November 18: What Are We Wearing Today?

Amelia McDonell-Parry / November 18, 2011

It’s Friday and Ami and I are still bringin’ it in the style department. Julie is home sick and Jessica is sick of what she’s wearing. So, because three’s company, we’ve swapped out those two for one ANNIKA! Check out what the three of us are wearing — and have a fabulous weekend! More »

Yoga Granny Twists Open Record Books

Amelia McDonell-Parry / November 18, 2011

First Look: Nicolas Sparks’ Latest Tearjerker, “The Vow”

Stefanie Blejec / November 18, 2011

Attention sappy movie buffs! Check out the newly released trailer for “The Vow.” The romantic drama centers on Paige (Rachel McAdams), who loses five years of her memory following a terrible car crash. In her amnesiac state, she has no recollection of her present marriage to Leo (Channing Tatum), and believes she’s still engaged to… More »

25 Percent Of American Women Take Mental Health Medications

Stefanie Blejec / November 18, 2011

According to Medco Health Solutions Inc., more than 25 percent of women took at least one drug to treat psychiatric conditions in 2010, most prominently for depression and anxiety. The use of drugs to treat psychiatric and behavioral disorders has risen by 22 percent since 2001, and today roughly 20 percent of all Americans hold such prescriptions. More »

The Comeback Kid: Gabrielle Giffords Is The Model For Staging Your Own Comeback

Doree Lewak / November 18, 2011

After a devastating breakup with her longtime boyfriend, Jackie plunged into a deep despair. “I was in a fog – a fog that wouldn’t lift,” said the 29-year old marketing manager.  There were times Jackie said she didn’t know if she was alive or dead, awake or asleep, coming or going. The acute pain pervaded… More »

It’s Time To Cry: A Baby Elephant Is Rescued From The Mud

Julie Gerstein / November 18, 2011

It’s a general belief among conservationists that man should meddle with nature as little as possible. But what happens when there’s a wild animal in peril, and humans have the ability to help out? Earlier this month, guests at the Kapani Lodge Lagoon in Zambia, noticed a baby elephant and her mother struggling in the… More »