Would You Wear This: A Paint-By-Numbers Dress?

Fashion designer and Netherlands native Berber Soepboer aims to make clothes that “can be worn in different ways, so the owner can make choices in how to wear the cloth,” but we think she might have gone too far when she teamed up with a graphic designer to create this color-by-numbers dress. Each spiral-covered dress comes with fabric markers, so you can fill in the blanks and make your outfit match your accessories. If you’re up for combining crafting and clothes, the dress will run you £250 (that’s about $406!) at Michiel Schuurman. [Daily Mail] Keep reading »

Sneak Peek: J.Crew’s New Spring Wedding Gowns!

tatiana m jpg
So I’ve talked before about heading to J.Crew for a wedding gown, but I never told you guys which one I picked. Well, drumroll please … it was the Tatiana dress (above), and I adore it. It’s bridal-y without feeling too bridal-y, plain but not boring. In a word, it’s just “me.” So imagine my anxiety to find that J.Crew just launched their spring 2010 bridal gowns, because as much as I love the gown I chose, I’ve always had a grass-is-always-greener shopping problem. Thankfully, I don’t have a burning desire to try on any of their newest gowns, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t gorge, because they so are. They sent us their new look book, so click on to get a load of the new collection. Do you have a favorite? Wait, don’t tell me. OK, do!

Cocktail Perfectionists, Behold The Eternal Ice Drop

You know what second drinks are, right? When the remaining ice in your cocktail melts, allowing you to suck every last drop of alcohol out of the glass? This might be swell if you’re Pam on “The Office” and enjoying a jumbo-sized Blue Lagoon from Applebee’s. But for your finer concoctions, ice can ruin your drink by watering it down too quickly, or giving it freezer-taste (ew).

For the wannabe mixologists (or just those who are just picky about their drinks), the Eternal Ice Drop by Hennessy offers a step closer to perfection. The glass orb contains water, which, when frozen, won’t melt into your beverage (obviously). It’s awfully pretty to look at too. Cheers! [Gizmodo] Keep reading »

The Globes Deem These Actors Doubly Deserving

twice meryl streep jpg
Meryl Streep has had a busy year, and it’s paying off. The Golden Globe Award nominations were announced this morning, and I, for one, was stoked to see the incomparable Meryl get two nominations in the category of Best Musical Or Comedy Actress. Her name’s been thrown in the ring for her role as Julia Child in “Julie and Julia” and again for playing a woman sneaking around with her ex-husband in “It’s Complicated.” This obviously doubles her chances of winning, at least mathematically — unless all the votes for her are split between the two roles. What do you think? Do you feel bad for her fellow nominees? I wonder if being nominated twice might mean you won’t win at all. [Radar]

After the jump, let’s look at some more stars who have been double-nominated…

Is There A Male Equivalent To The LBD?

Women’s fashion may be more complicated than men’s style, but we do have the LBD going for us. The little black dress, which magically gets you through work, black-tie events, and pretty much any party. And it’s this time of year that the LBD becomes most used and handy. Poor guys, they have far fewer options than us. The Vancouver Sun has just suggested that the answer to the all-around men’s piece for the holiday season has to be … the sweater. [Vancouver Sun]

Really? We beg to differ, and here’s what we think every man should consider to be their go-to wardrobe staple (and you may want to consider it as a Christmas gift for your guy). Keep reading »

That’s One Crappy Hairdo

Shaving designs of pooping people into your hair really shouldn’t be amusing. [And yet, how amusing they are.--Editor] [Gawker] Keep reading »

Who’s Worse For Rihanna: Chris Brown Or Her Manager?

An easy story for GQ would have been just another Rihanna puff piece, like the disappointingly bland one Glamour ran. GQ could have just let Rihanna say, “Domestic violence is bad! I wear funky clothes! Buy my album!” and have left it at that. But in the article “Good Girl Gone Badass,” journalist Lisa DePaulo brilliantly captured how Rihanna’s manager positioned herself two feet away from RiRi and DePaulo’s conversation and interrupted the interview not once, not twice, but three times, to instruct Rihanna on how to talk about her life. Clearly, Rihanna’s allowed to reveal more in her photo shoots than she is in her interviews. Keep reading »

What’s More Important To You: Shoes Or Dudes?

What’s more important to you: your shoe collection or your dude collection? Survey says … shoes! A new study proves that Carrie Bradshaw was right to worship her Manolos because shoes are way more important to us ladies than men are. The shocking stats say that 92 percent of women remember the first pair of shoes they purchased with their own money while only 63 percent remember the name of the first dude they kissed. And even more insulting for the gentlemen … 96 percent of women regret throwing out a pair of shoes while just 15 percent feel sorry for dumping a boyfriend. I must be in the slim minority here, because I have no recollection of my first pair of shoes but I could never forget my first kiss with Jeremy. Dreamy.

And PS: Of course we don’t regret dumping a bad news dude. Good riddance. Maybe I’ve just never owned the right pair of shoes or something, but this study seems insulting to me. How about you? Are shoes really more important to you than men? [Daily Mail] Keep reading »

Why Is Verizon Using Ciara’s Crotch To Sell Cell Phones?

This Verizon commercial for the LG Chocolate Touch featuring Ciara has been making the rounds for a while now, and I’ve finally figured out why it annoys me so doggone much. The ad goes beyond using sex to sell a product and enters low-class strip club territory. I mean, Ciara is all but rubbing that guy’s face in her crotch. Broke strippers must often resort to the nastiest, most demeaning tactics to get customers to give up a few dollars; exposing the goodies and letting themselves get fondled is commonplace in these situations. Ciara is relying on a similar talent — her ability to gyrate — now that she’s fallen way off because her music ain’t cutting it. Keep reading »

Hit And Miss: Olsenboye For JCPenney Is Missing That Olsen Look

olsenboyeskirt th jpg


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