Miss Universe Threesome Sex Tape Leaked

Another day, another beauty pageant sex scandal. And no, this post amazingly has nothing to do with Carrie Prejean, who evidently has eight sex tapes, or Kari Ann Peniche, of Eric Dane/Rebecca Gayheart fame. (Is it just a coincidence that they have the same name spelled differently?) This time around it’s Anya Ayoung-Chee, Miss Trinidad/Tobago 2008, who’s been caught on camera in four separate clips. Two of the vids show her getting down and dirty with her boyfriend, Wyatt Gallery. A third and fourth clip show her in a threesome with an unidentified woman. At first, people thought the third was Hiroko Mima, Miss Japan 2008, but Gallery spoke up to say that wasn’t her. The video was shot back in 2007—a big year for beauty queen sex tapes, evidently—and supposedly was swiped from Gallery’s computer when he brought it in to be repaired. “I feel horrible and embarrassed for Anya, her family and myself,” he’s said. When will the tiara set learn not to record their hanky-panky? [NY Daily News] Keep reading »

Poll: Would You Ever Take “Female Viagra”?

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When Ya Gotta Go …

A series of new VW ads show male and female mannequins dressed in “soiled” denim. Looks like someone had a fashion emergency … [FashionIndie.com] Keep reading »

Star Couplings: Rihanna’s Got A New Man!

  • Rihanna is rumored to be dating Tristan Wilds, the 20-year-old cutie from “90210.” [NY Daily News] — If this is true, then she definitely has a type: baby faces.
  • Carmen Electra, who is engaged to rocker Rob Patterson, simulates a little lesbian foreplay with a brunette gal pal in a new video that leaked onto the internet. [Starpulse]
  • Penelope Cruz dodged questions about whether she’s marrying Javier Bardem, saying her personal privacy is “sacred,” but she doesn’t like to lie about it. [PopEater] — Only time will tell.

Keep reading »

Is Madonna A Fashion Has-Been?

madonna instyle 1009 111709 g1 jpg
I’ve noticed lately that many fashion magazines and blogs are referencing Madonna‘s style from eras past, as they’ve often done. Take, for instance, this mini photo spread from the October 2009 issue of InStyle, in which Madonna’s style influence is evident on three of today’s biggest pop stars — Beyonce, Lady Gaga, and Britney Spears. The only problem is the most recent look from Madonna that is reinterpreted is from 1994, which makes me wonder if anyone takes their fashion cues from her present style. Don’t get me wrong, Madonna is still fashionable, but is she also setting trends like she used to or is she simply following the fashion pack? Check out 10 of her recent looks, decide for yourself, and let me know your verdict in the comments. I’m sure you’ll definitely notice a color theme.

Give Your Dog A Hipster ‘Stache & Make Him Happy At The Same Time

The mustache obsession continues! Yesterday I needed something to make me smile (I wasn’t feeling so fab) and then I came across this totally awesome dog toy and I did more than that — I squealed. I am so going to put this mustache chew toy in my dog Lucca’s stocking (yes, she gets a stocking, what’s wrong with that?) and the next time we need to go somewhere in disguise, she’ll be all set. [$12.95, Spoon Sisters] Keep reading »

A Condom Ad That Makes You Want To Say No

The idea of this Condomi condom ad is that these fruit-flavored condoms are so tasty, you may be tempted to take a bite. I do not feel this campaign would make men rush out to buy them. Not men who want to keep their johnsons, anyway. [The Awl] Keep reading »

Johnny Depp Is People’s Sexiest Man Alive For The Second Time

Now, I’m as big a Johnny Depp fan as anyone, and he is a vast improvement over last year’s pick, Hugh Jackman, but would it kill People to think outside the box? There are only a dozen or so real leading men in the entertainment industry — are they planning on rotating the title between them for the next 20 years? Anyhoo, other men in the issue include Ryan Reynolds (who I thought might/should win this year, given his amazing abs and upcoming role in the “Green Hornet” movie), Robert Pattinson (duh), Bradley Cooper, the guys from “Glee,” and Mr. Mariah Carey Nick Cannon. Who wins your vote for sexiest man alive? [People] Keep reading »

Loose Lips: Kristen Stewart Talks About Why She Doesn’t Want to Talk

The media loves shy, awkward, lippy Kristen Stewart. Yes, we love her! She’s shell-shocked and seemingly reticent, yet she still says the darnedest things. This week on “Conan,” she snapped our attention right back where it belongs—on her—as she overshared: “I think it’s weird that we have underwear with Taylor’s face on it.”

Here are some more of Kristen’s best quotes. Keep reading »

Quotable: Jude Law Is Probably Persona Non Grata In The Miller Household

“I think that would be a completely ridiculous assumption considering the way that man has conducted himself recently. That’s all I’m saying.”

– Savannah Miller on rumors that her sister Sienna is back together with her ex, Jude Law, who famously cheated on her with his children’s nanny. [Telegraph U.K.] Keep reading »

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