Crying After Sex, Really?

On the most recent webisode of NonSociety’s “TMI Weekly” — that’s the internet TV show from ego blogger/”dating expert” Julia Allison and her posse — things got a little weepy. The gals — Julia, Mary, and Meghan — were discussing crying during/after sex and how doing so is “all good, but never fun to deal with.” Julia, who says she’s cried after sex with every guy she’s been in love with at least once, thinks shedding post-coital tears is a good thing because it “signifies an intensity of emotion that you just don’t normally experience” and usually occurs during “the best sex ever.” Meghan disagrees, saying that it could actually signify that the sex was really, really bad. Mary says she’s only cried once during a hookup and that was when a guy she was dating went down on her and finally made her come. I’ll spare you the torture of posting the full episode here, but I cannot resist the topic itself. Crying after sex, really? That’s normal? Keep reading »

Overweight And Underweight Teen Girls More Likely To Have Risky Sex

Here’s a strange study for you. Gynecology professor Aletha Akers just led a study about the sexual activity of teenage girls, surveying almost 7,200 girls about risky sexual behavior. The survey concluded that girls who are underweight, healthy weight, and overweight are equally as likely to have had sex. But apparently girls in the overweight and underweight categories are more likely to have had risky sex—they’re more likely to fail to use condoms, have sex while drinking, and to have had sex with more than four partners. Akers believes that this effect has more to do with a teenager’s self-perception than with the actual number on the scale. Women on the ends of the spectrum may feel dips in their self-esteem, which maybe leads to some of these behaviors? Also interesting, the type of unsafe sex can be predicted to a certain extent by the girl’s race. For example, overweight Caucasian girls are less likely to use condoms than Caucasians of normal weight, and African-American teenage girls who are underweight are less likely to use a rubber. Why on earth is there a difference? [Salon] Keep reading »

Porn Makes You Bad In Bed! (Or Does It?)

In “How Not to Make Love Like a Porn Star,” Salon’s Mary Elizabeth Williams sort of suggests that watching too much porn makes you bad in bed. Supposedly, the increasingly widespread availability of adult movies has turned men into a squad of jack-hammering hump machines: “porn has changed men too — what we expect of them, what they demand of themselves.” According to Williams, the modern man has learned from porn that sex is a performance, one featuring freaky sex tricks and little emotional connection. Of course, men are not alone in this indictment. Williams suggests today’s women are behaving like wannabe porn starlets in the sack, too. We’re all porn stars now! Thankfully, Williams is here to remind: “Life’s not like the movies.” Really? Gee, thanks! Maybe the problem isn’t porn, but critics who believe consumers can’t distinguish between fantasy and reality. It’s not the porn. It’s how you see it. [Salon] Keep reading »

Dear Wendy: Being Alone Is Better Than Being With A Loser

I have been with my boyfriend for over a year and we have lived together almost that long. The relationship moved fast, we have known each other since college and stayed in touch on and off. He was not boyfriend material back then because he was a bit of a player and could not be trusted, but now we’re both 28 and, finally, last year we decided to start a relationship. Things began over phone/text because we lived four hours apart. He was super sweet and said very romantic things which I completely fell for… At the time he had two jobs and seemed to be a hard-working guy with lots of friends. He did not have a great job, but at the time I was like who cares, everyone takes their own path to their goals in life. He entered the army last fall to help him finance finishing college and went to boot camp in GA. He lasted a month, decided it was not for him and moved in with me. This is when I feel like the truth came out … he went from having two jobs and working hard to being unemployed for months, spending most of what money he had on movies, and buying drinks for friends when we went out. Eventually got a job and now he pays cable, electric bills. While we do get along and have stuff in common, I find myself questioning his basic character and ability to man up and face problems without running from them. If I were 24, I would probably have already broken up with him. At 28, I feel like I may end up alone if I do not find some kind of relationship … Help! — Bummed in Boston

Keep reading »

Match These Celebs With Their Party Invitations

Celebs are always throwing parties, so it’s no surprise that sometimes their tacky, weird, over-the-top or just plain fugly invites get leaked. The Kardashians are particularly bad at keeping their private events, well, private. The funny thing is, it’s pretty easy to tell which invitation came from which celeb. So let’s play a little game. After the jump, match the invitation from Column A with the celebrity who sent it from Column B. I’ll post the answers in an hour in the comments section. Keep reading »

U.K. Times: Fashion Shouldn’t Exclude The Learning Disabled

Yes, we already know that the world of high fashion is elitist. But here’s one excluded group you probably don’t immediately think of: people with learning disabilities. For those with special needs, according to the U.K.’s Times, “access to hardcore music, fashion, late nights and generally funky stuff is especially hard.” That’s why the newspaper’s fashion department decided to stage a photo shoot for its Sunday style magazine with three learning-challenged persons. Says photographer Rankin, who shot the spread, “It really opened up a world a lot of fashion people don’t know about.” Along with the article about a growing culture of cool specifically for mentally handicapped, there’s also a video that gives a behind-the-scenes look at the shoot shows, with interviews from the subjects involved. Keep reading »

15 Signs You’re Over Your Ex

Last week I started a discussion about how long it takes to get over an ex. Answers varied, of course, depending on lots of different factors, and some people even admitted they weren’t sure whether they’d ever get over an ex. While we may not be there now, most of us can remember a time when we wondered the very same thing. Fortunately, time really does heal most wounds and eventually the fog lifts and the day comes when you realize, suddenly, you’re gloriously, blessedly, wonderfully, finally over him! That day doesn’t come without warning, of course. There are always signs you’re moving on. After the jump, 15 ways to know you’re over an ex. Keep reading »

Winona Ryder: She’s Baaacck!

Everyone’s favorite sullen minx from “Beetlejuice” has returned to the spotlight! Closing in on 40, the formerly sticky-fingered Winona Ryder has descended from her pedestal for an interview with BlackBook. Why? She’s got a movie to promote (“The Private Lives of Pippa Lee”), dammit! After the jump, the best of what wacky Winona spewed. Keep reading »

Reason #612 Not To Be Friends With Your Mom On Facebook

Something tells me she thinks MILF stands for Mothers I Love on Facebook. [BuzzFeed] Keep reading »

Sex Diary: Repeat Romps With A Not-Quite-Boyfriend

Introducing the first Frisky “Sex Diary,” in which an anonymous person shares the details of her sex life over the course of a few days. Sometimes these entries will be racy and filled with revealing romps, while other times there will be nary a naked moment in sight. Some of these diarists will be frequent contributors. Want to share a page from your sex diary? Email All entries will be anonymous. Keep reading »

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