Social Media’s A Stage, And We’re All Merely Players

Hey, breaking news, guys: the paper of record has just discovered that social media makes breaking up harder than it used to be. In an article called “Breaking Up in a Digital Fishbowl,” The New York Times reports that in this day of shared email passwords, Facebook, Twitter and various other social media platforms, it’s nearly impossible to truly disconnect from an ex:

[The] idea of what it means to break up is [also] being redefined. Where once a spurned lover could use scissors (literally) to cut an ex out of the picture, digital images of the smiling couple in happier days abound on the Web and are difficult to delete. Status updates and tweets have a way of wending their way back to scorned exes, thanks to the interconnectedness of social media. And breakups, awkward and drawn-out in person, are even more so online as details are parsed by the curious, their faces pressed against the digital glass.

Even for those of us who have been spared messy online breakups, it isn’t exactly news that sites like Facebook redefine (and invent new) dating rituals that are complex and difficult to navigate. Though the article lacks any actual news, it does give us an excuse to revisit the issue, one that brings many questions to the forefront. Like: is the convenience of connection worth the price of our privacy? And: are we merely “performers” on the stage of social media platforms, continually changing our role as our relationships to the other players change and evolve? Keep reading »

Chanel Surfboards And More Luxe Rides

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Did Tiger Woods Like To Do It With Dudes, Too?

Loredana Jolie Ferriolo came forward as one of Tiger Woods‘ mistresses so late in the game that she didn’t even make it into our pack of Tiger’s mistress trading cards. But the Sicilian model/call girl, who’s best known for being a Playboy CyberGirl and appearing in the video for Sting’s “Stolen Car,” claims that she was one of Tiger’s favorites. Madam Michelle Braun, who allegedly hooked up Tiger with $60K worth of trysts, backs this statement up. And Loredana is, of course, looking to benefit from this and is currently pitching a tell-all book about her Tiger-capades to publishers. She hopes to make $1 million or more for her tome about Tiger’s “healthy appetite for arranged sex, threesomes, girls next door, girl-girl.” One of her most provocative claims is that she and Tiger often engaged in group sex, and that she’s seen him get down and dirty with other men. Juicy, but is this revelation really worth a mil? [, Huffington Post] Keep reading »

Scientists Versus Celebrities: Who Should You Trust?

Celebrities really care about your health. No really, they do. This year alone, Fergie tried to get you to take shots of vinegar daily, Suzanne Somers tried to get you to stop taking birth control pills, and Gwyneth Paltrow tried to get you to eat, well, pretty much nothing. But just because they’re famous doesn’t mean you should take their advice. A British group called Sense About Science has published an annual brochure, “Science and Celebrities,” which looks at some of the health claims made by celebs in 2009 and gets experts to weigh in. What’d they find? The deets after the jump.
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Don’t Hate Me Because I’m Beautiful

New York magazine proclaimed this “Crustiest Face” in their roundup of the best and worst from the November style glossies, but the look is the result of hours of work by renowned makeup artist Alex Box. According to Trend.Land: “The woman uses the visage as a canvas to which she applies layers of non-conforming techniques which result in mind blowing avant-garde face paintings.” Box has worked closely with fashion photographer Rankin, who shot Box’s new photography book of extreme faces, Alex Box. After the jump, more of their fantastical collaborations. Keep reading »

Nicky Hilton Frees Casey Johnson’s Dogs From Tila Tequila

The battle between Tila Tequila and the others in Casey Johnson’s life wages on. Yesterday, Nicky Hilton and Bijou Phillips—after a private memorial at Nicky’s house for friends and family—rolled by Tila‘s home to get Casey‘s two dogs, who Tila had kept in a bathroom since Monday, as well as some of the personal possessions of Casey’s that Tila had taken from her house. Of course, this didn’t go over well and Tila called the cops. The officers acted as mediators, and Tila got emotional as Nicky and Casey rolled out a rack of clothes and took the pups and their gear. “They don’t care about the dogs,” said Tila. “They are putting them to sleep to bury with Casey.” Nicky didn’t justify this ludicrous statement with anything more than a “no.” I bet she drops them off with Paris, who already has 18 dogs that live in an air-conditioned mini-mansion in her backyard. At that point, what’s two more? [E! Online]

UPDATE: And now there’s video! Check it out, after the jump… Keep reading »

Star Couplings: Jane Krakowski Is Engaged!

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In Vegas, Of All Places, Nipples Cause A Public Outcry

At the Erotic Heritage Museum in Las Vegas (what, your town doesn’t have one?), a public mural that features a pair of exposed breasts and their inevitable nipples has caused a city scandal. Apparently, the painted nips violate a city code that bans the public display of areola in Vegas. (I guess you gotta police that something fierce in the City of Sin, where working girls are always looking for new, more graphic ways to sell their, er, goods). As a result, the (I’m not making this up, people) Ho-Down Mural Project was forced to self-censor, and the museum’s curator, Laura Henkel, covered up the offending areola with some gold star pasties. In fact, the incident is just the latest in a series of similar complaints, as Vegas residents with traditional values butt heads with the results of an increasingly sexualized culture. Apparently, the City of Las Vegas has yet to reconcile being the home of the so-called “Academy of Awards of porn” (which takes place this weekend) and the fact that it can’t stand the sight of a painted lady’s bared breasts. [LA Weekly via Laurenn McCubbin] Keep reading »

Sometimes Bear Grylls Is Way Too Wild For Me

I have a major girl boner for “Man Vs. Wild”‘s Bear Grylls — he’s sexy, outdoorsy, and good when crisis strikes in the unfriendly wilderness. However. WTF IS GOING ON IN THIS VIDEO? On a recent episode, Bear is stuck on a handmade raft in the middle of the ocean and he’s so dehydrated that he decides to give himself an enema. First of all, who happens to have a tube ideal for giving oneself an enema handy when they’re stuck in the middle of the ocean? Bear, I suppose. But also, eww. And yet … my girl boner is still at attention. [WOW Report] Keep reading »

Emma Watson Loses Leg For Burberry Ad

Photoshop Fail: Emma Watson‘s leg disappears in one of the new Burberry ads. But does she really need all her limbs when she has brother Alex to lean on and is the highest-grossing actress of the decade? [BuzzFeed] Keep reading »

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