Eating Placenta? It’s Mmm-Mmm-Good!

By: Jessica Wakeman / August 23, 2011
Eating placenta might sound like the most hippie of hippie-dippie pursuits. But if an article in New York magazine is to be believed, eating your afterbirth (or placentophagia) is trés, trés chic. In Western hospitals, placenta has traditionally been disposed of alongside medical waste. Some women would ask to take their placenta home with them… More »

Will Smith And Jada Pinkett-Smith Have Allegedly Separated

Looks like there might be trouble in Bel Air paradise. In Touch is reporting that Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith are separating after 13 years of marriage and two kids together. For the record, neither of their reps have confirmed the story but In Touch says that the news comes from an insider. I'm crossing… More »

Cindi Test Post

By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / August 23, 2011
blah blah blah   [poll id="3862"]… More »

Girl Talk: I Want To Be A Stepmom

By: Ami Angelowicz / August 23, 2011
I was having dinner with my friend Ryan* last week. He was telling me about a "really good date" he went on. "So when are you going to see her again?" I asked. "I'm not," he replied very matter-of-factly. "She has a kid." I almost smacked him with my breadstick. Of all the unfair reaso… More »

“The Green Album” Croaks New Life Into Kermit Classics

What is it exactly about Kermit, Gonzo, Miss Piggy, and Fozzie Bear that makes me want to tap my toes? Two years ago, I heard whispers that an album of Muppet cover songs was happening. At the time, it was called The Muppets Remastered—it's since been changed to The Green Album. And today it i… More »

The Good, The Bad & The WTF: A “Bachelor Pad” Cliffhanger

Click here for larger image. Last night's episode of "Bachelor Pad" was two hours of inane fights, tiny bathing suits, and intricate psychological manipulation, with one hot (and one gross) makeout session thrown in for kicks. In other words, it was the perfect mindless, trashy entertainment. Oh, and did I mention that at the end… More »