Meet Our New BFF, Nancy Upton, The Girl To Beat In American Apparel’s Plus-Size Model Contest

By: Jessica Wakeman / September 7, 2011
We've been only marginally interested in American Apparel's plus-size model contest, which is open until Sept. 8 for bootylicious gals ages 18+. American Apparel is literally in the news every other week for some douchebaggy behavior, so I'm not keen to fawn all over them. However, if this contest vaults our new best friend Nancy… More »

Girl Talk: My Mom Wants Me To Date A Reality TV Star

By: Ami Angelowicz / September 7, 2011
One of my mother's favorite pastimes, aside from texting me my daily horoscope, is playing Yenta for her 30-something single daughter. Only she doesn't try to set me up with nice Jewish boys. No, she prefers to shop for my potential suitors on reality television. It all started after the guy who I thought wa… More »

Ella Of “Bachelor Pad” Gets Five Plastic Surgeries, Makes “Struggling Mom” Story Look Like BS

By: Kate Torgovnick/ / September 7, 2011
Is no one on "Bachelor Pad" even the slightest bit authentic? I am feeling a bit naive at the moment for buying the sob story presented by Ella Nolan over the course of the show. Ever since the beginning of "Bachelor Pad," we have been hearing her say why she ABSOLUTELY NEEDS to win the… More »

10 Style Tips From Russian Hipsters

By: Julie Gerstein / September 7, 2011

Morning Quickies: Kate Hudson’s Estranged Dad Calls Her A “Spoiled Brat”

By: Jessica Wakeman / September 7, 2011
Kate Hudson's father, Bill Hudson, is publishing a tell-all book this fall in which he'll accuse his ex-wife Goldie Hawn of "parental alienation." "Parental alienation" is a term — often used by fathers, but not always — to describe when one parent isolates the kids from another parent in a divorce. Bill Hudson's book will… More »

10 Weird & Wonderfully Appalling Cake Disasters

By: Julie Gerstein / September 7, 2011