Love Vandal: Lovesick Puppy

The Frisky’s designer Emily snapped this in New York City’s Meatpacking District.

Have you seen graffiti that’s kind of sweet (even if it is against the law)? Send your pic to Keep reading »

8 Celebrities Who’d Make Great Neighbors At The Trailer Park

When I first moved to California, I had a fantasy about living in an Airstream trailer off the beach. But then I realized I had no idea how to maintain a trailer—I mean, how does one start a tank of propane? Where does my poop go? How would I cook without potentially exploding my home? I chickened out. But it turns out that Pamela Anderson really enjoys living in the trailer she’s been in while her house is renovated. You mean, despite the fact that she hasn’t mastered wearing pants, she’s figured out how to work a trailer? Maybe I should try again. [Celebitchy]

Actually, several other celebrities have gotten cozy in their double-wides. Here’s who. Keep reading »

10 Things Not to Say To A Guy Watching Football

football player photo

A girl who appreciates the ramifications of a fourth-and-long Hail Mary on Super Bowl Sunday is an amazing find, like a head coach who doesn’t wear pleated khakis. So when a girl’s as excited for pigskin season as we are, we’re looking forward to sharing boneless wings and broken remotes.

But if you’re just along for the snacks, we can appreciate that too — just be sure you don’t rack up penalty yards by making one of the following calls, guaranteed to send you to the bench. Keep reading »

10 Pairs Of Gloves You’ll Love

banana green 11509 jpg
Your mom doesn’t make you use those mitten clips anymore, so why are you still wearing the boring knit gloves they came with? You’re officially old enough for nice gloves and all the wonderful things they do to an outfit. And unlike a purse or shoes, even quite cool gloves don’t have to be a huge, bank-breaking purchase. Click through for a few ideas about how to get your glove wardrobe started, because the time to shop for them is now. [$69.50, Banana Republic]

Quote Of The Day: Kat Von D Talks Clients Out Of Stupid Tattoos

“People bring in pics of Pam Anderson['s tattoo of] barbed wire, but I like to encourage individuality.”

Kat Von D of “L.A. Ink” will talk you out of making poor life choices. Too bad she wasn’t around when Megan Fox got her Marilyn Monroe tattoo! [Fox News] Keep reading »

What Your Closet Says About Your Dating Life

This is a story about a dysfunctional relationship. It was between me and my bedroom closet, and I know you know what I’m talking about. Keep reading »

10 Pajama Options To Be Lazy In

anthro dress 11309 jpg
Pajamas just give and give and yet they get no respect. Wear them out of the house and people call you “weird.” Wear them to a party and someone threatens to have you “committed.” It’s BS and we’re sick of it. Not only are pajamas far and away the most comfortable type of clothing, they can also be rather cute. So, in homage to the most underrated clothing items in the world (that we’d personally like to be wearing all the time come to think of it): a pajama slide show.

Notice that this nightie looks more or less like a dress. Throw a sweater on over that for a trip to the store and cut anyone who questions you. [$58, Anne Pinkerton, Anthropologie]

5 Ways To Make An Old Outfit Look New

When I was little, my mom would take me shopping at the beginning of every season. I’d pick about x new shirts, x pairs of pants, a handful of skirts and most of the old stuff would be given away. Those were the days. Now, however, the potent combination of paying for my own things and not being able to justify throwing out closets of clothes that still fit have forced me to reconsider my shopping methods. Instead of buying a closet of new clothes, I buy a few nice things a year. It’s great when I first buy them and want to wear the new dresses to death. But then winter rolls around the next year and the wool sheath dress I bought last November isn’t so exciting anymore. Know what I’m saying here? In order to prevent you from the sort of wardrobe ennui that might inspire you to light your closet on fire, here are five solid ways to make old clothes feel new again. Keep reading »

6 Dos And Dont’s For Boxed Beauty Gifts

blissgiftset th jpg


Baby Mamma O’ Meter: 10 Celeb Dads Who Really Spread Their Seed

baby mamma kevin federline jpg
No, Kevin Federline is not pregnant—he’s just put on some weight in an unfortunate area. But the rumor around the baby mill is that K-Fed’s new girlfriend, Victoria Prince, is indeed preggers. Hmmm … let’s do the math here: he has two kids with Shar Jackson, two kids with Brit, and another one on the way. That works out to five kids with three baby mammas. This equation can mean only one thing: K-Fed likes to spread his seed. And what a glorious seed it is. But he’s not the only notorious celebrity dad. After the jump, some more celeb dads with multiple baby mamas. Warning: do not let any of these men inseminate you. [Celebitchy]
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