Cats And Dogs Take Over “Paper Planes”

“Paper Planes” by M.I.A. One of the catchiest songs of the last, oh, five years, only with dogs barking and cats screeching instead of gun shots and cash registers. Awesome. [BuzzFeed] Keep reading »

Quickies: The Only Known Film Footage Of Anne Frank & Which Group Of Women Has The Most Sex?

  • The Anne Frank Museum in Amsterdam recently released the only known video footage of Anne Frank. It was taken when a neighbor was getting married. [ TrèsSugar] — I remember watching the film about her life in school and everyone cheered, boys included, when she finally kissed her boyfriend.
  • Chris Rock is teaming up with Oprah Winfrey and Lionsgate for a movie adaptation of the article “Will You Be My Black Friend?” written by a GQ senior correspondent. [Essence] — Well, we know Chris has a special kind of humor when discussing race, so this film sounds like everyone will be entertained.
  • Wouldn’t it be so nice if [you] had a style genie that could just pop in and show [you] ways to rock [your] plain black dress with, like, three different looks and eight different trends for the season? Your wishes have been granted by College Candy’s Budget Stylista. [College Candy]

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Quick Pic: Kelly Osbourne Twitters Gross Skin Reaction

Sensitive skin types listen up: Kelly Osbourne wants you to know that British body spray Impulse will wreck your skin. She wants you to know so very much that she Twittered a pic of her unfortunate-looking underarm burn. TMI or PSA? [Twitter, 10/5/09] Keep reading »

Woman Eats Hamburger, Ends Up Paralyzed

Warning: by the time you finish reading this post, you may want to become a vegetarian. Or at least swear off hamburgers. On the front page of Sunday’s New York Times, there was a terrifying story about Stephanie Smith, a 22-year-old dance instructor who ate a hamburger her mom made her back in 2007. The next day she got sick, and thought it was a run-of-the mill stomach virus. Until she started having seizures, and convulsions so strong that doctors thought the best option was to induce a coma. Smith got E. coli and is now paralyzed from the waist down. “I ask myself every day, ‘Why me?’ and ‘Why from a hamburger?’” she said in one of the most heartbreaking statements ever. According to this article, hamburger meat is pretty darn vulnerable to contamination because it’s made of a whole lot of parts of cows ground together. A single burger patty can contain slaughterhouse scraps from, say, Nebraska, Texas, Uruguay, and South Dakota. And the government doesn’t test for E. coli—companies are required to do that on their own. Let’s just say that many don’t. Makes a barbecue sound a bit less appealing, no? While cases like this are rare, does this freak you out? [NY Times] Keep reading »

German Women’s Magazine Bans Models From Its Pages

German models might soon find themselves out of work. Today, the country’s most popular women’s magazine announced that it’s banning professional models in favor of real people. Starting next year, the bi-monthly Brigitte will feature a mix of prominent women and regular readers in photos dealing with content from fashion to fitness in an attempt to fight unhealthy beauty standards and please readers who are sick of seeing models with “protruding bones,” said Andreas Lebert, the magazine’s editor-in-chief. Keep reading »

Royal Roles: Robert Pattinson May Play Prince Harry!

prince harry and robert pattinson 100509 jpg
Are we really ready to see a biopic about Prince Harry considering that he’s, oh, only 25? Even better question … are you ready to see Robert Pattinson go from vamp to wild-child Prince? Well, rumor has it that Pattison is up for the role in Peter Kominsky’s new biopic about the ginger prince, called “The Spare.” The pic will cover Harry’s difficult life: his parents’ divorce, his mother’s death, and his constantly being in the shadow of his father and older brother. Wait, it actually sounds kind of good. And Pattinson would certainly bring some added sex appeal. [Buddy TV]

Yes, Judi Dench and Helen Mirren do a mean royal role. But after the jump, our superlatives for six other hot young actors who’ve brought the sexy back to royal roles.

Bad Invention: Wi-Fi Blocking Paint

Boo to anyone who, like myself, totally mooches wireless from their neighbors. Scientists at Tokyo University have created a paint that will block wi-fi signals, thanks to aluminum-iron oxide particles which resonate at the same frequency. In other words, if your neighbor uses the paint, your little “arrangement” is dunzo. In better news: you can use it for yourself and you won’t have to worry about security breaches from the internet whiz down the hall. Cool new invention or disaster? [Tech Yahoo] Keep reading »

Remote Control: What You’ll Want To Watch The Week Of October 5th 2009

For the first time in a month, there are not a lot of series premieres happening this week. So, it’s time to sit back, relax, and watch the shows you already love. This week, Tyra Banks and Hilary Duff make cameos on “Gossip Girl,” Rachel Zoe has a “fashion orgasm” in Paris, Jim and Pam get hitched on “The Office,” “FlashForward” gets trippier, and Wanda Sykes makes you say hardy har har. Here’s the best of this week’s television. Keep reading »

Awesome Boyfriend Gift: Custom-Made Dress Shirts

Over-sized dress shirts on boys are cute maybe until the end of third grade. After that point, the whole “I’m wearing my big brother’s hand-me-downs” look becomes significantly less adorable. And yet it so often persists years or even decades after the third-grade mark. Clearly, something must be done.

Cue, savior to scruffy men and girlfriends in search of birthday presents. The site allows you to customize men’s dress shirts from the fabric all the way to the cuff and yoke (that’s the bit at the back near the shoulders) details for about $75-100. Want black with thin white pinstripes and pale pink inner collar? No problem. Is your boyfriend always trying to stuff his broad shoulders into a too-snug top? Shut it down here and now. You’re welcome. Keep reading »

10 Ladylike Fall Hats

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