Girl Talk: Reflections On A Reckless Youth

By: Melissa Petro / October 21, 2011
I had an abortion when I was 21. It was my senior year of college. I was living in NYC, working nights as an exotic dancer while interning during the day at a grassroots nonprofit for disadvantaged girls. I was cheating on my long distance boyfriend, we were having unprotected sex and I got pregnant. More »

Great Skin, Even Better Cause

By: Annika Harris / October 21, 2011
What benefits children with cancer and gives you skin like Christina Hendricks, Julia Roberts, and Veronica Webb? Why, Lancôme Génifique Youth Activating Concentrate! A favorite amongst celebrities, this serum improves skin tone, texture, and luminosity in just seven days with the help of gene technology, according to the beauty giant. Today,… More »

Shoelaces for Rich People Who Have No Perspective

By: Julie Gerstein / October 21, 2011
You just bought yourself one of those $39,000 Olsen backpacks, and you have some extra cash. Why not blow it on a set of $19,000 shoelaces? Well, I mean, they're not just regular shoe laces, they're GOLD. Because that's necessary. Designer Mr. Kennedy promises that when you order the laces they'll be hand… More »

Natalie Portman Shows Off Adorable Baby Aleph!

By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / October 21, 2011

24 Crazy Celebrity Face And Name Tattoos

By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / October 21, 2011
Demi Moore has some competition. No, not Sara Leal, the chick Ashton Kutcher supposedly slept with. I'm talking about Ashton's biggest fan, a young lady from Brazil with a fresh tattoo in tribute to her favorite celebrity. "Ashton Kutcher I love you, love is forever fan love you" is tattooed on her back and she… More »

Masturbation Makes You Gay, Says Pastor Who Doesn’t Know What He’s Talking About

By: Jessica Wakeman / October 21, 2011
"Masturbation can be a form of homosexuality because it is a sexual act that does not involve a woman. If a man were to masturbate while engaged in other forms of sexual intimacy with his wife then he would not be doing so in a homosexual way. However, any man who does so… More »