Quotable: Women Can’t Worry Their Pretty Little Heads With “Meaty” Magazine Articles!

“Just look at the features in men’s magazines. They’re often much meatier than the fare you find in women’s magazines. What does that tell you? That guys aren’t afraid to spend an hour reading a great piece of writing.”

Details deputy editor Chris Raymond, whose prestigious magazine has recently offered men meatier fare like “Why It’s OK To Stare At Fat People” and “The Rise Of The Hot Jewish Girl.” Bitch, please! Pick up a copy of Bust or Bitch or even Elle, Marie Claire or Vogue, and then we’ll talk. [NYMag.com]

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What Is Going On In This Just Released “SATC2″ Still?

Sometimes I feel like Miranda Hobbes is the Jan Brady of “Sex and the City.” Just look at this just released film still from the upcoming “SATC” movie sequel. Carrie, Charlotte, and Samantha all look perfectly “posed” and fabulous, while Miranda looks like she’s showing off her blowie technique on a microphone. WTF? Anyway, by the looks of this photo, the gals are doing some sort of karaoke. Bachelorette party? Keep reading »

The Best Rock Star Abs

abs slide 1 jpg
Thank you, Men’s Fitness, for doing a story on the best rock star abs of all time. This makes for delicious lunchtime reading. They hit some great sets of abs—Iggy Pop, Prince, Anthony Kiedis, Dave Navarro, and Josh Homme. But, uh, why stop there? After the jump, let’s look at 10 more rock stars with amazing and rarely covered stomachs. And no, we won’t forget the ladies. [Men's Fitness]

Poll: Are You Sick Of “Statement Necklaces”?

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Mindy Kaling Charms Us On “Ellen”

One of my favorite girl crushes, Mindy Kaling, visited Ellen yesterday and reminded me why I love her so. When Ellen asked if her parents were always supportive of the writer, actor, and sometimes director of “The Office,” she said they would have been happy if she’d been a cigar aficionado or even a criminal instead, just as long as she was the best cigar aficionado or criminal in the world. “They just really wanted to brag to their friends about whatever I did,” she explains to Ellen about her traditional Indian parents. Later, she shares a picture of herself at 11 years old in which her gender is definitely ambiguous. “I could have told you this was my brother!” she said, and Ellen agreed. Clip above. Keep reading »

Was A Gift Guide For People “Of Color” Really Necessary?

Sometimes a gesture that was meant to be politically correct and progressive actually turns out to be offensive. Take, for instance, the New York Timesgift guide for people “of color.” Not only does this guide assume that blacks, Asians, and Hispanics don’t like the same things as whites, but it also assumes its target audience has the same tastes. I (and probably most Hindus) would not want a gospel cruise and can’t understand why non-white people need specific nail polish colors. And just so you know, black women don’t want to receive hair products as gifts, especially when our hair is described as “problem hair.” It’s not a problem for us, and if it is a problem for you New York Times folks, well, then that’s your problem. And we probably already know what products work on our hair, thank you very much. I know the Times‘ intentions were positive, but you can’t wrap three races and several nationalities into a neat little gift and slap a bow on the package. What they should have done was simply add the race-specific ideas to the other gift guides. Maybe white people would like their children to read about President Obama or Sonia Sotomayor too. [NY Times] Keep reading »

Liveblogging “Jersey Shore”!

Check back to this post starting at 10 pm EST — I’ll be liveblogging the second episode of “Jersey Shore,” the greatest, trashiest show since I don’t know what. In tonight’s episode, my beloved Snooki gets sucker punched, Ronnie catches Sammy givin’ her digits to another guido, and, like, Jager shots are done. Keep reading »

Quickies: A Mormon Republican Writes A Hanukkah Song & Nicole Kidman Is Effortlessly Thin

  • Senator Orrin Hatch, the Mormon Republican from Utah, wrote a Hanukkah song. Nobody knows why. [Videogum]
  • Playgirl lost money by inviting and paying Levi Johnston to pose with his manly bits. [Queerty]

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Today’s Lady News: Houston Might Elect A Lesbian Mayor!

  • Who would have thought the largest American city to (hopefully) elect an openly gay woman as mayor would be Houston, Texas? Cross your fingers for Annise Parker, a Democratic Houston City Controller and a lesbian, in the election this weekend. Parker has a small lead in the polls but is struggling against homophobia. One anti-gay activist sent out 35,000 mailers with a photo of Parker that says, “Is this the image Houston wants to portray?” [The Daily Beast]
  • Massachusetts’ Governor Deval Patrick has appointed the state’s first-ever female Superintendent of State Police. Hopefully, Marian J. McGovern can keep those Ma**-holes in line! [The Boston Globe]

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Sarah Palin Has Entered Teen Idol Territory

The ex-Governor was asked to sign a fan’s chest at a book signing at a Utah Costco — and she did it! This brings back memories of our New Kids On The Block days… [via Gawker] Keep reading »

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