Yay! Broad City May Move To The Small Screen

Julie Gerstein / November 23, 2011

Fresh off the news that women are getting the short shrift when it comes to representation in film, we hear that our fave YouTube comediennes, Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobsen — aka the funny chicks behind “Broad City” — are in talks to produce their very own pilot for FX. So maybe things are changing… More »

An Update To My “Oops” Post

Jessica Wakeman / November 23, 2011

This week marks my third anniversary at The Frisky. (Amelia, where’s my damn cake?!) I know well by now the responses posts garner from readers — both “positive” and “negative.” Admittedly in the first year or so, aggressive or cruel reactions to my blog posts would surprise — genuinely surprise — and upset me. Despite my… More »

Funtensils Make Dinner Better

Ami Angelowicz / November 23, 2011

There’s nothing better than playing with your food and these transformative utensils are guaranteed to make every meal more fun. This creative knife and fork set is made from reusable, dishwasher-safe plastic. It also comes with a handy rubberized grip, which interlocks to become a pair of easy-to-use, spring-loaded chopsticks. Perfect for the chopstick impaired! More »

Eva Mendes Looks Freakishly Like Amy Winehouse On Set Of New Film

Starpulse / November 23, 2011

We spotted Eva Mendes with red hair on the set of her new movie “Holly Motors” in Paris yesterday. Mendes looked eerily like deceased soul singer Amy Winehouse. Winehouse, 27, died as as an “unintended consequence” of drinking too much alcohol on July 23.
Mendes, 37, sported a similar beehive hairdo and eye make-up like the… More »

There Will Be A Bunch Of Shirtless Dudes At The Mall On Friday

Julie Gerstein / November 23, 2011

Warning: Abercrombie & Fitch and Hollister are going to try to emotionally manipulate you into buying their frat-lite clothing this Black Friday — and they are going to use man abs to do it. The retail chains are planning on deploying thousands of shirtless young men – faux lifeguards at Hollister and bros in skinny jea… More »

Hair Dos: 9 Braided Styles That Are Hardly Hippie-Dippie

Amelia McDonell-Parry / November 23, 2011

Confession: I am obsessed with braids and always have been. If you look at my school pictures from ages 5 through 10, my hair is in some sort of crazy French braided hairstyle, courtesy of my mom’s talented fingers. Yet somehow, I have never learned how to do anything besides a traditional braid on my… More »