Top 10 Most Memorable High School Movie Nerds

This week marks the release of Disney’s “Prom,” just in time for –- you guessed it –- prom season. It’s hard to resist a solid high school movie, and this one appears to have all of the classic elements: a brooding bad boy (Thomas McDonell), a pretty blonde overachiever (Aimee Teegarden), a beautiful prom queen (Kylie Bunbury), a popular jock (De’Vaughn Nixon) and, of course, a nerdy nice guy (Nicholas Braun).

No high school movie would be complete without a nerdy nice guy (not to be confused with abrasive geeks, like Napoleon Dynamite or “Rushmore”‘s Max Fischer). After all, lovable dorks have become some of the most memorable characters in high school movie history. Read more… Keep reading »

Seth Meyers And President Obama Roast Donald Trump At The White House Correspondents Dinner

Last night, the White House Correspondents Dinner was held in Washington, hosted by “Saturday Night Live”‘s Seth Meyers. In attendance was Donald Trump, who spent the last month establishing himself at the forefront of the idiotic birther movement. He likely regretted his RSVP after he was brilliantly roasted by both Meyers (above) and President Obama (after the jump). My two favorite Meyers’ jokes:

“Donald Trump said he had a great relationship with the Blacks. Though unless the Blacks are a family of White people, I bet he’s mistaken.”

“Donald Trump has been saying he will run as a Republican which is funny since I just assumed he was running as a joke.”

According to those who sat near him at the event, Trump’s “mood shifted from playing along to unvarnished anger.” Can we all agree this guy is, to use his favorite insult, “a loser” and move on? Great! Keep reading »

Shopping Guide: We Heart Stripes

shopping guide stripes 043011 m jpg
We’ve never been secretive about our love of stripes. Stripes are one of a few patterns that evoke a sense of structure and whimsy. So here are a several of our favorite stripe dresses, skirts, tops, and pants.

7 Sexy Celebs Sucking On Pickles

pickles slide 1 jpg
These famous females are not afraid to enjoy a big, fat, juicy pickle every now and then. I don’t blame them—pickles are the world’s most perfect food in my humble opinion. Click through to see some sexy celebs sucking on … pickles.

9 TV Characters Who Deserve More Screen Time

Sometimes, there just isn’t enough time in an episode for all of our favorite characters to get a moment in the sun.

On almost every show there’s an unsung hero, always supporting the main players, only getting thrown a bone every now and then. Depending on the show, some characters are just given the shaft season after season. If we were calling the shots, these characters would come front and center (at least for a multi-episode arc!) and have their moment in the sun.

From characters who deal with the undead to a blue-haired cartoon boy, we want to see more of these characters on screen ASAP. Read more… Keep reading »

Meet The Man Who Does Lindsay Lohan In Drag

Lindsay Lohan in drag? It was bound to happen! Linday Lohan joins the esteemed, be-sequined ranks of Judy, Liza, and Barbra now that a New York-based actor, D’Arcy Drollinger, has memorialized her in a show opening this weekend in NYC, “Project: Lohan.” Rather than a formally scripted play, “Project: Lohan” is comprised of tabloid reporting and transcripts from Lindsay’s 911 calls and her mother Dina Lohan’s talk show appearances. Audio her skeezy dad Michael Lohan taped without her or Dina’s knowledge get their due, too. D’Arcy Drollinger may be a 42-year-old dude, but he gets LiLo just right with a blonde wig, a can of Red Bull at the ready, and chronic WTF-are-you-looking-at? bitchface. Drollinger picked up Long Island’s greatest as his muse after seeing her on the cover of Vanity Fair awhile ago, telling The New York Daily News “it was so painfully clear that this was a sort of Shakespearean drama or Greek tragedy that was being played out.” Indeed it is, pal. Indeed it is. As one of those celebrity gawkers who can’t look away from the trainwreck that is Lohan, I may just have to go see “Project: Lohan” myself. [New York Daily News] Keep reading »

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