8 Celebs Who’ve Turned On The Award Shows That Honored Them

By: Ami Angelowicz / August 30, 2011

Quickies: Michele Bachmann Loves White People UPDATE: It’s A Hoax!

By: Jessica Wakeman / August 29, 2011
Leave it to Rep. Michele Bachmann to yell "Who loves white people?" at a campaign stop. Fortunately, she was only referring to the White People Soul Band, a group that performed there. She probably shouldn't appear with musicians that sound like White Power bands, though. (Just for the record, they're not.) [BuzzFeed] UPDATE: It ha… More »

Today’s Lady News: Jay-Z Wouldn’t Clap For Chris Brown At VMAs

By: Jessica Wakeman / August 29, 2011
Jay-Z wouldn't clap for Chris Brown when he performed at last night's VMAs, presumably because he discovered Rihanna. Now that's a strong statement right there. Go you, Jay. [TMZ] Today in "no duh" news: elderly women with a more active sex life report a higher quality of life and age more gracefully. Stay tuned while… More »

If Hurricane Irene Were A Rom-Com

By: Ami Angelowicz / August 29, 2011
What do Hurricane Irene and "I Don't Know How She Does It" have in common? They both are going to take the box office by storm. Well maybe not. But together, they make a good joke. Our apologies to Sarah Jessica Parker's face. Nothing personal. [Urlesque]… More »

10 Things That Shocked Me About Lands’ End Canvas

By: Winona Dimeo-Ediger / August 29, 2011
The other day my friend Niki said, "Hey do you know about Lands' End Canvas? They have really cute things." and then the next few minutes played out like a really contrived commercial. I tilted my head to one side and said, "Lands' End? Cute? I hiiiiiiighly doubt that." But Niki insisted, and then showed… More »

Kate Winslet Talks Escaping From That Fire

"I'm just glad that everyone is safe. And this easily could not have been the case ... I will never forget Richard placing his arms around both my children as we were watching the flames, and saying, 'At the end of the day, what you realize is that all that matters is the people that… More »