Do Not Want: Half-Shredded Shorts

By: Julie Gerstein / October 8, 2011
Why yes, I would like to buy $242 leather shorts that appear to have been ripped apart by a wolverine. That sounds like a great idea! [$242, Singer22]… More »

Video: Tyra Banks & Rachael Ray Are “A Little Gay” For Each Other

By:'s The Cut / October 8, 2011
Tyra Banks was on "The Rachael Ray Show" this week, and amid the regular culinary-themed discussion, got to talking about teenage games of spin the bottle. Rachael got flustered and faux-bicurious, and before you could say "smize please," the pair were making a date for a spin the bottle session of their own. Apparently fake girl-on-girl romance i… More »

A Fierce New Way To Spruce Up A Filing Cabinet

By: Julie Gerstein / October 8, 2011
Nobody has filing cabinets anymore. I mean, well, most people don't! Who has papers, after all, when everything's stored conveniently on hard drives? But that doesn't mean you should throw your bulky home filing systems away just yet. They can be handily re-purposed as raw surfaces for the kitchen or living room. Shown here, a… More »

Shopping Guide: Cozy, Comfortable Corduroy

By: Annika Harris / October 8, 2011
Whether thin, medium, or wide wale, you just can't beat the cozy and comfortable quality of corduroy. But we're not ones to sacrifice style for comfort, so we've culled the essential corduroy pieces that will enhance stylish wardrobes, while ensuring that the wearer stays cozy throughout the day. More »

Why Women Can Be Bitches

By: Ask Men / October 8, 2011
We all know the classic bitches: Women who speak their mind rather than bite their tongue. The women who rage against anything that provokes them: the man, the kids, the boss, their PMS. While we like to think their bad behavior is simply a case of bad judgment, new research shows that “bitchy” may be a gene. More »

5 Halloween Costumes That Cost Less Than 10 Bucks

By: Winona Dimeo-Ediger / October 8, 2011
Sure, elaborate, well-executed, high-quality Halloween costumes are great, but who has the money this year? Here are some costume options that are possible to assemble for less than 10 bucks and a few random things from your closet (or kitchen). Already mastered the cheap costume? Please share your best low-budget costume ideas in the comments!More »