Attention Zac Efron Or Nicholas Sparks Fans: “The Lucky One” Trailer Has Arrived!

Amelia McDonell-Parry / November 29, 2011

Oh, Baby, Beyonce!

Amelia McDonell-Parry / November 29, 2011

There’s nary a baby bump to be found in Beyonce’s epic “Countdown” video, but as we can see in this behind-the-scenes video, B was six months pregnant at the time of filming. I love the way she says, “Oh, baby!” over and over. So adorable. Is it weird that I’m so excited she and Jay-Z… More »

Oops! Men Only Think About Sex 19 Times A Day, Not 8,000

Ami Angelowicz / November 29, 2011

Just kidding! There was a slight miscalculation. Men don’t actually think about sex every seven seconds. I always thought that 8,000 sexual thoughts a day seemed like an oppressive estimate.  New research says that men are not the wild, hyper-sexualized beasts science made them out to be. Men’s sexual notions happen more like once every… More »

The Good, The Bad & The WTF At The 2011 British Fashion Awards

Julie Gerstein / November 29, 2011

Last night, the British celebrated their own particular brand of style with the British Fashion Awards, honoring the best in designing and fashion talent from around England. Women swept the awards, winning top honors for best fashion and accessories designers — Victoria Beckham and Charlotte Dellal, respectively — while Alexander McQueen head Sarah Burton took… More »

Katherine Heigl Hates Balls

Amelia McDonell-Parry / November 29, 2011

Professionally speaking, I’ve always been a bit on the fence about Katherine Heigl. As a rom-com fan, I am literally incapable of not watching “27 Dresses” when it comes on TV. I liked “Knocked Up,” though I certainly took issue with its abortion avoidance. And “Life As We Know It”? That sappy movie about two… More »

Condom Company Scares Guys Into Wrapping It Up Via Facebook

Jessica Wakeman / November 29, 2011

Of all the good reasons to wrap it up, not bringing a bundle of joy into the world who you are ill-prepared to care for is a big one. A Brazilian ad agency took this idea to the extreme by Facebook friending young men with a profile of their fake “baby” with their name followed… More »