whirlwind romance and eventual divorce from Italian prince Tao Ruspoli in the new issue of Glamour. “It was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do… We got engaged at Burning Man and married on a school bus. We were not conventional. I think the promise we always made was that if we are no longer happy, we won’t continue. And it got to the point where I was working 10 months of the year outside of L.A. and he was doing incredible things in other places. We were no longer partners in crime,” she said. “The mark of a good marriage is partnership and continuing to feel inspired by your spouse. I had that with Tao. But the end is not necessarily the tragedy. Staying in a relationship that is no longer working is the tragedy. Living unhappily—that’s the tragedy.” You do have a point, Olivia. [Glamour] After the jump, what more famous ladies open up about their divorces.

Wear Your Activism On Your Sleeve: Gay Rights Gear

I recently bought a “Some Kids R Gay. That’s OK.” tank top from and it’s quickly become one of my favorite pieces of clothing. I’ve lost count of the friends and strangers who have asked me where I got it so they can buy one for themselves and everyone they know, which is awesome, since part of the proceeds go to help fund queer youth counseling and suicide prevention. One of the most important aspects of any civil rights movement is visibility. If you are a supporter of gay rights and marriage equality, why not wear your beliefs on your sleeve (or your wrist, for that matter)? Click through for some cute hoodies, T-shirts, and accessories that send a clear message of love and tolerance for all… Keep reading »

Cat Ears That Catch Your Feelings

The Japanese are constantly coming up with ingenious and totally unnecessary inventions. They even have a word for those inventions — Chindogu. Take these sensor-oriented cat ears, which respond to human emotions. The ears perk up and down based on how you’re feeling. If you’re relaxed, the ears go down. If you’re nervous or thrilled — say, by eating a donut, as the video illustrates — the ears perk up excitedly. Just what you were missing, right? [Fashionista] Keep reading »

Buy McQueen Armadillo Shoes For $25!

armadillo 05911 m jpg
Good news! Alexander McQueen’s exquisite armadillo heels are finally affordable! The Metropolitan Museum of Art is selling pairs of the shoes — to coincide with the unveiling of its Costume Institute exhibition “Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty” — at the Met gift shop for a mere $25. That’s right! For $25 you can have your own McQueen armadillos, made famous by Lady Gaga and a slew of other celebs who carefully teetered along red carpets in their towering insanity. Oh wait, what’s that? You actually want to wear them? Aw, too bad. See, the shoes on sale at The Met are only three inches long and four inches tall. You can buy tiny ornamental McQueens for the cost of two movie tickets, but you didn’t actually think you could score real McQueens for less than the price of your first born did you? To illustrate just how little $25 gets you in the insane world of designer clothing, we’ve dug up some other high-priced designer garments, to show you how much of an item you actually might be able to afford on a regular budget.

Quickies: Christina Aguilera Attacked On “The Voice” Set & Prince Harry’s Got A New Blonde

  • Christina Aguilera was attacked by the family member of a losing contestant on “The Voice,” although it was only a “minimal physical attack.” Still, beating up the judge? What the hell is wrong with people? [ONTD]
  • Paris Hilton is saying bitchy things about Lindsay Lohan because what else is new? [PopEater]
  • Wherefore art thou pants, Jessica Simpson? [People]
  • Vogue is launching 119 years worth of its magazine online in a “Voguepedia,” which sounds like the best resource a fashionista could ask for! [Fashionista]

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