Dear Wendy: “My Boyfriend Wasn’t There When I Had An Abortion”

By: Wendy Atterberry / November 29, 2011
I am 20-years-old and got pregnant in August by my boyfriend of nine years. We started dating in middle school, and I have supported him through everything. The pregnancy was unplanned and my family life at home is very unhealthy, but my boyfriend wanted to keep the baby. I disagreed. I know in my heart… More »

Sext Books At The Ready: World’s First Sex School Opens

By: Huffington Post Weird News / November 29, 2011
The world's first international sex school has opened which claims to teach its students how to be better lovers. But far from being a cheap thrill, one term at the "hands on" International Sex School in Vienna will cost pupils £1,400. Swedish-born "headmistress" Ylva-Maria Thompson says anyone over the age of 16 can enroll at what… More »

Uh Oh, Lady Gaga’s Going Through A Dark Night Of The Single Soul

By: Ami Angelowicz / November 29, 2011
“I have never felt truly cherished by a lover. I have an inability to know what happiness feels like with a man … I say this honestly, and this is my new thing as of the past year: when I fight with someone I’m in a relationship with, I think, 'What would my fans think… More »

Ginger White Claims 13-Year-Long Affair With Herman Cain

By: Jessica Wakeman / November 29, 2011
Ginger White, an Atlanta businesswoman, came forward yesterday to claim she has had a 13-year-long affair with Herman Cain, who is vying to be the GOP's presidential nominee. Herman Cain denied any  affair and called Ginger White "an acquaintance who I thought was a friend." He has been married to thus-far loyal wife Gloria CainMore »

Check Out The Video Premiere Of Scars On 45’s “Heart On Fire”!

By: The Frisky / November 29, 2011
Anyone been watching "Grey's Anatomy" this season? Then you know Scars on 45, a British indie-pop band whose song "Heart On Fire" is in heavy rotation on the season promos. The band (think: Snow Patrol and Keane) are releasing "Heart On Fire" as their 2nd EP with Chop Shop/Atlantic. It's in the Top 15 at Triple… More »

Morning Quickies: What Courtney Stodden Wears To Church

By: Jessica Wakeman / November 29, 2011
This is Courtney Stodden's church outfit. Men across L.A. are yelling, "Praise the Lord!" I understand where you're coming from, Court. My high school boyfriend's dad once sent me home to change because my dress was too short for temple. [Celebitchy] Pippa Middleton was photographed sitting next to a dude at a tennis match. No… More »