Quotable: Leighton Meester Says Down With Love

“I always resist falling in love. My problem is, I lose interest. Every time I’ve fallen in love, it’s just momentary. Honestly, I’ve hated every boyfriend I’ve had. I don’t want to have a boyfriend unless I want to be with him forever. If I don’t see an end, that’s nice. Because I always see an end.”

Leighton Meester on the l-word, sounding a whole lot like the old Blair Waldorf [British Glamour via People] Keep reading »

“Bonnie And Bonnie”: The Tale Of Two Stylish Robbers

Now here’s a fashion short done right—it’s campy, cute, and not trying to be pretentious. StyleCaster’s short film “Bonnie and Bonnie” features all the makings of pure fashion entertainment. Follow Bonnie and Bonnie, two awesomely dressed roommates (one if whom is “The City” star Erin Lucas), who, it turns out, look that way because they’re robbers. Oh, and lesbians. Of course. [StyleCaster] Keep reading »

Season’s Savings! Bright Brushed Double Finger Ring From Stars For Sydell

We’ve been scouting two-finger rings lately and stumbled across this one during our search. For the fashionista who doesn’t want to dive into the trend, this is a chic option — a sleek, polished bar with a bit of sparkle thanks to the mini stone. [$72, Stars for Sydell]

Stars for Sydell is offering Frisky readers 10 PERCENT OFF all double-finger rings from today, Nov. 20, to Thursday, Dec. 31. Simply click here, and you must enter coupon code FriskyDeal at checkout to receive the discount in the form of a credit after purchase. Check back daily for more Season’s Savings discounts! Keep reading »

Beauty Products Expose You To 515 Chemicals Per Day!

I know that all the products I use in my daily life certainly can’t be good for me. But I had no idea that, on a day-to-day basis, I could possibly be exposing my body to 515 chemicals. Fear! According to Bionsen, a natural deodorant company, women have up to 515 different chemicals in their body on any given day. Now, of course, this varies depending on how many and which kinds of product you use. But it’s a real problem, as some of the nastiness has reportedly been the cause of breast cancer, fertility issues, skin cancer, and hormonal issues. The most common of the chemicals comes from parabens (preservatives) that basically extend the shelf life of items. When those parabens mutate (from the sun, its infiltration in the body, or the dosage level), in come the problems. So what’s the solution? Cut down, use organic, and make sure to read all the little details on the labels. You can also get hazard ratings on specific products here. [Daily Mail] Keep reading »

Win This! Hissyfit Body Double Anti-Aging Body Moisturizer + SPF

We spend tons of time (and money) washing, toning, and moisturizing our faces to keep them smooth and free of blemishes and fine lines, but most of us just slap on any ole body moisturizer. When we’re old and gray, our faces will be oh-so-smooth, and our limbs will be covered in wrinkles. But not if we slather on Hissyfit Body Double Moisturizer With Anti-Aging Ingredients and SPF 30. The mix of anti-inflammatories and anti-oxidants means our skin will be protected and improved in just one step. Plus, the lotion, which is scented with vanilla, almond, orange, and grapefruit essential oils, smells light and isn’t sticky or greasy. [$45, Dermstore]

We’re giving away five bottles of Hissyfit Body Double Moisturizer With SPF 30+, but you have to work if you want your skin to look good. The five best commenters for this coming week — from today, Friday, Nov. 20 through Thursday, Nov. 26 — will be awarded with one. So, be as clever, smart, and original as you can! Click HERE to read the official rules. Keep reading »

A Cougar’s Ode To Taylor Lautner

This woman clearly has far, far too much time on her hands. Maybe she wants to come dust my apartment to feel like a productive member of society? Anyway, all I can say about this video is … and you guys got on my case about ogling 17-year-old Taylor? [BuzzFeed] Keep reading »

Daisy Lowe Is So Hot Her Duckface Works

Model/It Girl Daisy Lowe gives good duckface while on the red carpet for the annual Pirelli Calendar launch. [London, 11/20/09] Keep reading »

Chola Makeup Girl Resurfaces On “Lopez Tonight”!

Remember when we were all crazy about YouTube sensation Glowpinkstah, famous for her signature chola and goth girl makeup tutorials? She actually agreed to create some extra special videos for us, but after she stopped returning our calls and emails, we figured maybe she’d retired. Not so! Turns out she just got more famous. Check her out on George Lopez’s show. Baby Smiley! Don’t forget the little people. Call us! [BuzzFeed] Keep reading »

Quick Fixes For Your Wardrobe Emergencies, Nightmares, And Malfunctions

broken heel 112009 m jpg
Wardrobe emergencies have a habit of occurring when really you’re pressed for time. But we’ve got you covered. Here are quick fixes and solutions to even the biggest wardrobe nightmares, from huge stains to the dreaded broken heel.

Polaroid Of The Month Club—You Want In?

Yes, it’s another “whatever of the month club” subscription—but, hold up, this one is worth it, mostly because they aren’t sending you cuts of beef or different cigars each month. Polaroid of the Month Club was started by Melanie from the darling You Are My Fave blog. She takes pretty pictures of pretty things with her Polaroid camera, and sometimes takes pretty pictures of things you tell her that you like. Then she sends said pretty pictures to you every first of the month. It’s like a tiny, monthly dose of fuzzy, photographic beauty. (Sure glad the hipsters saved Polaroid now!) It’s three months for $14 and six for $27—you email Melanie to sign up and tell her what you like, too! Seriously, everyone in my life may get this for the holidays this year. [You Are My Fave via The Lil Bee] Keep reading »

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