Anne Hathaway Has A Camera Up Her Crotch

By: Kamilah Black / August 17, 2011
Or at least that's what she told Conan O'Brien last night ... in the form of a Lil' Wayne-inspired rap song. Is there anything Anne Hathaway can't do? The "Dark Knight Rises" star revealed how the art of rap helped her deal with the persistent paparazzi attention surrounding the movie. Whether "Pop, Pop, Pop" will… More »

Girl Talk: Why Pants Scare Me

By: Sally McGraw / August 17, 2011
Last week, I bought new pants. And while that may sound like a mind-numbingly mundane act to you, believe me when I say that the earth shook a little. I haven't purchased new pants in over three years. I've worn them on occasion, sure, and have several pairs languishing in the dark recesses of my… More »

The 10 Best Picks From Urban Outfitters Fall Shoe Collection

By: Julie Gerstein / August 17, 2011
This week, Urban Outfitters released its fall shoe collection--unveiling more than 600 new styles. We've culled through and selected the 10 best in wedges, heels, plimsouls and boots. These are the must-haves you'll want this fall, and most of them are priced way under $100, so you can stock up without breaking the bank. Check… More »

Did Ames Brown Ghost Jackie Gordon After “Bachelor Pad”?

On Monday's episode of "Bachelor Pad," Ames Brown melted our frozen hearts when, rather than continue in the quest for $250K without his new paramour Jackie Gordon, he waved goodbye to the cast and hopped in the limo to head home alongside her. "I think Jackie and I are falling in love," he said i… More »

Mind Of Man: Do Nice Guys Really Finish Last?

By: John DeVore / August 17, 2011
A recent study has concluded that it doesn’t pay to be a “nice” guy. Scientists have found that men who are “agreeable” in the workplace don’t earn as much money as men who are more cutthroat. This groundbreaking finding serves to prove that tired old saying that “nice guys finish last.” When did you become… More »

The Only Pair Of Jeans You Need This Fall

By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / August 17, 2011
Looking to expand your denim wardrobe without spending a ton of money? A pair of jeans that do triple duty, like Gap's 1969 pintucked trouser jeans -- part of their "LA Story" campaign -- ought to do the trick. The high-waist and flared leg are totally on trend, the dark wash and trouser cut are… More »