A Straight-Up Sexy Dress

Amelia McDonell-Parry / January 24, 2012

Everyone talks about how every woman needs a Little Black Dress in her closet, but may we propose a necessity of our own? The Sexy F**kin’ Dress, SFD for short. The SFD we are currently coveting is this black and cream bustier-style frock by Sparkle & Fade. We’re all hot under the collar for its suggestive… More »

Where Would You Live If You Could Live Anywhere?

Winona Dimeo-Ediger / January 24, 2012

Ever since I visited London last year, I’ve become obsessed with moving there. I loved everything about it: the history, the people, the food, the fashion, the TV shows about medical oddities. And the toffee pudding? My god, the toffee pudding! I live in Portland right now, which definitely has its charms (many of which… More »

They Was Robbed — 8 Stars Who Were Overlooked By The Oscars

Julie Gerstein / January 24, 2012

The 2012 Academy Awards nominees were announced today, and while many of the movies and actors who made the list were as-expected, there were several expected names left off the list. Overall, it seemed like a subpar year for films, and it’s hard to get overly excited about the Oscars this year, but certainly some… More »

Morning Quickies: Seal Says “The Breakup Will Not Be Nasty”

Jessica Wakeman / January 24, 2012

Seal opened up to journalist Tavis Smiley about his split from Heidi Klum and said “the break-up will not be nasty” as “we just not those kind of people.” He added, “What one has to do in this situation is to remain civil, to retain one’s dignity . . . we are not the… More »

8 Life Lessons From A 52-Year-Old Prostitute

Julie Gerstein / January 24, 2012

Last month, The New York Times profiled Barbara Terry, a 52-year-old prostitute living in the Bronx section of New York City who’s been working as a lady of the night for more than 30 years. As a woman in her 20s, Terry was left alone to care for four young children and needed to find… More »

Get All Your Wild “Downton Abbey” Gossip From Downton Glamour Magazine!

Julie Gerstein / January 24, 2012

We here at The Frisky are obsessed with “Downton Abbey,” so much so that we dreamt up an entire faux magazine dedicated to the Crawley clan and their assorted footmen, lady’s maids and butlers. Downton Glamour is our ode to the crazy world that exists inside “Downton Abbey” and the no doubt salacious gossip read… More »