10 Non-Dorky Laptop Cases

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My brother’s fiancee just got a new laptop, and as a computer geek, I’m wildly jealous. Know what’s not so envy-inducing? The ugly-ass laptop bag my brother got her to go with it. It’s clunky and boring and the sort of thing that guys buy in a misguided attempt to be “practical.” Luckily, you can find both cute and useful options out there. Click through for more! [$25, Built, Amazon]

Quail Branches Out Into Super Cute Bridesmaid Dresses

Nice day for a white wedding? Winter brides, if you haven’t outfitted your bridesmaids yet, here’s a stellar option—Quail, the adorable and affordable dress line, has branched out into custom bridesmaid gowns. The styles are fun and flirty with tons of options to appease your posse—choose from cute strapless numbers with florette bodices, bow straps, organza skirts, plus a variety of out-of-the box color combos. The fashions are customizable, and best of all, so are the prices (the designer works on a sliding scale). Despite all the other bridesmaid dresses you were told you could “totally wear again,” you might actually give the goods from Quail a permanent space in your formal wardrobe. [QisforQuail.com via Refinery29] Keep reading »

The Top 10 Most Talked-About Diseases Of The Decade

The ’00s have been full of disease scares. Take the official disease of 2009, swine flu, which in addition to infecting the Backstreet Boys and Rupert Grint, led to canceled proms and Heidi and Spencer’s honeymoon being ruined. But seriously, there’s nothing funny about the almost 12,000 deaths from swine flu this year. Or about diseases in general—there is nothing worse than when your body betrays you. Some diseases are obviously more serious than others; here are the ones that had a major impact on the decade. Keep reading »

Luxe For Less: Renting The Perfect Party Outfit

I love a good party: flowing champagne, rockin’ dance tunes, and the perfect opportunity to show off a fancy outfit. But even with a closet full of cocktail dresses, I still have nothing to wear. Bored with last year’s dress, and too frugal to shell out hundreds of dollars for a new one, I always find myself scrounging to find something decent to wear. Keep reading »

The Top 10 ‘70s Cover Songs In Recent Memory

8 Ex-Pat Celebs Enjoying Life Abroad

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When “Scream” actress Neve Campbell married Royal Shakespeare Company actor John Light, she moved to London and dropped off the radar. “People are always surprised to see me in England and ask me what I’m doing here,” she says. “I have been living here for five years.” After early TV acting success, and years as a movie star, we bet the anonymity is like being on vacation for her. [Telegraph]

After the jump, let’s look at more celebrities who are living abroad.

Jewish Girl Seeks “Goyfriend” for Christmas

Up until I was six years old, my family celebrated Christmas. Although both of my parents are Jewish, our family was not particularly religious. They just thought Christmas was a fun holiday for kids. I still fondly remember my Miss Piggy star ornament sparkling atop the tree. Ahh, memories. Keep reading »

14 Winter Hats To Keep Your Noggin Toasty Warm

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I get really surprised when I see women walking around without a hat when the wind chill is 15 degrees in NYC. Don’t they know that we lose most of our body heat through our heads? I guess their expensive blowouts and cuts are more important than their health. But really, you don’t have to choose between looking beautiful and getting pneumonia, because we’ve found some awfully dashing hats out there. (We also recently picked out our favorite pom-pom hats, so check those out, too!)

10 Worst Boyfriends And Husbands Of The Decade

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2009 may have had a whole bunch of guys well-worth avoiding, but the bad behavior of these men will live on in infamy.

Charlie Sheen Arrested For Domestic Violence On Christmas

Stripper-lovin’ Charlie Sheen is keeping it klassy, as usual. Sheen was arrested in Aspen yesterday for allegedly assaulting his wife, Brooke Mueller, mother to his twin boys. Sheen was released later in the day after posting $8,500 bail.

Apparently, cops responded to a 911 call on Christmas morning from Mueller, claiming Sheen assaulted her. But when the police arrived, Sheen claimed he was just fending his wife off. Mmm-kay. Sheen, 44, was charged with felony second degree assault, felony menacing and criminal mischief, a misdemeanor. TMZ reports all three charges are “coupled with a domestic violence component.” Keep reading »

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