Princess Beatrice Is Auctioning Off Her Royal Wedding Fascinator For Charity

All our dreams are coming true! Princess Beatrice’s incredible, weird, Octupus-on-the-head fascinator she wore to the Royal Wedding will be auctioned off in support of UNICEF and the charity Children in Crisis. The auction of the Philip Treacy-designed hat will launch soon on eBay. [People] Keep reading »

Chelsea Handler Finally Admits She And 50 Cent Were Dating

“We dated, very casually. He’s a very sweet, nice guy … the complete antithesis of what you’d imagine. I was sampling, kind of, the atmosphere, seeing what was out there, and I was satiated… I don’t really like when men buy me ridiculous gifts, especially when I don’t know them well. I can buy my own gifts. I really don’t like gifts from rappers in general, since I’m not a hooker.”

Chelsea Handler finally comes clean to Piers Morgan that she and 50 Cent did date for a little while. Apparently, Fiddy showered her in expensive gifts and she wasn’t so into that. So she called things off. [People]

Chelsea is now dating hotelier Andre Balazs. See what she has to say about him after the jump. Keep reading »

Whose Fans Give The Best Death Threats?

threats joe jonas jpg
Don’t mess with Joe Jonas, if you know what’s good for you. Earlier this week, a music industry insider posted on his Twitter account, “2 Traks from @JoeJonas are leaking this WEEK. They sound like the love child of MGMT and Justin Timberlake.” Joe’s fans were not amused. This insider says that he received 11 death threats from people trying to dissuade him from outing the tracks. One fan even posted his home phone number, leading many more to fill his voicemail with angry tirades. [NY Daily News]

After the jump, some more innocuous actions that inspired death threats from rabid fans.

Pippa Middleton, Topless For Real This Time

The world has gone Pippa Middleton crazy. Just as People splashed her on the cover along with the headline “Fun, flirty, and suddenly famous, the knockout sibling who stole the show,” the interwebs promised us topless photos of Pippa, this time sans bra. Here is the most scandalous of the new images, which show Pippa taking off her bikini top while on vacation in Ibiza. I don’t know. If this is the most scandalous image the paparazzi can get from a vacation to Ibiza, she may not be such a wild child after all. [Global Grind] Keep reading »

Most Stylish Man Contest: Funny Guys Joel McHale Vs. Jimmy Fallon

Who's The More Fashionable Funny Guy?

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7 Female Celebs Who Got Plastic Surgery For “Medical Reasons”

medical reasons bristol palin jpg
Bristol Palin is a baby face no more. Homegirl has a brand new jaw. But don’t rag on her for getting cosmetically enhanced. This had nothing to do with vanity, people! She really needed the corrective surgery so her jaw and teeth could align properly. Yes, she thinks she looks much better, but that is irrelevant. She is healthy now and that is all that matters. We’ll keep her in our prayers. After the jump, some more celebs who had to have plastic surgery for “medical reasons.”
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