2009 Was The Year Of Cute Animals On The Internet

What was the cutest animal on the internet in 2009? Tough question! Here at The Frisky, we love us some Maru, but the kids over at Videogum have rounded up a baker’s dozen of the other cutest animals on the web. One of the most adorable is definitely the now-notorious Surprised Kitty. How will 2010′s cutest pets outdo these? [BuzzFeed] Keep reading »

Katy And Russell Test Out The Fresh Powder

I can’t help but find these two so cute. [London, 12/23/09]
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The 10 Douchiest Men Of The Decade

douche decade m jpg
Over the past 10 years, we — as in the American public — have witnessed some truly heinous acts of douchebaggery. And so we here at The Frisky felt the need to bring you the 10 nastiest, grossest, lamest dudes of the 2000s.

Girl Almost Goes Blind After A Routine Lash Tint And Other Salon Nightmares

In case you needed something else to worry about this holiday season, consider the case of a 26-year-old U.K. woman, Carly Lewis. She made a routine salon visit for a brow wax and a lash tint to spruce up before her Christmas vacation. Even though she’d had the lash-tinting procedure done before without incident, an instant allergic reaction occurred this time. Her eyes turned red, began to water non-stop, and became glued shut within minutes. As she was rushed to the hospital, she feared she would go blind. She’s been prescribed eye drops, antihistamines, and steroids to no avail. A week later, her vision is blurred and she is still out of work. Blood-curdling scream! [Daily Mail]

After the jump, more salon nightmares that might make you add “home haircut” to your Christmas list. Keep reading »

Quotable: Don’t Ask Penelope Cruz For Beauty Tips

“I’m the wrong person, because every day when I’m not working, I don’t wear makeup. I like messy hair, and I wear jeans and a big T-shirt. If I could, I’d be barefoot in the street.”

Penelope Cruz on why she’s the last person who should be asked for beauty tips. Hey Penelope, take it from me, you can go barefoot anywhere. Just ask my co-workers! [USA Weekend] Keep reading »

13 Bad News Beauty Products Of The Decade

We all know the drill: You hand over your dollars, hoping for a visible change and get nothing, nada, bupkis. The following products suck—no getting around it. Avoid them at all costs.

First up? Fish pedicures. Such a bad idea they were banned for being unsanitary. (And just plain bizarre.) Click through for more!

Last-Minute Christmas Tree Decorating: Making A Popcorn Garland

Most of you Christmas celebrators have probably had your tree up for weeks. My family, however, must be full of procrastinators, because we like to wait until Christmas Eve to trim the tree. It started when a few of us went off to college, and my parents thought it would be nice to wait until everyone had returned before selecting an evergreen. Being the last one on the block with a tree in the window has worked out well for us; there are usually crazy discounts the day before since Christmas trees aren’t exactly useful after the fact.

If you’re late to the game like my family, why not add a popcorn garland to the tree this year? Plus, in the video above, I divulge my secret for making air-popped popcorn without having an air popper, which is all kinds of useful, even after Christmas. Keep reading »

“Sex and the City 2″ Trailer Hits The Web

They’re baaaack! The “Sex and the City 2″ trailer has just been released, and while it is short on plot reveals, it does indicate that economic crisis be damned, the girls are going to destinations far and wide. Egypt! London! Also, if you thought you were going to escape that “Empire State of Mind” song anytime soon, you were wrong. So are you psyched to see the SATC sequel? Keep reading »

The Hotties Of Science Fiction

zoe saldana 122209 m jpg
Zoe Saldana has been crowned the reigning queen of sci-fi movies after playing Neytiri in “Avatar” in the same year as becoming Uhura in “Star Trek.” But Zoe says the sci-fi scene is nothing new for her. “For me, it’s been like preaching to my choir, because I was considered what you would think of as a geek,” she says. “I loved stories that helped me escape, and those happened to be the stories that fall into the category of geekiness. So, therefore, I am a proud geek!” [People]

In honor of Zoe, we’ve rounded up the sci-fi beauties of the past who paved the way for her.

Quickies: Lara Stone’s Body Doesn’t Represent Most Women & Biggest Celeb Love Stories Of The ’00s

  • Model Lara Stone‘s size 4 body is nothing to celebrate. [Lemondrop]
  • A teen racked up more than 20 grand in data usage charges on his cell phone. [Switched]
  • Prince William slept in a sleeping bag under a bridge like a homeless person for a charity. [BBC]
  • The Black Eyed Peas’ “I Gotta Feeling” gets the parody treatment. [College Humor]

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