8 Celebrities Who’ve Gone Pauper Poor, Like Kate Gosselin

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Yesterday, Kate Gosselin announced on “The Today Show” that she’s broke as a joke after Jon took $230K of the $231K they had in their joint bank account. It seems like a lot celebs lack the foresight to save their money when they have it, and don’t remember that fame doesn’t necessarily last forever. Even though celebs (even the reality show variety) often make millions on a single project, so many of them have gone broke. Here are some that couldn’t lend you a dollar.

Soccer Mom And Husband Involved In A Possible Murder-Suicide

Meleanie Hain, 31, who made headlines last month by showing up at her kid’s soccer game with a loaded glock strapped to her belt, was found shot dead in her Pennsylvania home on Thursday in what may have been a murder-suicide. Her husband Scott, 33, was also killed. Police don’t think anyone else was involved and the couple’s kids were hiding at a neighbor’s house. Keep reading »

A Sleek (And Sneaky) Way To Use A Bobby Pin

Check out Lo Bosworth‘s hair, above, while filming “The Hills” along with Kristin Cavallari—now, look a little closer, see the bobby pin? Lo is using it to not only keep her hair in place (a great way to fight the hair fight on windy days), but to also give her side parted hair a slight lift. Rather than letting her hair fall limply, the strategically placed bobby pin gives the parted hair a relaxed, soft vibe. Do it yourself, it takes seconds: Take your already parted hair, and section off the top layers. Sweep ‘em back, making sure you do this softly and don’t pull your hair too taught. Then just slide the bobby pin in about halfway down the length of your hair. For a true don’t-look-twice look, buy the bobby pins that most closely match your hair. Love it. Keep reading »

10 Celebs With Unusual Child-Rearing Tactics

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Hilary Swank’s boyfriend’s six-year-old son is one lucky little dude. He gets to see some, uh, things that older guys would kill to catch a glimpse of. That’s is, Hilary’s boobies and vajayjay. Why? Well, in an interview with Marie Claire, the actress said, “My boyfriend’s son is 6 years old, and you wonder at what age you should stop walking around nude. Every morning he comes into the bedroom, and you’re just nude.”

Now, I was raised in a very, very open environment. My mom walked around the house nakey on a regular basis and she always encouraged me to, if I felt like it. But when my Dad is near, I keep myself covered up. And you can bet my father didn’t hang around me and my sister with his dong swinging to and fro. Hilary’s habit is a little weird but she is definitely not the worst offender. Check out some other celebs with questionable parenting tactics.

Tori Spelling Offers To Step On A Scale For Star Magazine

This week’s Star proclaims that a “95 lb” Tori Spelling collapsed because she was so thin and fragile. Spelling responded by taking to her Twitter and daring them to come over, scale in hand, for a little tea weighing session. Dude, what if they say yes? [Twitter] Keep reading »

Quickies: Rihanna Tells Jessica Biel She’s Not With Justin Timberlake & A Two-Headed Calf Is Born

  • Rihanna is rumored to have tracked down Jessica Biel‘s phone number in order to tell the actress that she is not with Justin Timberlake. [Your Tango] — At least not yet, she isn’t. Nah, but seriously, Rihanna is that fierce bitch that would cut you at a party and keep dancing while you bled, but not on her Louboutins.
  • PopEater has scored an exclusive interview with Jon Gosselin, so who needs tabloids? [PopEater] — He brags about all the paparazzi that followed him in Reading, PA, and Los Angeles. That’s classic Jon.
  • Soulja Boy was arrested in Atlanta for obstruction when he returned to an abandoned house where he and his friends had been hanging to get his white Range Rover. He reportedly tried to convince officers that the fleeing group of juveniles were there to film a video. [E! Online] — He tried to tell ‘em, but they wouldn’t listen.

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The Friday Roundup: It Happened This Week On The Frisky

Damn you, world. Don’t you know those of us who work in the media, like everyone else, likes to take things slow on Friday? We don’t like it when things actually happen, ’cause that means we have to pretend we’re still coherent and work! Don’t give Barack Obama the Nobel Peace Prize, when all us want is to go home, have a few drinks and see “Couples Retreat.” And don’t have your baby, Heidi Klum. And don’t go on “The View”, showing everyone in America that ginormous, tacky 9-carat rock on your finger, Khloe Kardashian …. Keep reading »

Today’s Lady News: Ralph Lauren Model Loses Stomach In Tragic Airbrushing Accident

  • Ralph Lauren model Filippa Hamilton has a stomach, really she does! Don’t let this airbrushed-to-sh*t Ralph Lauren ad on the left fool you. [Daily Mail]—At least the company apologized, sort of. A spokesman for Ralph Lauren said “we are responsible for the poor imaging and retouching that resulted in a very distorted image of a woman’s body.”
  • A transsexual with gender dysphoria in England who has been living as a woman for the past 10 years has been fighting since 2006 for the UK’s National Health Service to pay for her breast implants. The woman, known only as “C,” has already undergone hormone treatments to become more feminine but said a boob job is essential to her identity. [UK Telegraph]
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    The Boob Tube: Hot Weekend TV For October 10-11th 2009


    • “Dirty Jobs” on Discovery at 10:00 am
    • “Sarah Plain and Tall” on Hallmark at 11:00 am
    • “An Officer and a Gentleman” on TVLand at 12:00 pm

    Keep reading »

    Imelda Marcos’ Shoe Collection Saved From Storm

    Last month, a storm in the Philippines tragically killed nearly 300 people in the city of Marikina. But don’t worry, just 100 pairs of Imelda Marcos’ shoes were harmed!

    The Marikina Shoe Museum in Marikina, the capital of the show industry, houses more than 800 pairs once owned by the country’s former first lady, some made in the city, and others from fancy brands like Gucci and Ferragamo. When Imelda’s husband, dictator Ferdinand Marcos, was ousted in a 1986, Imelda left more than a thousand pairs of shoes in the presidential palace, including one pair fitted with batteries and sparkled in the dark. Keep reading »

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