The Emmy For Worst Show Idea Ever Goes To …

Do you remember Wilmer Valderrama? He’s that dude who was adorable as Fez on “That ’70s Show,” but then started dating Lindsay Lohan and soon was bragging about how he took Mandy Moore’s virginity and rocked Ashlee Simpson‘s world. After he got super creepy, he was relegated to the land of voiceovers. Well, he’s got a new live-action show in the works. And it sounds … like the freaking dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. It’s a sitcom where he’ll star as Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan. Yes, it’ll be a half-hour of Wilmer talking to dogs with hilarity probably not ensuing. Please, networks, tell us you have better things in store for us than this! All I know is, I wouldn’t let Wilmer anywhere near my dog. [People] Keep reading »

The Gap Has A New Perfume!

Usually, I go to The Gap for staple pieces. But Patrick Robinson is revitalizing the brand with must-have items, like the newest Pierre Hardy boots. Those are majorly swoon-worthy. Now, he’s introducing a brand-new perfume to the store called Close.

Created with perfume house Givaudan, the new fragrance is a mix of salty and citrus, which already has me intrigued, but Patrick explains it by saying, “The salty part – that’s human nature, that’s how you get people close to you. The citrus part makes them stay.” The bottle design is sleek and elegant, allowing the scent to speak for itself instead of being overpowered by aesthetics. Plus, it’s a huge steal at $35, and a fragrance that’s perfect for day-to-day wear. Could this be my newest fragrance for during the day? What’s your go-to perfume? [Grazia] Keep reading »

Nerd Girl Porn: Hot Guys With Mustaches

The Men of Movember

While October is devoted to raising awareness for breast cancer, November is all about the gentlemen. During the month of November, or “Movember,” as the Movember Foundation likes to call it, men around the world will grow the kind of facial hair many of us see as gross, cheesy, and porn star-esque for a good cause. (“Mo” is slang for mustache in Australia, where Movember started, originally with the sole goal of bringing back the mustache.) We’ve assembled a wide array of some of our favorite celeb ‘staches for your mouth tickling enjoyment. Click through for the very best.

TheFind Makes Shopping Easier And Harder All At Once

At The Frisky, we’re always on the hunt to find awesome products to tell you about (and to buy for ourselves, on occasion). But the internet is huge! It can be overwhelming to visit site after site after site in search of the perfect pair of boots. We’ll often search for clothes on ShopStyle, but they have partnerships with a particular handful of stores, which, at times, can be on the pricier side.

So, we’re excited to try out the newly relaunched shopping search engine Type in whatever you’re looking for, and this little engine that could will check with more than 500,000 sources to give you tons of options — and links to discount codes for each store, if they’re available. No more randomly searching those sketchy-looking coupon sites! Plus, you can limit your search to local sellers and “green” options. And TheFind isn’t just for clothes. The site can help you search for everything from home goods to electronics. Keep reading »

The Frisky’s Chic on the Street: Greece Oct. 19th 2009

The true key to looking chic is all about being comfortable in your own skin. In that case, Marta, a traveling musician from Poland, may have tied up the award for chicest gal on the island. She bought her scarf at a kiosk in India and pinned it up the front to make a top. It attaches around her back by an itty bitty string! No one could take their eyes off of her as she played and sang to the Santorini sunset. Keep reading »

Gallery: What Are Your Purse Essentials?

purseessentials th jpg


Baby Hair Gel Creeps Us Out

OK, fauxhawks on babies are totally awesome, but this is not: Le Baby hair gel “thickens baby fine hair,” so your little dumplin’ can look just like Gwen Stefani‘s son, Zuma Rossdale. Plus, Le Baby doesn’t contain any of those fragrances and polysyllabic chemicals that fretful mommies hate! Gee, I thought I wanted to be one of those “cool” moms who gives her baby a funky lil’ mohawk. Then I realized I’d be purchasing styling products for someone who still poops his pants. [Le Baby Inc.] Keep reading »

Dog Dressed In Judge Judy Halloween Costume

dog dressed like Judge Judy

I mean, the title of the post says it all, no? There’s just something about a dog in glasses, a wig and judge robe with its tongue sticking out that really gets our attention, ya know? If you know what’s good for ya, you’ll truck on over to The New York Daily News to see more cuties dressed for the Fifth Annual Dog Day Masquerade. Spoiler alert: One is dressed as the Pope. [NYC, 10/19/09] Keep reading »

Disney Couture Jewelry Flower Ring With Tinkerbell

We thought Disney and couture were polar opposites ever since we saw “princesses” wearing filthy sneakers under their gowns at Disney World when we were six years old. But now our opinion has changed because the company that usually caters to kids has adults in its sight with a new line of jewelry. Each piece in the line, like this Flower Ring with Tinkerbell, harkens back to a famous movie you probably loved as a child. You’ll feel like an adult when wearing the jewelry, though, because pink plastic beads, usually used in little girls’ jewelry, are nowhere to be found. (But you can still show your whimsical side and act like a princess.) [$40, 80's Purple] Keep reading »

DIY: Turn Everything You Touch To Silver

silver leafing 0 101909 jpg
When we heard that story about King Midas turning everything he touches into gold back in grade school, we were more than a little interested. As it turns out though, no amount of willpower has been able to transform us into gold-making machines. Then again, all that gold would be tacky anyway. So we’ve developed a bit of an obsession with silver leafing lately. Take the jump and we’ll teach you how. (FYI: It’s really, really easy.)
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