Forget-Me-Not Panties: For The Man Who Wants To Keep Tabs On His Naked Wife/Daughter

The only good reason I can come up with for GPS panties is if they had a little pocket where you could store your little baggie of diamonds or other valuables. That way, if you left the panties somewhere and needed to find them again, the GPS would be able to help. But that is not the reason Panchira Corp. created Forget-Me-Not Panties! No, their reasons are far more stalker-y. Their motto is “protect her privates,” and the panties are for dudes to give as gifts to the women in their lives — when they suspect they could be cheating or coming home late at night. The GPS transmits the info to a cell phone and can even measure heart rate and temperature levels. That way these freaky, suspicious dudes can know when their girlfriends are hot and horny. If all that’s not creepy enough, check out the two testimonials on the site, after the jump. Keep reading »

Dear Wendy: “My Boyfriend’s Getting Fat”

I’ll start off by saying that I am madly in love with my boyfriend. He is supportive, intelligent, has a great sense of humor … this list goes on and on. There is only one issue that has become increasingly difficult to deal with: he is rapidly gaining weight. It isn’t an uncontrollable amount — I’d say he’s become 40 pounds overweight at this point — I’m just afraid that I’m slowly becoming less and less attracted to him because of the weight issue. He has sparingly expressed interest in working out and losing weight, so it’s not as if he doesn’t notice or care. I have dropped “hints” by discussing interest in my own health (I eat healthy and maintain a healthy weight), but I have said nothing direct to him about it because I realize it’s a very touchy subject. It seems so socially wrong to bring up weight as an “issue”, especially when everything else is so great. We live together and I feel a proposal coming soon. There is no way that I would break up with him at this point simply because of his weight, I just feel like I should nip this thing sooner rather than later to save the attraction. Is there any appropriate way to broach the subject? Or, more importantly, am I in the wrong? — Fortunately Unfortunate

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V Is For … A VERY Hot Magazine Cover

Natalie Portman rocks a pompadour hairstyle for the latest issue of V magazine. Hawt. [WWD] Keep reading »

Maine Repeals Same-Sex Marriage Law

Boo! Maine, you FAIL. In yesterday’s election, Maine voters repealed a gay marriage law which would have made it the sixth state in America where gays have the right to marry just like straight couples. Instead, Maine has the dubious distinction of being the 31st state to make gay marriage verboten. It’s a total bummer that this kind of bigotry came from the people up; the gay marriage law had actually passed through the state legislature and was signed by the governor six months ago. The trouble was that gay rights opposition groups were hot on the politicians’ tails and immediately mobilized voters to repeal the law. Sorry, my dears, but at least you can still get married in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire and Iowa, right? [ABC News] Keep reading »

Jeremy Piven Blames His New Man Boobs On Soy Milk

Jeremy Piven is whining about his diet again. No, it’s not the “mercury poisoning” from sushi again. Now he blames soy milk for his “moobs” (which no one even noticed until he drew attention to them). Heckling newscasters report Piven used to drink 12 glasses of soy milk a day (12?!?!), sprouting man breasts that’d make any girl in a Judy Blume novel jealous. I second the motion that it’s time for him to stop complaining about food all the time and go see a nutritionist! [ABC News]
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Custom Dresses: A Fitting Option For Brides?

OK, so level with me here: What are your thoughts on custom dresses? What about custom wedding dresses? I’m 99.9 percent positive that I’m going to get a custom wedding dress, and before you call me fancy-shmancy, it isn’t a made-for-me Vera Wang or custom Oscar de la Renta. Even better, as far as I’m concerned—it’s from a dressmaker on Etsy named Sarah Seven. She does these gorge, ethereal, floaty dresses and I’m thinking the above one—in white—will be the perfect dancing/reception dress. (What do you think? Be honest!) Yes, it’s strapless, but my walking-down-the-aisle dress has definite straps and I wanted a total departure. (Also, don’t think I’m breaking the bank on gowns here; together they both cost way less than the cheapest of the seriously cheap dresses I looked at—I was practically laughed out of shops when I mentioned my budget.) But here’s the thing: it’s custom. And while pretty on the model, the model I am most definitely not, which creates major room for error (aka a dress that looks like crap on me). Should I pull the trigger and order one? I got a bit of advice, which helps …
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Modern Kama Sutra Gets His Drive Hard

So … is this where an addiction to online porn goes too far? [] Keep reading »

What Brings You To The Big O?

Let’s get real about something. The female orgasm is a skittish mother f**ker. Most of the women I know say they cannot always come during sexual intercourse, and when they do, it’s only in certain positions, with certain things being stimulated. Some of the women I know can only come from oral sex, while others can never come at the hands of a partner, though they do just fine on their own. And in the interest of full disclosure, in hopes that you’ll share what makes YOU come in the comments, here’s what works for me. I can orgasm during oral sex, but only if I’m really, really comfortable with the person I’m with. One-night-stands and casual partners don’t have a shot, though I’ll still have a good time of it. I’ve only been able to come with one partner during sex and it happened a whopping TWO TIMES in our five-year relationship. How it happened, I dunno. It happened and then it was over and I was so psyched I forgot how to do it again. After the jump, eight women share what gives them the Big O. Keep reading »

Poll: What Would Get You To Take Your Ex Back?

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Star Couplings: Mr. GOOP (Chris Martin) Didn’t Kiss Kate Bosworth

  • Us Weekly has exclusive confirmation from Chris Martin’s rep that he wasn’t making out with Kate Bosworth in public, as Star reported. [Us Weekly] — Chris has been married to Gwyneth Paltrow for six years, but there have been rumors of troubled waters for a long time.
  • Although they claim they’re just friends, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were spotted kissing outside a screening of “New Moon.” — These two will carry on this charade as long as they’re under their Summit Entertainment contracts.
  • Kourtney Kardashian says she’s nervous but excited to be a mom, and her on-again, off-again boyfriend Scott Disick is making amends to her family. [PopEater] — The true test will be how involved he is with caring for the baby and supporting her.

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