“Cursing” Baby Doll Upsets Parents

Amelia McDonell-Parry / November 22, 2011

14 Highly Questionable Beauty And Hygiene Tips From Celebrities

The Frisky / November 22, 2011

You may have assumed that Snooki’s lovely, orange glow was achieved by hours spent at the tanning salon, but she has another secret. The guidette shared a bizarre beauty tip from her new book on recent appearance of “Conan.” Snooki admitted that she uses clean cat litter to exfoliate her skin. “Yeah, well, I definitely,… More »

Watch A Blind Kitten Learn How To Play

Julie Gerstein / November 22, 2011

Oscar the Kitten was born without formed eyeballs, and was adopted from a shelter at just five weeks old. The poor little guy had a tough time adjusting to his new environment, until his owners brought out new toys for him to play with — balls with jingle bells in them so that Oscar could… More »

This Is What Lady Gaga’s Mouth Looks Like

Julie Gerstein / November 22, 2011

Step inside the beast — the beastly beast that is Lady Gaga’s gaping maw. This is the entry way to “Gaga’s Workshop,” the special Gaga-curated section of Barneys that the Mama Monster herself dreamed up. The workshop opens tonight at 11:59 p.m., and Gaga is supposed to be there to oversee the grand opening. Aside… More »

What It Means To Be “Gray-Sexual”

Rachel White / November 22, 2011

Belinda’s OkCupid account opens with this message: “If you are looking for casual sex, please move on … If you are looking for formal sex, please move on as well. Actually, if you’re looking for sex in general, I’ll probably disappoint you.”

If you are acquainted with the orientation known as asexuality, Belinda’… More »

Michele Bachmann Plays Word Association Game With Jimmy Fallon

Jessica Wakeman / November 22, 2011

Michele Bachmann visited Jimmy Fallon last night and completely made me understand how other people love her. If I didn’t think her political beliefs were absolutely reprehensible, I’d like her! That Rick Perry “three” joke was a good one, you have to admit. [Gotcha Media]… More »