Girl Talk: Why I’m Glad I Got A DUI

When I heard this weekend that Shayne Lamas, the gal who snagged Matt Grant in season 12 of “The Bachelor,” was the latest reality star to get busted for behind-the-wheel booziness, I groaned but was hardly surprised. Her arrest was as predictable as Stephanie Pratt’s a mere few weeks before. Yet reading both girls’ shocked, defensive responses to their ordeals—But I only had two drinks! I was practically sober!—I found myself cringing with a pang of empathy. See, a few years ago, just shy of my 21st birthday, I got pulled over for a broken taillight after having a not-yet-legal glass of wine at a dinner party. When the officer asked if I’d be drinking, I reacted the exact same way these two did. As a Dean’s List student at a top college who volunteered at the local children’s hospital, I thought I could do no wrong. I rattled off these accomplishments to the cop, sure that he’d let me off the hook. “Basically,” I said, no doubt looking and sounding like the naïve blonde sorority girl I was, “I am not the type of person who drinks and drives.” Except that, according to the Breathalyzer, I was. Keep reading »

Hair Model Citizen: Sophia Loren Knows What Works

Film and beauty icon Sophia Loren won’t go changin’: She’s currently promoting a new film, “Nine,” and stepped out looking fabulous today. We were most struck that despite the fact that she has not changed her hairstyle in a few decades, it’s still totally working out for her. Huh. To get the look, you’ll need to find a hairdresser who still knows what a “curl and set” means. (Good luck with that one.) Basically, it’s the practice of rolling up your entire head of hair in curlers and either sitting under a huge industrial-sized hairdryer or just sleeping in them (ouch!). We suspect it involves a lot of hairspray, too. Sounds like a job for L’Oreal Elnett! [NYC, 11/16/09] Keep reading »

You Can’t Get Raped If You Dress Up Like A Coca-Cola Machine!

Rape sucks. So does getting mugged. But by disguising yourself as a life-sized Coca-Cola machine whenever you’re out late at night and feel threatened, you can hide from the bad guys! Seriously? Seriously. According to Bust magazine, Japanese designer Aya Tsukioka has invented an ankle-length skirt constructed from fabric that can be pulled upside down and assembled into a somewhat realistic-looking Coke machine (albeit one with feet poking out from the bottom). What inspired Tsukioka to make her safety skirt? She says a trick used by ninja assassins who would cloak themselves in black blankets in the dark.

Hopefully, while studying the ways of ninja assassins, Tsukioka picked up some self-defense moves that could actually save her because methinks this “Project-Runway”-challenge-gone-wrong won’t work. Here’s hoping she’s using the skirt as street theater to make a statement about the lengths women will go to in order to protect themselves. [Bust Magazine] Keep reading »

10 Ways Not To Be The Trampy One At Your Office Cocktail Party

milly 111609 jpg
It’s just about holiday party time and if you haven’t yet realized that your standard, slinky party dress isn’t the right thing to wear while your boss is toasting to office professionalism, you’ve got some catching up to do. Inspired by our own Amelia’s truly work-party-appropriate dress [Well, thanks! -- Editor] at The Frisky’s party last week, we present ten options to keep you looking work-hot without looking work-trampy.

Do not fear color and frills; just use them wisely. [$265, Milly, Bloomingdale's]

Romantic Or Bizarre: Boyfriend Waits In Line For 12 Hours For H&M Jimmy Choos

And you thought you were testing the limits of devotion when you asked your guy to pick up some tampons for you. Here’s the story of a man who waited in line for 12 hours with his Jimmy Choo-obsessed girlfriend so she could be the first to score a pair just in from the hotly anticipated H&M collection: ” … while her fiance Will, 28, filled a flask with tea, donned his thermals, packed a rucksack with blankets and dug out a golf umbrella and a couple of camping chairs, Kate focused on the things that really mattered – the stuff bearing the legend ‘Jimmy Choo for H&M’,” writes the Daily Mail. Apparently, when this London branch of the chain opened its doors, Will wasn’t the only boyfriend doing some shopping. “Rob, a 26-year-old graduate student from Texas, had queued since 11pm for his girlfriend Brie’s Christmas present and maybe a couple of bags for eBay.” Keep reading »

“Charlie’s Angels” Heading Back To Your TV Set

“Good morning, Angels.” “Good morning, Charlie.” It’s been a decade since “Charlie’s Angels” was remade for the big screen, starring Drew Barrymore, Lucy Liu, and Cameron Diaz. And now it looks like it may once again be a weekly TV show. Sony Pictures Television says that it is close to ordering a pilot of the new/old series, to air on ABC. And while there will be no Lucy or Cameron, Drew is a producer, as is original “Angels” co-creator, Leonard Goldberg. The show will be written by Josh Friedman, the dude behind “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.” This is slightly awkward timing, considering that Farrah Fawcett just passed away this summer. But we’d definitely watch everyone’s favorite private detectives kick butt for an hour each week. One casting request—Eliza Dushku should definitely take over Jaclyn Smith’s role. She’s a free woman now that “Dollhouse” is canceled. Sigh. [EW] Keep reading »

A Code Of Conduct For Women Who Write About Their Lovers?

It’s pretty remarkable that after the success of the blog Diary of a London Call Girl, and its subsequent book deal and TV series, “Belle,” the writer behind it, managed to remain anonymous until this morning. So why did cancer researcher Brooke Magnanti decide to out herself now? Because an ex she’d written about extensively was threatening to do it for her. While Magnanti gave the scoop to the Times of London, it was the Daily Mail who tracked down this boyfriend to find out how he feels about all of this. He’s frightened and furious. Keep reading »

Brangelina Become Jewelry Designers

Though they’re currently known for their huge brood and inhumanely good looks, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have yet again decided to change up everyone’s perceptions. Please meet Mr. and Mrs. Jolie-Pitt, jewelry designers. Yup, we’ve got another celebrity designer in the world, but this time it sort of makes sense. They’ve decided to create a capsule collection called The Protector for Asprey, all based on a snake. Angie’s known for her devotion to kids who are in less fortunate situations, so all net proceeds are going to the Education Partnership for Children of Conflict, which Angelina co-founded. “These are the children who most need a safe place to learn, a place to heal, a place to learn reconciliation, a place to build a better future and a place — to just be children,” said Angelina. “Yet the education for these children is often forgotten. Tens of millions of children and adolescents in conflict are not in school.”
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An Incontinent Beaver Gets An “Early Show” Correspondent In the Eye

Being an “Early Show” correspondent must be kinda rough. In addition to having to wake up hours before the sun, you have to have big hair and a huge smile plastered on your face at all times, except when you’re delivering a sad story, at which point you have to assume serious face. Oh, and there’s the threat of a beaver accidentally peeing in your eye. Seriously, watch the clip above. [Newser] Keep reading »

Dear Wendy: Find Better Relationships With Positive Thinking

“I was dating a guy recently for a little over a month. Things were going great – we went on dates every weekend, occasionally hung out during the week and we had started to meet each other’s friends. We were definitely progressing towards a relationship. But suddenly, from one day to the next, he didn’t make plans to see me. I made a last effort to contact him — we talked on the phone and I let him know that I did want to see him. He had said definitely and that he would call… but, as you can guess, that was our last conversation as he never called. I am very hurt and confused. I’ve been left in the pouring rain. Why do guys disappear? Why don’t they have the decency to tell us that it isn’t working out instead of pulling the disappearing act and pretending we didn’t matter at all? Especially when things were going fantastic?” — Left in the Rain

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