Holiday Gift Guide: For The Guy You’re About To Dump

By: Julie Gerstein / December 14, 2011

The holidays are the worst when it comes to breakups. If you’re in a relationship that’s in the pits, it’s often difficult to extract yourself from it in time to avoid having to get your unwanted significant other a present. So if your New Year’s resolution is to be single and mingling in 2012, we’ve… More »

Diablo Cody On Her Film’s “Romantic Love Scene”

By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / December 14, 2011

“It’s a love scene to me, in a weird, sick way, and I really was looking forward to writing it. I was looking forward to it the way you look forward to actual sex. I was like, this is going to be good… It felt very romantic to me at the time.”
DiabloMore »

Matt Damon Hates Snakes, Plus 15 Other Strange Celeb Phobias

By: Julie Gerstein / December 14, 2011

Matt Damon and I are pretty much not alike at all, but one thing we could bond over: we both hate snakes. Apparently Damon was so squeamish around the reptiles on the set of his new movie “We Bought a Zoo,” that his co-star Scarlett Johansson made fun of him.  “He was definitely sweating a… More »

The Soapbox: Why I’m Keeping My Pubic Hair

By: Josephine Ledger / December 14, 2011

When pubic hair first appeared on my adolescent body, I was mortified. I wanted it gone as quickly as it sprouted. It just felt, for lack of a better word, bizarre to have it there. But at the age of 11, waxing was not option. Well, maybe it is nowadays, but in the late ’80s,… More »

Marion Cotillard Has A Dior-Inspired Freak Out

By: Julie Gerstein / December 14, 2011

It’s hard being an in-demand celebrity. Ask Marion Cotillard, who plays actress Margaux in this short clip for Dior directed by John Cameron Mitchell. Margaux’s managers are driving her crazy and the photographer on her fashion shoot is pushing her to the brink, so she does what any woman on the verge of nervous breakdow… More »

Prabal Gurung Is Designing The New Sephora Staff Uniforms

By: Julie Gerstein / December 14, 2011

We’ve always been a little jealz of Sephora employees, mostly because they get to spend their days surrounded by all the makeup, beauty products and skincare items a girl could ever want. And, for some reason, perhaps in homage to the King of Pop, they wear only one glove. For now anyway, as there’s another… More »