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According to a new study, there may be a practical way to find out if your man is going to be faithful to you … test his IQ. If you’re a wise lady, then you should be looking for a very smart man, because researchers in the U.K. have discovered that high IQ and the… READ MORE »


Oprah Winfrey is all about the generosity. After all, she devotes an entire episode of her talk show each year to gifting the guests with her favorite things. Now, in an effort to “de-clutter” her life, Oprah went through her entire closet, and chose 150 items to sell on eBay. But while I’ll go through… READ MORE »


We thought we’d gone to tabloid heaven when we heard about the ultra juicy cast of season 10 of “Dancing With The Stars.” Kate Gosselin! Pam Anderson! Jake Pavelka! Buzz Aldrin?!? After the jump, we’ve given the odds for each contestant winning bragging rights and the disco ball trophy.


Nerd-chic button-downs buttoned up were all over the fall runways (like at the adorable Timo Weiland presentation, left), and lest you mock the look, let me tell you: My very own collar is buttoned all the way up today and I’ve received several compliments and I don’t even think they were being sarcastic! (I paired… READ MORE »


Hey, you know how parents and teachers and other, you know, boring adults can get teenagers — particularly teenage girls — to use condoms and other forms of protection if they’re going to have sex? By talking to them in language they understand, of course! For the folks of, that means using crude… READ MORE »


When it comes to celebrity proposals, we expect big bling. Size matters, people. But now hubbies-to-be with money to burn should probably think again before purchasing a major rock to adorn their love’s ring finger. You see, in case you haven’t noticed, we’re kind of in a recession, and the idea of flaunting just how… READ MORE »


Photographer David Slijper shot “On a Night Like This,” a beauty editorial featuring model Arlenis Sosa, for Tush Magazine. Frederik Stambro created the stunning beauty looks that have us wishing our makeup had the power to give us a sultry attitude like Arlenis’. [Clutch] … READ MORE »

Love & Sex

I texted him as soon as I woke up.

“What do you want me to wear today?”

I brushed my teeth and washed my face while I waited for him to text me back.

“White button-down shirt. Tuck it in. Your jeans. Flats. Put your hair in a ponytail. READ MORE »


We aren’t sure why they’re there (did Halloween change dates this year?), but the hanging shoe-o’-lanterns popping up in trees around Richmond, Virginia, are an awesome jack-o’-lantern alternative. Tiny attached solar panels collect energy during the day and activate the flickering, fire-like glowing you see at left when the sun goes down, creating an eerily… READ MORE »


Though her hands certainly aren’t the body part that Megan Fox is best known for, those who follow The Fox know all about her toe thumbs and how relentlessly, um, unique they are. (Sorry girl, you can’t have everything!) When the club thumbs started getting as much publicity as Fox’s awesome-looking arse a few months… READ MORE »


Korto Momolu, who placed second during season five of “Project Runway,” showed during New York Fashion Week for the first time since appearing on the competition show and launched an accessories collection for Dillard’s on the same day. Her fall 2010 collection featured statement coats, updated cowl necks, and beautiful knits. (See the collection here.)… READ MORE »