Fred Says: You Betta Watch Out! Fo Reals

“White Christmas,” “Silent Night,” “All I Want For Christmas Is You” … total holiday classic tracks. But this year, YouTube sensation Fred is lifting his squeaky voice in silly song about Santa à la And the kid’s gotta point. While women heart a sexy man in a suit, a dude with a fake beard does raise an eyebrow. Keep reading »

Amy Winehouse’s Most Embarassing Moments Of 2009

Oh Amy Winehouse, you sure are a hot mess and an unending source of entertainment. Recently, the singer tried to get in touch with her inner child by going to a pantomime production of “Cinderella.” She started off right, sitting in the audience with a bunch of kids. But things deteriorated when she started shouting profanities at the cast. When the staff tried to remove her from the sea of upset kids, she allegedly kicked the front-of-house manager in the balls. She also bled all over Anthea Turner, who played the Fairy Godmother, while saying, “I love you, Anthea, sticky-back plastic, I love you.” Sticky-back plastic? There’s a pet name I bet you’ve never heard. [PopEater]

Amy sure is original. Even during a year when she finally went to rehab, she managed to amuse us tremendously. After the jump, some of her other, err, original moments. Keep reading »

The Matzo Ball: Get A Hanukkah Hangover For Christmas

Are you single, Semetic, and ready to mingle? Well, do I have the party for you, girl! The Matzo Ball. What are your plans for Christmas Eve — eat Chinese food and watch “The Notebook” again? Well, screw that! Slip into a bangin’ outfit and head to a celebration packed with more tribe members than Boca Raton in the winter. The Matzoh Ball is like a real-life version of JDate with alcohol and DJs (don’t worry, cooler ones than at your Bat Mitzvah). The Balls are happening in major cities across North America, tickets are $25 bucks for a night of dry humping some chosen peeps on the dance floor, and let me tell you, it’s money well spent. I went last year and did some things my Rabbi would not call kosher. But he was fun and circumcised — bonus! So, turn that “I wish I celebrated Christmas” frown upside down and break yourself off a piece of that Matzo Ball! [The Matzo Ball] Keep reading »

What We’re Nailin’ This Week: Dita Von Teese’s Christmas Colors

dita1 122209 g jpg
Feliz Navi-dang! Forget the halls and the holly, you gotta deck your nails out! Happy holidays!

Get Rid Of Holiday Stress With A Spiked Eggnog Latte

These last few days have just been a wee bit stressful, trudging from store to store as I started and finished my holiday shopping in mere days. So, now that I’ve wrapped my last gift, it’s time to relax with a spiked beverage. Warm drinks like eggnog usually put me to sleep, but this variation on the classic drink from Tanuki Tavern in New York City includes a shot of espresso, so Christmas caroling, here I come! Keep reading »

The 20 Hottest Music Videos Of 2009

bestmusicvideo2009 main jpg
2009 has been mighty fine, if you’re into sweet music videos. From werewolves with Michael Jackson’s moves to intergalactic space hipsters, this past year is going out in an audio/visual blaze of glory. MTV may not have the balls to play them, but we sure as hell do! So, here are the cream of the music video crop, the 20 best of 2009.

Subtle, Tasteful, Elegant: Mercedes

Mercedes tapped slick and sexy photographer Nick Knight, asked him to collaborate with amazing and out there designer Gareth Pugh, and bought themselves one shiny new ad campaign. Do we like? [WWD] Keep reading »

2010 Psychic Predictions For Celebs

2010 madonna jpg
We know that celebrities like Angelina Jolie visit the friendly neighborhood psychic for career advice or a quick séance to contact their dead mother. But as the new year rolls around, psychics all over the world are looking into their crystal balls, adding up their numbers, and shuffling their tarot cards to make predictions about the stars (the Hollywood ones, that is) for 2010. Psychic Joshua is foreseeing some pretty juicy events in 2010. He thinks Madonna will fall in love again, but by spring will ditch the guy for her true love: metaphysics. Crazy. I guess we shall just have to wait and see, my friends. [Spirit Now]

After the jump, what some other psychics are predicting for the rich and famous in 2010.

The Japanese Super Snuggie Will Turn You Into A Human Larva

The Japanese two-legged sleeping bag is amazing, not because it’s a revolutionary design, but because someone thought people would actually want it. There’s no way any infomercial spokesperson would touch this thing. [Impact Lab] Keep reading »

The 10 Stupidest Criminals Of 2009

criminals date jpg
2009 has been a very strange year—and not just because of all the celebrity deaths. Is it just us, or have there been an awful lot of truly stupid criminals who’ve gotten handcuffs slapped on them? Here’s a look back at our favorites, starting with Stephfon Bennett of Columbus, Ohio. After he and three friends robbed a woman at gunpoint in her apartment building’s parking lot, he must have decided she was kind of cute. He returned to the scene of the crime a few hours later and stood outside her door. When she finally answered it, he asked her out on a date. And they say there are no good guys out there anymore?
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