Shopping Guide: 10 Cool Cut-Outs

Shopping Guide: 10 Cool Cut-Outs
Cut-outs can be a cute way to show skin, but if they’re done wrong, they look like you’ve been attacked by a shark or something. We’ve curated 10 cool cut-out dresses and shirts that prove that showing a little skin is all it’s, heh, cut out to be.

A Simple Bunch Of Brunch Recipes Even A Non-Cooking Blogger Could Love

simply orange brunch g1 jpg
Last week, I attended a brunch hosted by Simply Orange at The Institute of Culinary Education in NYC. The way to my heart has always been through my stomach so I jumped at the chance to eat a free brunch for dinner. But then I learned that other bloggers and myself would be preparing our own dishes. I don’t cook, so I was a little apprehensive. Would I burn down the kitchen? Cut myself? I hoped not. As we all slipped on our aprons and sipped cocktails by Simply Orange orange juice (the event sponsor), I began to have fun. And I thought learning to prepare a few more dishes couldn’t hurt. With the help of instructors from The Institute of Culinary Education, including Chef Scott McMillen, four groups of bloggers made a scrumptious and easy brunch. The menu included something for those with a sweet tooth, spicy tongue, or salty tastes. My favorites were the orange pecan muffins, banana-stuffed French toast with streusel topping, salmon hash, and asparagus, green onion, and goat cheese quiche. Keep clicking for the recipes for these dishes and the refreshing cocktails.

“Glee” Cast To Be Replaced By New Actors Next Year

The current cast of “Glee” including Lea Michele and Cory Monteith will be replaced in 2012.

The musical TV hit, set in a high school, has taken the world by storm since it first aired in 2009, and has made stars of castmembers including Michele, Monteith, Chris Colfer and Dianna Agron.

But to maintain the series’ realism, creator Ryan Murphy has decided the current class should graduate in 2012 and leave the show for good. Read more… Keep reading »

The Frisky’s Top 12 eBay Finds Of The Week

From delicate wall clocks to eye-catching photo prints, here’s a look at the week’s must-have finds. Keep reading »

Puppie Pandas And Tiger Dogs, Oh My!

Is it possible for a pet to have an identity crisis? Behold, a pair of dogs who think they are pandas, thanks to a little hairdye from their owners. Normally, I’d say this was cruel … but do you see how freaking cute they are?

After the jump, a dog who thinks he’s a tiger. Keep reading »

Awesome Affordable Etsy Find: Floating Leaves

A nearly invisible thread connects the two leaf pendants on this necklace, which makes it look like they’re floating on your collarbone. The result is a gorgeous and unique piece of jewelry, although it might cause strangers to stare at your chest (not super enjoyable). And possibly start rumors that you’re a witch (always enjoyable). [$14.99, Anatego] Keep reading »

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