11 Celebrity Thumb Suckers

By: Ami Angelowicz / September 13, 2011

First Time For Everything: Hitting The Big O

By: Rebecca Wiegland / September 13, 2011
In the spirit of Columbus, Magellan and Lewis and Clark, I spent my teenage years as a fearless explorer of uncharted carnal terrain, reporting back to my tight-knit group of girlfriends with play-by-plays and handy tips from my randy sexual exploits. I was the first in my high school crew of gals to do pretty… More »

Obsessed Fan Writes, Sells Fan-Fic About Imaginary Affair With Jessica Simpson

By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / September 13, 2011
My love for Ryan Gosling may occasionally take me to inane places -- please see yesterday's "sockless" slideshow -- but at least I've never been so obsessed that I've written a book about our fictional love affair. The same cannot be said for Marce William Burchell, an obsessed Jessica Simpson fan penned the book… More »

Armie Hammer Didn’t Want To Shave His Chest For “The Brothers Grimm: Snow White”

By: Kate Torgovnick/Kate-Book.com / September 13, 2011
“Julia [Roberts] had a line about how smooth my chest is ... and it’s not. So the producers were like, ‘Okay, just shave him.’ And I was like, ‘Whoa. I spent 25 years earning this chest hair. I’m wearing purple tights and a codpiece, so, please, let me keep my manhood.’" —Armie Hammer tells Detail… More »

Etsy Spotlight: Un-Inspirational Quote Prints

By: Winona Dimeo-Ediger / September 13, 2011

Selena Gomez Shows Off A Faux “Justin” Tattoo

By: Kate Torgovnick/Kate-Book.com / September 13, 2011
While performing last night in Las Vegas, Selena Gomez sure seemed to go out of her way to show off the word "Justin," written across her wrist in a black pen along with a heart in an ode to her boyfriend, Justin Bieber. Shall we take bets on how long she waits before… More »