New Cure For Infertility: Witchcraft!

With all of the modern technology available to help couples conceive, some people are going back to the dark ages to treat infertility. There is a piece in the Daily Mail about how a UK couple swears that a “white witch” helped them conceive their two children. Claire and Stephen Anderson were told they had a one in a billion chance of conceiving with her polycystic ovaries and his low sperm count. So what did they do? Fed up with the health care system, they visited Wendy Binks, aka Ladysnake … a witch. According to the Daily Mail:

[Several times a week,] the high priestess performed various chants, cleansing their energies and performing fertility spells before giving the couple a specially designed lunar sex schedule, and continuing to cast spells for them with her coven in their absence.

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12 Moments In Cameron Diaz’s Style Evolution

diaz 062311 m jpg
Cameron Diaz — she’s a smokin’ hot babe who just doesn’t seem to age. It’s been, like, 15 years since “There’s Something About Mary” came out, and you’d still think she was just some hot surfer girl off the beach who accidentally happened to show up on set one day. We can’t wait to see her new movie “Bad Teacher,” in which she’s reunited on-screen with ex-BF Justin Timberlake, this weekend. So, with that in mind, we’ve taken a stroll through Diaz’s style hits and misses over the years.

“Millionaire Matchmaker” Weighs In On Jennifer Aniston’s Summer Fling

Everyone is talking about Jennifer Aniston’s summer fling with Justin Theroux, and “Millionaire Matchmaker” Patti Stanger is adding her two cents.

Stanger joined TooFab’s Lawrence Yee to talk about celebrity couples, summer flings, and Season 5 of her hit Bravo show “The Millionaire Matchmaker.” Check out the exclusive interview after the jump… Keep reading »

Shopping Guide: 14 Black Tops That Don’t Show Sweat

Shopping Guide: 13 Black Tops That Don\\\'t Show Sweat
Everyone knows that black absorbs sunlight, and white and light colors reflect it. And that’s why we tend to avoid black tops in the summer. But have you noticed that white, light, and especially gray tops show a lot of sweat? We suggest wearing black tops in light fabrics so you’ll stay chic and cool, and, above all else, without sweat stains at your armpits, back, and below the breasts. Take a look at the 14 black shirts we think would fit nicely into any wardrobe.

Banana Republic Unveils Its “Mad Men” Collection

mad men ladies m jpg
So, Banana Republic wised up and created an entire collection inspired by “Mad Men,” in collaboration with its costume designer Janey Bryant, but we’re not entirely sure we buy it. See, as far as we’re concerned, the tailored, conservative looks don’t seem to differ much from the standard BR fare. Could it be they’ve simply repurposed some of their regular designs under a new name? Would Peggy or Betty or Joan be caught in any of these outfits, really? Click through to see some of the looks and then tell us what you think in the comments!

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake works out his funny bone this summer as he stars in not one, but two comedies. First up for Justin, is teaming up with his ex-squeeze Cameron Diaz and How I Met Your Mother star, Jason Segel, for the raunchy comedy, “Bad Teacher,” out in theaters this weekend!

To celebrate, we’ve compiled an assortment of facts that would amaze even some of the more rabid JT fans. Sure, every fan knows of his affiliation with Disney and of his heartbreaking loss as Justin Randall on “Star Search” but did you know of Justin’s nightly routine that drew a collective ‘awww’ from us? Or which European songstress can count Justin as one of her fans? Check out the gallery to find the answers and many more interesting quirks from the “SexyBack” singer! Read more… Keep reading »

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